It’s beauty week on TFG and we are looking at the most recent trends in men makeup. The right way can make you look younger and the wrong way well…

By Yvette E

Pop and alternative ideals have been wearing makeup for ages. Black eyeliner has been a guy goth thing since the 80s. Now, with the rise of Korean boy bands that seem to wear it offstage as well, men makeup is a hot trend. We bring you three tips to wearing it without looking too Boy George or David Bowie.


A dry face can lead to wrinkles and a simple SPF moisturizer could make alot of difference in the long run. Since most jobs stop hiring people after the age of 50, staying in the workforce is the highest incentive for this trend.

If you do have uneven skin or pimples, try an Spf30 with a tint so you have mild coverage without using an concealer.


Women don’t have thick brows so we have to resort to brow pencils as fillers. For men, getting your brows shaped can make your face appear slimmer.

Lip balm

Keep those lips from drying out with a little lip balm. Using balms with peppermint oil with make your lips appear fuller.

Please don’t contour or wear eyeshadow if you don’t feel comfortable. Mascara and eyeliner are already goth staples if you want to feel adventurous.

Happy Monday!!💋