Hello World I’m Your Wild Girl:Let Me Introduce Myself!

Hello Readers, We Get this all the time; everyone asking us to show our personal style and introduce ourselves. Hello my name is Eva and I am a curvy West Indian girl who loves Japanese streetwear and American alternative clothing.… Continue Reading

Curvy Chic:Fall 2018:Slim Fit Graphic Tees

Hello my curvy readers! I love myself some T-shirt’s and always graphic tees; but the ones made for curvier women tend to be looser fitting and boxy ( don’t get me wrong those are great for lazy weekends and lounging… Continue Reading

Summer 2018 Fashion Trends:Curvy Chic:One Piece Swimsuit W Cut Outs

Hello my fellow curvy readers, Its that time again for temperatures to reach sweltering and to reach for any icy glass of anything..lol It’s Summer and with it the call of beach days, parties and festivals. What better way to… Continue Reading

Curvy Chic:Spring 2018 Wear Candy Colored Stripes For Less!!

Hello my lovely curvy readers, I was flipping through the pages of another glossy magazine when I came across a new trend for Spring; wear rainbow stripes with a candy colored twist. I loved all the beautiful pops of delicious… Continue Reading