Too many trends and not much adoptable looks to every day life catergorized fall trends this season. So we combed through it all and came up with…

By Yvette E

Pants are more about print than fit this fall. There are an overwhelming amounts of fits within every print and the sheer amount of trends are enough to make us swoon. We have picked 5 trends in dresses and Accessories so far, but we found that there are no specific trends when it comes to pants so we picked one pant trend to embrace this fall, the paper waist.

Trousers in general are having a moment and the pant suit trend this fall is the perfect example. There are 3 trouser trends out right now, ankle, wide leg and tauper.

The problem with tauper is it looks great only on slim legs. Ankle pants don’t work with people with large calves while wide leg pants make large breasted women look heavy.

So we picked the paper waist for the cinched waist and wide leg combination. It hides any leg issues ( I have too much thigh) which accenting curves.

Win, Win.

Happy Hump Day💋

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