I was recently at Century 21 when I came across the most beautiful and colorful clothing I had ever seen. The entire rack was filled with heavily beaded, magical unicorn clothing that took my breath away! Other shoppers smiled as I oohed and aahed and feverishly snapped cellphone pics. I couldn’t contain my excitement as I instantly started Googling Manish Arora.

I was surprised to find out that this Indian designer started designing back in 1996 and is a member of the esteemed and super exclusive French Federation of Pret-a-Porter. He has collaborated with some of the biggest brands such as Barbie, Swarovski, Reebok and Swatch to name a few. He has worked with Alist celebrities such as Katy Perry and  Lady Gaga. I love finding out that designers I thought were Indie are actually quite successful without being household names. Someday I hope to own some of these pieces that were so painstakingly beaded and full of breath-taking  images and prints. 

Spring/Summer 2015

Katy Perry wearing Manish Arora

Spring/Summer 2015

No, this is not yet another celebrity death hoax, its figurative… she kills herself with her lack of originality. Her new album “Born this way” is a tawdry journey down yesterday’s music tunnel: a little mold gathers on the walls and it’s dark from misuse. Where new younger bands are sampling beats, GaGa has taken to sampling people and everyone is finally noticing. The title track of the album sounds like Madonna’s “Respect yourself” and even employs the same message. A message already overdone with Katy Perry’s “Fireworks” and Pink’s “Perfect”.

The music critics have even been hard on this album stating “if Lady GaGa put as much effort into this album as she does her daily fashion adventures…” the music would have been more relevant. Lady GaGa is survived by her fans as Little Monsters flock to get her album sold for .99 cents yesterday on Amazon.com. The album is priced 11.99 which is shockingly low for someone on their sophomore album (and had won so many awards for the first album “Fame Monster”).

You can’t count on fans forever as you are always guaranteed to lose more with ever bitter disappointment. Treat them well, GaGa because you may soon have your last meal (or minutes) of fame.

I know some artists like lady Gaga have been known to steal peoples’ looks and styles but I always commended Katy Perry for having a fresh unique sound and style that was 1940’s mixed with bubblegum pop. But I was shocked when I recently viewed her new video “E.T” with to my shock featured Kanye West?!! I thought I was being punked and any minute she would pull of her “Alien” mask and Lady Gaga would show up to claim her video. I never thought Katy would need the help of Kanye West of all people for any of her fun songs. This song isn’t even fun its just weird and oddly dark and goth ! So unlike Katy perry! What happened? Why do all these artists keep copying from one another, there is plenty of room in the music industry for everyone! Katy perry has a great following for her cute and poppy songs! And with a gorgeous husband like Russel Brand does she really need to be talking about alien sex?! HUH? It just looks and feels like something Gaga would do. watch it on you tube and you be the judge. I’ve included a pic of Katy in her Alien getup.

katy perry in her “Alien” costume for music video “E.T”

Gaga is a well known copycat: her video ideas are stolen from Rihanna; her character from Grace Jones and of course a host of possible people stating she has some how ripped them off. Sorry little monsters, Kerli is the latest celeb to feel the cold hands of Lady Gaga grasping at her fame (fame monster indeed).

A picture is worth a thousand words....

come on you know the similarities are uncanny! But Kerli Did it First!

The picture above is evidence enough of style icon, Kerli, contribution to Lady Gaga’s style. Nothing is wrong with being inspired by some elses’ style but claiming it as your own is a new low! Janet Jackson admits to being inspired by Micheal, Brittany Spears by Madonna, and even Adam Lambert by Madonna. So why is she so special that she is above such influences of others.

The most recent is the hair. Yes, Lady Gaga has been stealing kerli’s hairstyles. It is gotten so bad that she has been asked to change her style even though it is Lady Gaga who is copying. Her record dates keep being pushed back and the more she seeks to change her look, the more Lady GaGa copies it. So should the original change for the copycat? Then what would the copycat copy?

gaga Dip colors her hair green just like....

kerli who dipped dyed her hair pink first

Some celebrities have style and some don’t. The VMAs awards are a Hodge podge of success and failures as well as shock value. And we were shocked indeed with the our notorious copycat, Lady GaGa’s meat dress. She says she was making a statement but all I see is a desperate clutching  for the the few minutes of fame she has left. Fame monster indeed!

The Fame Monster meat dress

She was not the only one who showed up on the worst dress list which held some shockers like Ke$ha, Katy Perry, and Nicki Minaj. Well, maybe not Ke$ha. I saw her in concert and her fashion sense was lacking. I personally like a person who takes a fashion risk like Katy Perry’s lace and satin combo. I can’t say it a dress but at least its in fashion (we covered lace trend for fall).

Finally, I would like to say Ke$ha was creative and upcycled her gown from home depot shopping bags. I don’t think the VMAs are for crafty chic but it still was less shocking and less revealing then most of the dresses of the night.

I love Kerli! Her fashion style is Lolita Goth. And its believed that Lady Gaga copied her style! She even said so herself. Her voice is very powerful and hauntingly beautiful at the same time. She loves tutus, sky high mary janes and mini top hats. I love the fact that she is so blond and pretty but her music is dark and edgy. The contrast is striking! Of, course her music is also a striking contrast of punk and rock. Download “Walking on air” and “Tea Party” to listen to her music on itunes.com.