Tired of florals and lace as spring staples? We collected 3 under the radar trends to shake things up.

By Yvette E


It’s not just for fall anymore and with cooler temperatures until May, it may be just the thing we need with longer cool days.

Styling tips:

Pair it with lace to play up hard and soft or throw on a tee shirt and a moto jacket to go full on tough chick.


This paisley and plaid mashup print is back in style for a gypsy vibe this spring.

Styling tips:

Add a sheer top to dress it up or pair with wide leg pants. For a more playful look, go full gypsy with a peasant top.

Structured Activewear

Activewear and sportswear have been blending together for a few years and now you can find motorcross looks in this spring.

Styling tips:

An athletic zip up looks great with a pair of boyfriend jeans in dark colors. Dress it up with an asymmetrical skirt.Happy Hump Day!💋