It’s all about the sleeves at Mclaughlin’s fall collections with a witty nod to Norwegian Folklore.

By Yvette E

The sleeves went on forever in a collection that seemed like over styled sportswear.

Of course, there were some good moments on outwear which followed from the shoulders in one stunning capelet and from the waist.

The colors were supposely taken from nature so we weren’t surprised about the green hues but the orange which no one thinks is a natural color was one.

All in all the show was overstyled sportswear with muted nature themed colors with orange thrown in. The outerwear made the show INTERESTING.

See all images from the show on our Facebook page and the runway roll on IGTV and our youtube channel.

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I was in awe of the fact that recent parson graduates can put together a show for NYFW but the fashion fell flat. It wasn’t the atmosphere which was full of energy nor the clothes that were well made; it was the lack of voice…There was just no rhyme nor reason to the clothes that came down the runway.

So what did we expect…

JyX an east asian man meets a Southern Calfornian, Curuso..there was an expectation of bright patterns, bold colors and sexy silhouettes.

What we got…

A mix of classic ballgown, street wear, shock value and tossed in some unconventional male looks. The show had a schizophrenic feel, that was hard to look away (yes we stayed for the whole thing).

What we took away…

Street wear for men and women. The bright sweatshirts and button down shirts were a glimpse into the future of the brand. Check our Facebook page for the full set of images and our YouTube for the blog roll.

When an Italian brand decided to showcase his first ever unisex collection in NYFW; I add to request an invite. The moment we heard the designer had Moroccan inspiration we expected gold hues, bright colors and bold ideas. Our wishes were answered.

The moment the show started basic male staples like blazers and buttoned down shirts were treated with bold patterns of paisleys, stripes and gold embroidery.

Ties were treated with contrasting colors and interesting patterns like a collection of pool balls. Other interesting looks were the pant skirts which we loved so much we are saving it for our Instagram page. Check out the full video roll on our YouTube page and the total looks on our Facebook page.


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This fashion week was so full of millenial gimmicks that I can say that out of 20 shows I saw, only 5 moved me. Pamella Rowland was not one of them.  Full of fashion hat tricks like the forever impractical feathers and the hard to care for sequin ( which I usually love) was somehow uneventful and over done. 

It was not even the worst part; it was the silhouettes that were old and outdated. Who wears pencil skirt dresses anymore? Also, there were cape dresses with shoulder detail. The above dress is a little too long and come spring, everyone will have to run to a tailor. A simple length to the ankle would have turned it from models only dress to any woman dress.

The best looks were infused with glitter and sheer detail proving that she could pull off young and sexy. Can I have an entire collection of the above dress?

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Through the sleet and rain, Carmen Marc Valvo still held his late Tuesday show wrapping up fashion week as usual. It was hard to pull in the crowd but fans of the brand poured in as soon as they saw a possibility to attend. As other designers we have seen, men and women designs shared the same runway. A possible nod to gender equality? Probably not but more likely because NYFW men was the prior week and who can really afford  to show twice back to back?

Carmen Marc Valvo’s collection still had moments of luxury details and fabric manipulation we adore from this designer. Soft drapes, textured fabrics and of course sparkle reined supreme. The show was mostly evening wear without looking pageant and there was a distinct nod to 70’s Hollywood.

Red was the accent color in another muted palette of black and gray.  Glitter detailed added the wow factor typical to Carmen Marc Valvo. We notice the bright colors of fall were abandoned once Spring brights came back into fashion (last year leather and black and white ruled Spring fashion while floral prints emerged in fall).

The mood was somber, with a totally charcoal gray stage; an odd color scheme for evening wear which already has a boring sense of sophistication. However, the presentation was not. Here are some highlights we loved:

mermaid dress w/glitter strip center

We loved the subtle glitter accent in this lovely floor length mermaid gown, adding a little glam to an elegant fit.

A gold shimmer dress from Carmen Marc ValvoThis dress seems like the reverse of the former with full on glam and subtle shoulder detail.   I could see this dress on the red carpet which is why Carmen Marc Valvo has such a celebrity following.

Carmen Marc Valvo

Check out our Instagram page for more images of the show and our Facebook page  will have a discussion about what you think about the collection.


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Sorry we are away from our jewel encrusted laptops attending New York Fashion Wk and Philly Fashion Wk and will bring you all the behind the scenes pics, runway pics and exclusive fashion content when we return next week! In the meantime please read the archives..

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Eva and Yvette

As New York fashion comes to a close in three more days and as my frozen arms cant take much more; I decided to share with you my readers all the exclusive swag you get from being allowed in the tents at Lincoln Center. I always wanted to know what they gave away before I started getting invites but other bloggers acted like they were in a secret society and few post their swag so I will give you an inside glimpse on what you can get!  It will be sad that after 7 years in attendence New York Fashion Wk must find a new home and even though it was below zero everyday!!…I still had a blast; and we still have one more show to cover so stay tuned!




A total of 38 looks graced the runway as Mara Hoffman presented a line with what could have been a series of competing silhouettes into a collection that flows seamlessly. The collection was a touch bohemian with a muted color scheme while incorpotating iconic greek/navajo patterns and kimono-ish styles. It worked because it was not trendy or specific to one girl.

Even though, Mara Hoffman made debut as a boho chic designer, she is moving away from it possibly because it has been in vogue so long. I admire a designer that wants a voice rather than a shot in the dark as trending styles can be defined. There was no fur but the coats went for warmth and comfort while still retaining a touch of drama.

There was no lux feel just simple everyday looks, versatility. Touches of gold were suprising against stalk white but not overwhelming.

We loved the black and white, triangles and muted colors. I am a color loving girl but a camel coat allows for a shocking reveal and I am ok with that concept. The main feel of thid collection, casual glam.


More images will be available on our instagram page at The Fashion Goddess Blog and stay tuned for straight from the runway reviews.

You can also view the video on our youtube page.