Pants seemed a thing of the past as a fall separate (the power suit still reins) so we compiled 5 skirt trends to wear now. The best part..they may already be in your closet.

By Yvette E

Wrap skirts

Once deemed a summer staple, wrap skirts have entered the fall as the next big thing. Season shifting has been a big part of fashion as a means towards innovation. Pair these styles with bright hue stockings which are also having a moment and ankle boots to show off your legs.


These skirts have been on trend for sometime but this season, you will find them in leather, pleats and colorful patterns. For classic dressers, be daring and try them in suede.

High waisted

The maxi skirt that keeps going can hide your tummy and show off the waist but beware if you are busty. If you do happen to have ample busom go big with slouchy crop sweater.


We love something different and even though it’s not thigh friendly, you should own at least one this fall.


Three patterns stuck out for everyday wear this fall: Animal, plaid (see our guide to plaid) and floral. All seem very style specific so we sugguest for classic dresser stick to herribone and other neutral plaids and for casual dressers try abstract floral prints or small floral prints.

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