A season know for dark fashion hues gets a redox with autumn leaves as an inspiration

by Yvette E

Half fall and half spring, this fall’s color palette made it simple to layer our Spring wardrobe with fall staples.

Here are 3 outfits that will combine both seasons flawlessly:

Floral dress w/ folk theme

Who doesn’t have a long sheer floral dress in their closet or at least snagged one from Zara’s last sale. Pair it with a folk themed sweater in November and a coat in mid September.

Pop culture prints with bright fall hues

A lips skirt with a red sweater is so fashionable so don’t drop the pop for a subdued wardrobe this fall.

Graphic patterns with muted fall colors

Stripes, polka dots and gingham all made it into our spring wardrobe. Keep those summer boots but add a touch of fall with:

Early August- Try a thick tee shirt with bright hue stocking and a blanket coat or light trench..for pants looks, a neutral sweater and a short heel.

Early September sees it with neutral faux fur and booties left over for summer.

So looking to mix it up this fall,

Happy Hump Day…💋

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