We love to highlight new fashion styles so today we will cover how to dress neogoth.

By Yvette E

Leather, studs and tulle with torn or distressed elements have been the trademark of goth for sometime but recent additions of satanic symbols has made goths synonymous with Satanist.

This false connection perpetrated by low priced brands like Dollskill has left rebels seeking other styles. Enter neogoth, a trending style first seen on the runway that pairs down goth to a more wearable and religious friendly look.

Neogoth is said to be influenced by emo and nu metal (think 3 doors down, Imagine Dragons).

So what does the style include?

  1. Black still rains supreme but white and red are used as well.
  2. Babydoll dress are a big thing. A high waist and cropped elements are also there.
  3. The holes are still a thing but more refined with netting, and pants made with spaces to show skin.
  4. Accessories are more important with an emphasis on ribbon necklaces and wide brim hats.

If you have embraced neogoth, #tfgbneog to be featured on our blog.

Happy Monday!💋

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