With cool weather all the way to April, I am running out of ideas on what to wear. So If you are like me, here are 5 items I am buying now for cool days and warmer ones.


1. The sweater tank top

This is cool look nestled over a blouse and it adds an extra layer of warmth. Wear it by itself in warmer months.

2. The Blouse

These long sleeve button ups can be worn over a turtleneck for a light look in the coolest days.

3. The turtleneck

These are great to layer underneath the blouse and the tank sweater or layer all three for a even warmer experience.


1.The maxi

The maxi skirt is a great for keeping out the cool breeze and wondeful for covering up fleece tights.

2. Wide leg pant

Pair these with fleece tights and trouser socks and ankle boots for a cool look on the coldest days.


1. Wedge sandals

Socks with sandals are still a thing and if you want to add some spring in your step, try adding them to cool days.

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Happy Monday!💋

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