Not every trend is for everyone. It’s ridiculous that a workout queen wants to add a moto jacket to her wardrobe because it’s on trend. To help filter all the noise on all trends that dropped this fall, we are picking 5 of every trend category that anyone can wear.

by Yvette E

I was sitting next to fellow writer, Eva E, when she got into a conversation with the woman behind her. The woman wanted a moto jacket but admitted to being a Classic dresser. When Eva asked why she wanted to step out of her comfort zone, she admitted she wanted to look cool and trendy.

There is a pressure of conformity in the air this year and we are guilty of buying an item on trend and then to ashamed to return it. There it festers til gifted to a friend or resold at a great lost.

So here we are to save you all time and energy, we picked the 5 Accessories trends that everyone can add to their closet no matter what their style. This is one in a 5 part series that will cover clothes, shoes, handbags and coats. So without further ado…drum roll🥁🥁

The Best Necklace

We have a tie between thin chain and the charm necklace. We love the barely there look of thin chain and a simple choice in metal can makes it versatile.

The charm Necklace is similar to the thin chain but with the charms, it seems great for dressy occasions.

The best hair accessory

We choose the snap clip because you can get it at any price and any look. From a simple black to a pricey sterling silver with pearl accents, this piece is worth stocking up on this fall.

The best earrings

Mismatched and single earrings trends are the worst. Instead, reach for these simple earring style, Circles. We are not just talking hoops here; think medallions for the ears, anything round. Mix it up with alternative materials so it fits in your aesthetic.

The best bracelet

Fall 2018 trend - cuffs

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So finally, we made it to bracelets. Even though piling it on is back on trend, we recommend to skip this trend unless you already have 30 bracelets at your beck and call. Instead reach for a simple cuff to add a twist to your wardrobe.

The best hand accessory

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Rings are not the accessory for fall so reach for gloves this fall in neutral tones. Camel, red or black colors are readily available.

Remember your dress code is your identity, why change it?

Happy Friyay 💋

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