Suit weather usually is that time in fall when the weather dips into the 60s but brands like Dior and John Lawerence Sullivan is reimagining for the summer. Here are 3 tips to wear this trend.

By Yvette E

Shirtless men in blazers? Well, we can’t say we don’t like the idea but if you don’t feel comfortable shirtless then you have come to the right blog.

So we are going to go with low, mid and high comfort outfits for this challenge of taking a runway trend and using it in real life.


Sheer tops for men are all over the runway for Spring and is great way to give an illusion of nudity without being naked. If a sheer button down is out of your budget, then try a sheer sports tank instead. Loose fitting pants can complete the look but if you do want to show some legs opt for burmuda shorts instead.


Okay, so your a little comfortable with your shirtless body but have a tummy? Go shirtless and use those two buttons on a long blazer to hid the tummy and add a necklace to draw attention to your neckline. Add a belt on a pair of pants for added style.


Copy the runway but remember to focus on your style. If you like casual then pair with denim shorts and if you like to be more formal add burmuda shorts or a sporty person can add biking shorts.

Happy Monday! 💋

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