Summer, Mask and Skin

It is finally summer but with masks still required by most stores for entry; the heat of the mask can do a number on your skin. Here is our skin guide to pimple free skin.

By Yvette E

Are you all of a sudden getting pimples your mouth? Is wearing a mask recking havoc on your skin?

Today, we will focus on some solutions to wearing a mask and perserving your skin.

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Ance prone skin

Sunscreen is important to wear during the summer but choose an oil free one and skip the mask area.

Bring some blotting clothes to remove extra oil around the mouth and prevent pimples.

At home, use a charcoal based mask around the mouth area afterward apply a coffee scrub. The charcoal will unplug the pores and coffee scrub will shrink the pores.

Top Left: E.L.F. hydrating bubble mask, $9.79,; Bottom left: Garnier Micellar cleansing water, $6.79,; Right: Portable nano spray, $4.45,

Dry Skin

Dry skin can be prone to pimples during the summer months. Dry skin is sometimes also sensitive skin so harsh scrubs may actually cause pimples.

Remove access oil with meticular water instead of an astrigent to remove oil without drying out the skin.

Outside use a watering device to cool down face and prevent sweating.

At home, use a hydrating gel mask every other day during the summer months to re-introduce moisture.

Make sure your mask fits your face and leave off makeup in that area.

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