Shoes trends to skip this winter

Fashion once again forgot that fashion should also be functional and added trends that just will not work in cold weather.

By Yvette E

Like bare legs in winter, fashion has forgotten that we do not all live in warm winter areas like Florida and California. Also, with climate change, these areas will now experience cold spells and winter in general with be longer. It’s 48° in November when it is still fall and should be in the 60’s.

So why are we seeing furry slides trending for the winter months? If you live in a cold climate or just want to prepare for a frosty day, skip these winter shoe trends.

Fuzzy slides

Nothing like having your feet exposed to the elements as a reason to skip this trend. Socks will not help in 16° weather plus who doesn’t already have a pair of these in your closet?

If you do, put them up for sale to get the maxium amount of resale value.

High heeled pointed pumps

These non-snow friendy shoes seem just plan odd to wear in the snow. I once saw a man wear regular work shoes in the snow and watched 6 people try to stop him from falling. They failed.

These shoes are late fall at best and already should be stored to late feb and early March.

Metalic boots

Metalic anything is just impratical. I mean when are you going to wear silver boots and how often? Of course, if you are into Unif style or any other alien style trend then buy away.

However, for everyone else, this is def unpractical.

Happy Hump day,



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