Can a brand survive pitching that customers should “buy less”?

by Yvette E

We attended an event in Vivienne Westwood NY location (no press events here, only in the UK..๐Ÿคจ) where a performance of a finnish singer with Tibetan singing bowls as instruments was the main attraction. We asked if other promotions were happening tonight and we were answered by a hippie-ish employee that “Vivienne only allows those she likes to play in her store” and “believes in buying less”. What? Can a brand really survive on a “Kando” attitude towards sales?

According to Fashion United, Vivienne Westwood Limmited saw an increase of 8.67% turnover and 28% in gross profits but that is mostly contributed to the fact the brand has entered new markets, namely China and US.

Also, higher prices on goods could easily lead to more profits without having to seek a new customer base. And who is the base consumer for VW anyway?

According to issuu brand report, the consumer profile is “middle to higher earners who are concious of the environment and other concerns” i.e. the concious rich.

It has to be noted that this profile was 2 years ago and my sister (a middle earner) was able to buy an item. At today’s price points, only the rich can afford them.

So can a brand survive on a Kando attitude? Sure, if it was only pitching to those you already have too much and with elitist prices to top it all off.

Another elitist brand hiding behind a noble statement.

Happy hump day!!๐Ÿ’‹