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Punk has taken a bag seat in trends since the resurgence of the nineties but I am to see it make a resurrection this Spring with accessories once again getting the stud, rivet and nailhead treatments! Darker colors are also in this Spring which is a nice edgier change..I love when punk is in trend because I get to add better quality and cheaper pieces to my wardrobe without having to scour the net..I decided to choose Grommets on bags because this detail is usually reserved for protecting added holes to garments; so it gives a light weight but cool detail when used as decoration.. Below are our faves under $50!

Your fashion goddess Eva

What girl doesn’t love the chance to pick up some new handbags to add to  her ever growing collection!  I myself just picked up 8 new handbags! I got a Micheal Kors metallic studded structured bag, a neon mini Betsey Johnson bag, A bronze studded doctor bag, a Emma Fox Vintage Floral Embroidered Structured bag, a yellow Antonio Melani cross-body. These bags will last me the whole year and I always sell the ones I no longer want and that goes into my new handbag fund! The hautest colors this season are neon, yellow, metallics,white and emerald green. So we will once again create for you a mini guide of all the new handbag trends for Spring (and these can last you the whole year in most cases!) and as always no handbag will be over $50!

Structured bags These bags are so chic, built to hold lots of things and can go from day to-night!

Beige Color Blocked satchel $42 www.debenhams.com

Rayna Neon Satchel Bag $50 www.boohoo.com

Bank Satchel Bag $38 www.bankfashion.co.uk


Lola Thick Gold Handle Shoulder Bag $50 www.boohoo.com

Pieces Lori Bag $42 www.asos.com