There are more then just one type of plaid so we compiled a list of the right plaid for every style. So flip through this guide and see what is the perfect plaid to add to your closet.
Plaid Versace Fall 2018
GLAM SQUAD If you love to stand out then a brighter color background is just right. Layer it all together for an even bigger impact. FYI Plaids with a bright background are called Tartan.
CLASSIC Glen plaid has the gray background with the thin lines of color. This pattern is perfect for classic dressing since it will not overpower your entire outfit.
ROMANCE Large squared plaids like Window and gingham give off a school girl vibe and look great with those fuzzy sweaters.
VINTAGE Houndstooth is plaid? Yep and you most likely have it in your closet already. Dust it off and wear it all!
PUNK/ROCK If you do not have a checker plaid shirt in your closet then your alt license is revoked! Wear it has a jacket and your on trend. Happy Hump day!!

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