Sneakers are always on trend but if you want some new looks, try these shoes that debuted on the runway for spring 2019.

By Yvette E

Dad sneakers have been the forefront of fashion for 3 seasons. Finally this year, we are shaking things up with a look at other laid back shoes.

Leather Espadrilles

These shoes are just as laid back as sneakers but have the ability to dress up an outfit, look for them in basket weave and lattice weaves for a more grown up laid back look.


Who doesn’t love these laced up shoes? I have several in my closet and so should you! For a shake up, look for them in clothe and leather hybrids or in colorful patchwork. Black oxfords are always in style as well.

Logo slides

These shoes are in trend for both sexes so they make a great coupling purchase. Make sure the logo is in neutral color as well as the slides to wear with more outfits.

As always, tag us if you try any of these looks with your own laid back style and you could be featured on our instagram page.

Happy Monday! 💋