The Art of Rad Roubeni


The artist proudly poses for the camera

The Art world as slowly and quietly become a part of the fashion world as artist turn into pattern designers and collection influencers. Although,  Rad Roubeni has yet to venture into the fashion world,  his strong representation of “Street scapes” and unique style of capturing it all,  will surely be influential for future fashion designers around the world.

At frist glance, the photos are capturing the work of graffiti, but as we look closer we realize the “devil is in the details”  so to speak. It is not so much the unusual color theme or the interpretation of an idea but more the technique that renders this artwork worthy of an installation.  We spoke the the artist and photographer about the process of turning a flat image into an accurate perception of the human eye.

Each photo is actually 16 to 18 images spliced together to mimic what the human eye perception. It was shot with hdr and printed on canvas to add texture. The images were shot in rapid succession to create a high def experience.


The pop up gallery is located at 104 delancey Street between Essex and Ludlow until feburary 15, 2014. It is worth the experience.


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