Style Guide: Balaclava

This open face ski mask is a sleeper hit for the fall. But how do you wear it?

By Yvette E

A balaclava is a kin to a ski mask without the face division. It surrounds the face in a knit cacoon, sometimes covering the mouth. They first appeared on runways in 2018 as a chicer alternative to the ski mask.

There return is marked by the rise in mask requirements and the fact that wearing scarfs can be difficult.

We do love trying out a new accessory but how do you wear it?

We came up with some tips to wear this new style.

5 tips to wear a Balaclava

Show some hair

On the runway, hair was not shown while wearing the accessory; in real life, we thought better.

For short hair, add a bang and let hair frame face. For longer hair, braid it or put into a pony for a really chic effect.

Wear form fitting clothes

We love a simple turtleneck with this accessory. It would give a very chic look and be very easy to dress up or down.

On the runway, they used layered outfits with them. We recommend a parka belted at the waist if you are adventurous. If not, a simple long cardigan.

Keep makeup neutral

We noticed minimal makeup with this look and thought that maybe no to stain them. A simple gloss on a naked lip will do.

Stockings are important

Skip the booties and go for mary janes with stockings matching your balaclava. We noticed that patterned stockings are all the rage.

This trend calls for quite a statement from head to toe.

Have fun

Have any other styling ideas? Comment below!

Happy Mundane,



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