The 3 places to avoid as states reopen

Corvid 19 still doesn’t have a vaccine so be cautious when going to these places.

By Yvette E

After 3 months inside, we are ready to take a plunge deep into social gatherings but should we? Here are some places to avoid if you or a family is more acceptable to the disease.


When Wisconsin sues to reopen and won, hundreds of people flooded bars prompting health workers to state that such risky behavior could spark a third wave. So avoid bars for now and instead..

Hold a party for you and your close friends. Keep the gathering under 20 and let people bring thier own alcohol so you don’t have to run to the wine store.

Beaches and Lakes

It is almost summer so as soon as NJ opens up, I want to head to the beach but since so many people in my immediate family have pre-existing conditions, I am opting to do this instead..

Go to pool at your gym and schedule some time to meet friends there at the same time. If you schedule time before 10am, you can get the pool mostly to yourself plus you could join a class afterwards.

Amusement parks and other fun areas

Dave & Busters, Chucky Cheese and Disney World may all seem like great entertainment after months indoors but they are a hotbed for bacteria and crapped spaces.

Instead visit an escape room which can be fun in small groups or have a game night at your home (or have a friend host one).

We are eager to start mingling but we have to still be concerned about your health and others.

Happy Fri-yay,



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