Raphael Mazzucco, a fashion photographer for brands like Victoria’s Secret and Guess, cements his career as an artist with new book, The Never-ending Summer.

By Yvette E

At first glance, it seems the photos are encased in glass which is then painted but in reality, it’s a three step process and a labor of Love. The curator said “each piece is a collage meant to tell a story”, from the forest of Vietnam to the beaches of The Bahamas.

It all starts with a photo usually in black and white, then a bright color is laid on top in either spots or streaks and finally resin is poured on to the canvas which the artist traps more items usually organic. The results are intimate portraits which give a glimpse into the art of the subject and the mind of the artist.

From these murals (some large enough to cover half of a wall) comes the book the “The Neverending Summer”, a coffee table tome featuring the artist’s work in colorful prints. Despite the lost of the work’s 3D elements, the book is the perfect gift for art lovers at $250. A low price since the actually murals are priced in the tens of thousands.

Happy Friyay…šŸ’‹

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