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Resort wear use to be considered the forget-me-not marketing plot of designers who just couldn’t get thier spring collections out before the runway got too warm. However, these days resort wear has blossomed into a full collection with the addition of coverups, swimwear (new designers have entered this domain), sheer pants and of course staples like sport jackets and tees. So how do we embrace this new trend while we are still clinging to our coats and thumbing through magazines looking longingly at the spring fashions?

Well, living in a warm climate all year around helps but for those who don’t have such luxury here are some simple tips to add resort wear to your between season wardrobe.

Resortwear is meet for travelers, jettsetters and snowbirds so don’t purchase these fashions if you don’t plan to go on vacation. However if you happen to live in Cali or SoFl. Classics go for shorts and nuetral colors like tan and impress maritime styles. Ralph lauren has just your look.

ralph lauren resort wear

Romance and Vintage dressers go for the long sheer dresses and jumpsuits in bright colors. Floral prints are encouranged. For Glam queens go for animal prints, rust colored rompers and gold jewelry. Marc Jacobs also has great sequin styles you will love. Punks and rockers this trend is a little tricky, pair floucy tops with skinny jeans or tights and add some studded accessories. Remeber, stay flowy on top or bottom so separates are your friends. For sport, Micheal Kors and Alexander Wang have great neon colors, short overjackets and jeans.

Sport look to resorts wear by Micheal Kors

Enjoy and come back for more Spring styles.

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