Spring Bag trends

It’s officially spring and we have all your the bags you need to carry right now.

By Yvette E

It has been a while since I posted but I wanted to just jump right back in to the only personal style blog on the web.

We have some bags for spring we know can fit into every style type and so without further ado…these bags are for you…

The file folder

Jill Sanders, Hermes, Givenchy.

Classic style/mod chic

These bags have a 90s working girl vibe and if you recently added 90s fashions to your wardrobe, this bag is perfect. Also, if you have a classic style, (jeans are your enemy but you rarely wear a dress) this is also a look you could rock.

Jewelry meets Bag

Sporty Chic

This bag trend is for the girls who just do not care to carry thier lives with them everywhere. Great for a moring run or and gym rat. It should be big enough to hold money or a lipstick. Hint: Pair with the water bottle holder trend for a even chic vibe

Fringe all day

Courtsey of Gettys Images.


Fringe is back. It’s a great way to addca little edge to your wardrobe if you are into classic style. Mostly, it is also a way for alternative girls to add a little chic to thier wardrobe. It would look great with ripped jeans or a leather jacket.

Happy Monday!



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