Space NK Holiday Party

Sephora and Ulta have dominated the beauty space in the USA buy it is time for change.

By Yvette E

With a more curated approach to beauty brands, Space NK carries what Sephora does not, small batch brands made locally.

There seems a space missing for brands that can’t afford to produce quantities needed for big box stores and this is the place.

The prices are also more affordable. Briogea my favorite hair brand, is $5 cheaper here then Sephora and aren’t on Ulta’s shelves yet.

Influenster sent me to a small holiday party last night where champagne was poured and facials were given.

The box gift sets were the star for me starting at just $39 for 3 products.

Stop by 31 Prince Street to the cozy store and take a pic in front of thier neon rose mural.

Happy Holiday Shopping! 💋


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