Social Media has ears

If you think you can say what ever you want on Social Media think again..

By Yvette E

So why did Barney’s close a whole day early to confused onlookers who came to the store after seeing an ad on TV and a facebook post about coming down just 2 hours ago?

Simply put, you spoke about the sale “cheaping the brand” on Instagram. We all read the “sad to see these items go so cheap” remarks and the “5 dollars for single pair shoes” retorts so thanks for ruining the chances of NYers that have to work and just didn’t have time to run down to Barney’s.

The proof of all this is why barney closed…it became an elitist company. In the past, young designers had a chance to showcase their designs at thier incubator store but it was closed without warning. That was the sign that Barney’s was building the mantra “You can’t sit with us”.

Exclusion at a time when we all want inclusion seems to be the problem with the fashion industry in general. Tom Ford at the helm of the CFDA proves it.

The most successful fashion weeks includes everyone and seems fitting in the world of Direct to consumer or you can just have your show in a warehouse and include no one.

Happy Wednesday 🐪💋


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