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Punk has taken a bag seat in trends since the resurgence of the nineties but I am to see it make a resurrection this Spring with accessories once again getting the stud, rivet and nailhead treatments! Darker colors are also in this Spring which is a nice edgier change..I love when punk is in trend because I get to add better quality and cheaper pieces to my wardrobe without having to scour the net..I decided to choose Grommets on bags because this detail is usually reserved for protecting added holes to garments; so it gives a light weight but cool detail when used as decoration.. Below are our faves under $50!

Your fashion goddess Eva

Hello readers!

Finally the weather is thawing out and we can finally enjoy the sun; but with warm weather comes the humidity and mugginess of Summer..So why not carry everything in a light weight and stylish bag that goes with any of your Summer wardrobe? I first saw transparent handbags when I looked at Korean bloggers’ posts as well as in Japanese magazines such as Mini magazine’s May 2018 issue and couldn’t help but noticed they were more chic and just as structured as regular handbags! I loved how they wore baseball caps, sundresses and either sneakers or sandals for a perfect, fun and stylish warm weather look. It was a little tougher finding these kind of bags in the us online  for reasonable prices but I found several styles all under $40! I hope you find one from our picks and let us know in the comments!

Clear bags are featured in the May 2018 issue of Mini

I am an avid online shopper and I know the cost of shipping as well as not being able to try things on sometimes makes people apprehensive about online shopping. Well I am here to tell you with great return policies and free shipping offers it’s easier then ever to shop online. So I am sharing with you two sites that have most items under $30 so you can take the leap into online shopping without spending too much!

Love Culture I first came upon this store when I was shopping in Orlando,FL and became hooked! They remind me of Forever 21 and Wet Seal! They put a lot of details into their items and carry everything from jewelry to shoes! They also have a plus size section and they do a great job at carrying sexy and fun designs that any curvy girl would love to wear! Most of their clothes runs from $14.95 to about $27.99 So visit their website at www.loveculture.com and while you are there you can check if they have a physical store you can shop at!

Ami Club Wear don’t let the name only make you conjure up images of skin tight clothes and hooker heels and I kid you not they DO have that but they also carry The Hello Kitty Line and tons of cute dresses and handbags and they keep most everything under $50 so give them a try especially since they are doing buy one get one free right now! www.amiclubwear.com


20140620-111608-40568092.jpg Love Culture Skirt is $18.95 and shoes are $21.95


Ami Club Wear Maxi dress is $22.95 and handbag is $24.95