Style File: The Naughts

2000 style will finally hit the runway this coming Spring. Here are the accessories you need to pull off the look.

By Yvette E

The 2000’s were all about pastel looks, plaids and cropped cardigans; we now have a chance to relieve our early adulthood.

Movies like Clueless, Mean Girls and Legally Blonde semented the decade as pastel powersuit mecca.

One theory was that the outfits represented what society expected of the “fairer sex”; demure, passive and submissive. The colors were opposite of the character traits and helped them use society’s view against it.

Designers took the passive agressive clothing colors and recreate in the most iconic trends listed below.

The shoulder bag

Left: Gucci, Resort 2021; Middle: Prada, Spring 2021; Right: Dior, Spring 2021

Small bags are nothing new. Before cellphones were a staple, handbags were pretty small. The shoulder bag was a very popular in faux crocodile pattern and a short strap that converted to a clutch.

Next year, designers put a spin on the old classic with luxe fabrics and metal accents.

Rimless sunglasses

Unlike the square versions of the 2000’s; the new look comes in all shapes and sizes. The color variations are still there however.

Wide Belts

These belts were actually debuted fall 2019 but were probably resurrected due to Corvid-19. We saw a switch to obi belts for Spring 2021 but believe these belts will remain insta-worthy.

How are rocking the naughts?

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