Get It For Less:Trendy Handbags:Part 2:Sugary Satchels

We continue our guide with my favorite; the pastel colored satchel! The satchel is a nice chic way to add structure and style to your wardrobe and gets an update to match the sugary colors of the year you will… Continue Reading

Shoe Porn: These Shoe Brands Are Whimsical And Haute!:Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate Design is a Venezulan brand founded by Pablo Martinez and Carolina Aguerrevere in 2004 that create small quantities of Mary Jane type shoes and heels (often called chocolaticas) that feature edgy,fun and sweet designs. Their shoes come in… Continue Reading

Summer 2015 Trends: Junk Food Is In!!:Donuts

I was so excited to see donuts this year as I haven’t seen them in since 2013! What’s great about both the donut and ice cream trend is that pastel colors are in for fall so if you snap up… Continue Reading

Summer Trends 2015:Junk Food Is In!!:Ice cream

I have been noticing that food related items (namely sweets, fruits and fast food) themed clothing and accessories have been popping up in every store high end and low. I don’t know if it’s because we are in sad times… Continue Reading

Goth gets more girly with Pastel Goth

The Urban dictionary defines Pastel Goth as: Pastel goth, sometimes referred to as soft grunge or nu goth, is a new trend where girls (usually on Tumblr) will dye their hair pastel colours, wear clothes promoting satanic sub culture (666,… Continue Reading