I was flipping through the bags of October’s Lucky and stopped at their fall bag guide. I thought to my self: who’s lucky enough to afford to buy these bags? Some of the bag faves do sport tiny prize tags like the 39 dollar beaded pouch at purselove.com and the printed carryall for 65 at Janemarvel.com but what about a two buckle tote and a duffel bag. So I surfed the web for the forgotten chic (french for cheap and fab) alternatives to these two styles.

The Carryall

This bag must be the hottest bag of the season since I have surfed the web and seen the chicer varieties evaporate. I can’t promise you the prices seen in my last entries but here it goes. Two Buckle carryalls are all the rage for fall and here are some alternatives to the pricey Lucky favorites:

MICHAEL by Michael Kors is this designers chicer line and carries one of these coveted tote bags for 198.00 and its leather but wait we are going to attempt cheaper- Dare me?

Alas this color is sold out but still available in Black and print, 198.00

Forever 21 does it again with a front buckle leather-like two buckle tote for – drum roll please -Yep $34.80.

Buckled Leatherette tote from Forever 21 for 34.80

The leather duffel bag maxed out in lucky for $2,550 and at its most affordable – $298. So here we go again – I can’t help love this zipped duffel at Bebe for 139.00.

Zipped Duffel at Bebe for 139.00

For the round top variety try this one at Forever 21 for 32.80

casual leatherette bag, Forever 21 $32.80

Some celebrities have style and some don’t. The VMAs awards are a Hodge podge of success and failures as well as shock value. And we were shocked indeed with the our notorious copycat, Lady GaGa’s meat dress. She says she was making a statement but all I see is a desperate clutching  for the the few minutes of fame she has left. Fame monster indeed!

The Fame Monster meat dress

She was not the only one who showed up on the worst dress list which held some shockers like Ke$ha, Katy Perry, and Nicki Minaj. Well, maybe not Ke$ha. I saw her in concert and her fashion sense was lacking. I personally like a person who takes a fashion risk like Katy Perry’s lace and satin combo. I can’t say it a dress but at least its in fashion (we covered lace trend for fall).

Finally, I would like to say Ke$ha was creative and upcycled her gown from home depot shopping bags. I don’t think the VMAs are for crafty chic but it still was less shocking and less revealing then most of the dresses of the night.

I loooove Amy Lee!  She has an amazing ethereal voice and is the front woman for Evanescence. Her style is edgy with gothic and 18th century influences and she makes a lot of her stage clothing. She prefers to keep her skin stunningly pale and her hair ebony black,. She wears corsets and long voluminous skirts. Although the band has lost its founding members leaving Amy as the sole current founding member I still think the band can make great music as Amy herself is a songwriter. She is currently working on a new album.  Download “My Immortal” and “Together Again”.

Amy Lee

A reader recently asked where she could find a reasonably priced leopard print handbag. I found the perfect one at Forever 21 but I also wanted to show a high end version as well. I chose Fendi’s Leopard Calf Hair version as a beautiful example of this falls hottest accessory. But with over $2000 it has quite a hefty price tag! Forever 21’s stunning ladylike version is elegant and a steal at $20!

Fendi Leopard Calf Hair Bag $2,480 www.neimanmarcus.com

Leopard Shoulder bag $20.80 www.forever21.com

F.U.S.C.H.A has seen a lot of success this summer. We got a chance to work with Aqua Di Lara’s newest line Qiss Qiss; which they debuted this summer at Mercedes Benz Swim.

We also had the pleasure of working with celeb stylist Leon Frager who gave us the wonderful opportunity to earn a new fan of our line…Grammy award winner Mya.

AQua Di Lara's Qiss Qiss and F.U.S.C.H.A Necklace

Mya wearing our Aqua Bubble Two Fingered Ring

This fall/winter season brings back once again animal prints. But this time around instead of only leopard and tiger;  python and zebra have been thrown into the mix and with more of a subtle and more feminine looks. Gone are the teeny leopard minis and backless skin tight dresses. This is something we all can appreciate.

Blumarine Fall/Winter 2010 Python print Collection

Lanvin Leopard Print Dress $1829

Prada Leopard Print Bag $1,495 www.saksfifthavenue.com

This fall is all about the studded boots once again. This is a trend that won’t go away thank god! For the past 3 seasons studs and buckles continue to be all the rage. But instead of wearing them with a motorcycle jacket instead pair them with lady like blouses and skirts. I’ve included 2 designs to show you the high end version and the get-it-for-less version by Forever 21 that’s almost identical to the Chloe version at a fraction of the cost!

Chloe Boots $1,255

Studded Boots $32.80 www.forever21.com

Haley Williams is a sassy little red headed spit fire who front’s the alternative rock band Paramore.  Hayley started singing at the age of 16 and continues to churn out heavy power ballads mixed with a pop punk tinge  at age 21. Her style is punk with a hint of girly sweet. Download “All We Know” and “The Only Exception”.

Hayley Williams of Paramore

Hayley Williams of Paramore

The Wondergirls are a Korean pop group that burst onto the scene a couple of years ago but just last year they started touring the US with Backstreet Boys.The group consists of 5 girls and has a rapper. Their  style is fun, funky and sweet. They have now released an English language album called “Two Different Tears”. download the awesome r&b pop single “So Hot” and the bouncy sweet “Nobody”.