Corvid-19 lives on plastic, cardboard and hard surfaces but it can also live on clothes.

By Yvette E

According to live science, Corvid-19 can live on plastic surfaces for 72 hours and certain clothing items are made from plastic including some “vegan” alternatives. It is best to store fibers made from plastic including polyester blends. Here are some items to keep in your closet til the crisis is over.

Faux Fur

Tis the season for vegan fur but it’s made completely out of plastic and hence unsafe if you come in contact with someone with Corvid.

Instead chose a cotton or wool blend fabric for worth like a hoodie or trench coat.

Vegan leather

This 100% polyester blend can be a magnet for Corvid. If you must wear it, take it off and spray it with lysol or put in a plastic bag to clean later. You should dry clean it.

Spandex or spandex blends

Stick to jeans that are made from cotton since most spendex is blended with plastic. Also yoga pants if you feel the need to be comfortable.

Underwire bras

The steel popup wires have always been an hotbed for bacteria so stick to tee shirt bras.

Remember, this is not a legitimate issue for Corvid-19 survival and this post is an educated guess base on how long Corvid-19 sticks to plastic and steel surfaces.

Note: It is always recommended that you bag your clothing after entering your home and remove shoes at the entry way.

Happy Wednesday and stay safe!


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