Shoe days: Fall to Winter shoes

Shoes have always been my weakness and with all the sales, it’s tempting to buy out of season. We break down what shoes are on sale now that can transcend all seasons and be in style!

By Yvette E

Mules, Animal print and combat boots…the trends are everywhere but being true to your style means breaking through that trend. We don’t recommend combat boots for people who live in sweats nor who dress classical. We outlined 3 trends any style can wear without sacrifice.


These boots will be in until Spring 2020 so that’s six months of wear so here is what to look for:

Classic – look for small crystal details on knee length boots. Make sure crystals are sporadically placed. Sequin may be another low key option.

Sporty/Casual – Look for metallic shoes in silver for that shine and shimmer look. Stick to ankle boots.

Vintage/Romance – Structured heels and boxy shapes are perfect for you in metallics. Look for floral and paint-like motifs.

Glam girls can take out the ones they bought back in 2016 if you didn’t sell them.


Yep, these shoes are still in style from last season with a new furry makeover. You definitely have these from fall 2018 in your closet so pair it with the knee high socks trend and your there for fall and spring.


Our unisex choice goes to loafers since both men and women will be rocking this trend next year! Get it a size bigger to layer socks and/or thermal stockings to extend wear till 20 degrees!!

Happy Hump Day!💋


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