Shein gives you free cash!

Earn money towards your next purchase by completing this simple task.

By Yvette E

This black friday earn free Shein bonus points. They are giving away $1M of them.

All the Shein hauls on Youtube have never mentioned this simple technique and probably because few know about it. We do it on most sites and if you are on Yelp, you do it more often then most.

Yep, Shein pays for product reviews! Okay, it is not actually cash but the points to convert to pennies. Heres how it works:

  • Get 10 points (equal to 10 cents) for a written review. Reviews must be at least 20 words to count and max out at 5,000. The ideal length is between 75 and 500.
  • Get 20 points (equal to 20 cents) for images.
  • If you rather do a video, it has to be between 2-5 minutes long with 10 minutes being the max length. I think this is also 10 points.

Shein reserves the right to reject your review so if follow the above guidelines or read more about it here.

With prices this low, these points can go a long way!

Since the average person buys at least 7 items, thats 210 points on future purchase. Every 100 points = $1. Thats only 10 written reviews or 4 reviews with pictures and text.

You can apply “bonus points” at checkout and yep, you can use them all at once but only up to 70% of your purchase. So if you have $50 worth of product, you could use 3500 points or $35 off and pay $15 (if you acquired 5,000 points).

So review those Shein purchases and watch the money roll right in.

Happy Monday,



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