Social Credit: Should it be a thing?

I have seen people trust brands on instagram with 100K+ followers only to be ripped off. Should customers still put stock in it?

By Yvette E

Beware of social credit, it really means less then you think.

I just saw a youtube calling out a brand for ripping off customers, called PsychoRebel (as well as Misomoody and Misofreaky). It has 165K followers and thousands of views on instagram. Yet, in reality…the business is a scam.

Customers spend money and never recieve thier order. Trust Pilot and BBB both gave to company low scores. People in the UK are requesting its closure.

20 comments but you click on it and no comments show suggesting they were deleted.

Yet people still buy. The entire instagram is mostly flat lays, there is no face behind the brand and no actual tags of purchases made by customers. All things that “experts” say lead to brand mistrust.

The only thing they have is a large “following” which must be ad generated since Instagram does swipes of fake accounts every week.

The fact that most “experts” say number’s don’t matter but this company is profitable makes me wonder what really matters.

A quick google search would reveal them as scammers but somehow the following on Instagram trumps common sense?

So here are some tips on real social credit:

  • Make sure that comments are to view
  • Make sure the founder is on the page
  • See if the customers are real by following the tag
  • DO NOT TRUST the # of followers

Be careful who you buy from on social media.

Happy Wednesday,

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