Okay, it is finally hot outside and we have waited all year for this heat. However, the long winter has made us over buy sweaters and we feel have to default our summer outfits. Tees, Tanks, Shorts and the dreaded flip flop. Never fear, we are here to give 3 tips to look chic in out weather!

A coverup is not just for the beach

Tip #1 means using that coverup to chic up that tank and short combination. Use a long duster ovee jeans and a t-shirt for a elongated long that adds height.

Wear lace

This tip looks best with skirts but you can add lace to any tank top to add chic to your outfit. You can even pair it with shorts and leather sandals!

Ditch the jeans

Okay, this could be the most drastic tip ever cuz well what else do we have in our closets? Soft fabric pants breath easier and keep you cooler plus with prints, colors and so many patterns. Scared? Try a lighter denim colored pants first!

Happy Hump Day..

Yvette 💋

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