Spring cleaning 101

Now that we are stuck indoors, it’s time to tackle the clutter.

By Yvette E

Free gym classes live streams have made me realize that I don’t have enough space. In the time, we are spending at home, it may be a good idea to work on this issue.

So we compiled some tips that will help you clear the clutter:

Clean that closet

I just went through the one weakness that I always have, too many jackets. I collect them and now have about 40 of them (including cardigans and hoodies).

It may be time to donate unwanted clothes and in many areas, pickup is available. A good rule is if you haven’t worn it in 3+ years then donate, if tags are still on it then sell it and if it’s torn or stained, recycle it. Stores like Zara and H&M do this for free.

Sell those electronics

I still have a zune (valued at $50) as well as a 2012 Samsung tab which goes for even more. If it is broken, recycle it and don’t throw it away.

Some sites to check out to sell those old electronics include Amazon, Declutter and Gazelle.

For higher prices, try selling it on your own on facebook, Letgo or Macari.

Donate old furniture

I still have that old futon in the living room taking up space. Goodwill is still picking up unwanted furniture and some places like freecycle (they have a facebook page for every city) will post good and unwanted furniture for curveside pickup.

Have any other declutter ideas? Post it below or hit us up @tfgnyc.

Happy Humpday..💋


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