This is 2 of a 5 part series exploring fall trends you can add to your closet without changing your personal style. Today, we explore dresses.

By Yvette E

The first day of October means we officially start pulling out our fall wardrobes and pack away that binkini (at least here in the North). It’s also the time we think about updating it!

But with fall trends being so numerous and decade spanning, it can be hard to choose which trend to embrace and what to leave by the wayside. Luckily, we did all that work for you! Without further ado, we gathered the best dresses anyone can rock this fall.

The V-neck

This versatile dress comes in so many materials that it can make it into any closet and fit right in. Velvet looks are great for alternative dresses while sweater materials are great for casual looks and sheer looks for romance. Rayon looks can go classic as well.

The Jumper Dress

At first glance, this dress gives off a youthful casual vibe, it versatility lies in its many uses. First, you can choose your material from pleather to cotton then layer it according to your style. A sheer shirt makes it romance while a sweatshirt makes it casual. A blazer can make it classic. It’s a great layering piece. Pay attention to the silhouette of the skirt when buying one: pencil, full or triangular.

Off the shoulder

Another great dress to layer, but calling for less bulky undergarments. Pair with a sweater vest to keep the one sleeve looks. The print for this dress is the key to its versatility. Solid colors for casual and classic, plaid prints for alternatives and floral for romance. Switch it up with pastel colors and asymmetrical patterns.

The Baby doll

The string straps make it neccessary to layer this dress and its versatility lies in its texture from glittery looks to over the top layered sheers. Anything goes.

Ruching returns

This curve hugging dress is great for full figured women.

Happy Monday!!💋

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