Skirts take multiple lengths this spring

Skirts are in in all lengths: midi, mini and maxi but what length would be best for you. Now, more than ever your shape plays a role as well as personal style.


Mini skirts full mid thigh and come in three styles: flair, pencil and tulip.

Flair skirts are great for those who love romance dressing. Flair is not for those with tummies and can exaggerate hips.

Pencil is best for all looks because the shape can be found in denim  (casual), leather  (rocker), or in knits (vintage). Go for a style with embroidery threads for glam or a lace motif for romance. However,  thighs should remain 1/2 inch apart for comfort. Note that those with an ample booty can lose length in the back. So for those with this shape stick to tulip or pencil.

This style is tricky because it is not for those with short legs and really comes in three styles (straight, flair or pencil) with a heavy dependence on fabric choices. There is one that combines sheer with a mini skirt in a sort of hybrid midi. These is pretty difficult to wear in prints so stick to solids.



Maxi are best for boho, romance or causual with fabric and texture playing important roles. This shape is most flattering to all shapes by increasing length and slimming hips.

These have some new styles for 2015: high-low, paperbag waist and flair. High-low adds chic style and is great for glam dressing if you want to show legs. Flair is more for vintage and romance while paperbag waist is more casual. Standard straight is for everyone else where print takes an active role.

Hankerchief has also made a comeback but is for more daring persons. If you wear Hankerchief maxis send us a picture and you may get featured on our instagram page.

Body image Recap:

Mini – short torso, but not for thick thighs or ample butts unless knit fabric or pencil.

Midi – not for short legs, or tummies but great for pear shapes.

Maxi – great for every body shape. Get one with high low for long legs, a split for short legs and straight to floor to lengthen.


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