Tired of florals and lace as spring staples? We collected 3 under the radar trends to shake things up.

By Yvette E


It’s not just for fall anymore and with cooler temperatures until May, it may be just the thing we need with longer cool days.

Styling tips:

Pair it with lace to play up hard and soft or throw on a tee shirt and a moto jacket to go full on tough chick.


This paisley and plaid mashup print is back in style for a gypsy vibe this spring.

Styling tips:

Add a sheer top to dress it up or pair with wide leg pants. For a more playful look, go full gypsy with a peasant top.

Structured Activewear

Activewear and sportswear have been blending together for a few years and now you can find motorcross looks in this spring.

Styling tips:

An athletic zip up looks great with a pair of boyfriend jeans in dark colors. Dress it up with an asymmetrical skirt.Happy Hump Day!💋

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Stripes are not just for nautical enthusiasts anymore. This basics is a hit on fall runways and be found on any sales floor. Stock up on this fall basic now and bit the crowd.



These dresses are still in style and dress them up with statement earrings or necklaces or a harness belt for a night out or just to add edge to your outfit.



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