Ditch the floral pattern this Spring for colors that will last til fall.

By Yvette E


The color of the year is a no brainer since it will be available all year long. The best thing about this color is its versatility and of course blue is everyone’s favorite color. Treat it like denim and pair it with everything in your closet. This color is best used as separates, think pants and skirts.


This dusty pink color is reminiscent of the pink hat movement during the women’s march last year. Although, the muted tone of this pink makes it almost a neutral. This color works best in blouses and pairs well with classic blue, a throwback when serenity and another pink shared a color of the year spot.


Green sheen, Ultramarine Green and Military Olive all are in for fall but none are in the same hue. Green Sheen is closer to yellow making it a perfect spring color while Ultramarine is a truer green and makes for more of a late summer look. The brownlike green of Military Olive makes it a more traditional fall color.

The first 2 greens are best as dresses since they will be hard to match but Military Olive is so close to brown, it’s a neutral and will look well in trench coats and other fall jackets.

Building your wardrobe now means no having to rebuy in the fall.

Happy Wednesday 💋