Ok I covered all of the things you will need to stay cool and look hot this summer. I’m going to end this get it for less Summer edition with the most important item…Sunglasses. Not only does this accessory help you look chic and mysterious but it is just as important as sunscreen because it protects your eyes from the harmful sun. I have found several versions that are not only trendy but they also have UV protection and all are under $6.00!!! Yes you read right under $6.00! So for the price of a Mcdonald’s meal or 1 1/2 gallon of gas you can get hot new sunglasses! So look back at all my Summer bargains and be stylish but recession friendly as well!

First up are these cool shield shades with edgy tattoo inspired details on the sides. I chose these because I love all things edgy and for its 400uv protection! And drum roll please…It usually cost $14.80 but is on sale now for..$5.00!!! This online store (Bleu Dame) has a lot more sunglasses at that price so be sure to check em out.

Next up is my absolute favorite place to shop for basics and accessories, Charlotte Russe! I chose these super cute geometric sunglasses for their shape, color and the fact that they are over-sized which is the hottest trend among celebs lately. It is $5.50 and right now when you buy two pairs you get em for $10.00! So you are saving about $1.00 not much but in these days any discount is a good discount.

Last is of course everyone’s shopping destination for bargains, Forever 21. I chose these shades because again they are over-sized but they also come in several colors and patterns. All for only $5.80!

Tattoo inspired Shield Sunglasses $5.00 www.bleudame.com

Tattoo shield sunglass detail www.bleudame.com

Geometric Sunglasses $5.50 www.charlotterusse.com

Oversized Sunglasses $5.80 www.forever21.com

What would Summer be without wonderful cool clothing to wear. The Maxi dress is the epitome of that! There are versions for day and night and it can be worn with heels or sandals and the perfect straw bag. The maxi dress looks great on all shapes and sizes. Here are my picks:

This dress is in the hottest color for Summer/fall blush! It has a beautiful white floral pattern. I love it and its at one of my favorite stores that doesn’t get much publicity “Love Culture” and at $21.90 its a bargain.

I also chose this cute Nautical maxi dress from Love culture that comes with a braided belt! It’s only $24! Nautical inspired clothing is really in for the Summer and Fall. For those of us who don’t know what nautical means; its means anything related to Sea men, Ships or navigation. So think stripes, navy and white, anchors, ropes, etc..

Last dress is from the brand Planet Gold and is a sexy body hugging dress in grey. It’s simple but can be dressed up or down. It normally retails at $38.00 but Macy’s has it on sale for $22! And if you put the code “Summer” in at checkout you save an additional 15%off! So go out there and stock up and be cool but chic this Summer!

Love Culture's Smocked Maxi Dress $21.90 www.loveculture.com

Nautical maxi Dress Love Culture $24.90 www.loveculture.com

Planet Gold Brand maxi Dress $22.90 www.macys.com

I really do love this fiery red-headed violinist! Not only is she an amazing musician she also has shared some really personal things with her fans. She has shared with her fans some very personal struggles. She is a survivor of rape which has left her strong and makes her music deeply emotional! She also suffers from Bi polar disorder. I think she is to be commended for sharing information that is so personal and of a sensitive nature. She also is related to the Liddell family who’s daughter was believed to be the inspiration of C.S Lewis’ “Alice” of “Alice In Wonderland”! Her father was a Circus performer and her mother a seamstress! So creativity runs in her blood. Emilie also had a now defunct fashion label and she is a poet and author that has written several books!

Read “Across The Sky & Other Poems” and “The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls

Emilie Autumn

Emile Autumn

The interesting part about the diversity of fashion trends is that there is something for everyone. The problem with clothing is that its cookie cutter and plus size people are not all shaped the same. The best part of today’s trends is that its roomy and comfortable. Now, it’s sexy without revealing.

Here are some trends that you can work with your body shape!

If you happen to be pear shaped then try the sixty’s fashion trend- the bell bottoms will slim your legs and give shape to your butt.

bell bottoms

If you are lucky enough to have a small bust than try a maxi dress. if you have large busts than try the bandeau version and large triangle top (please stay away from spaghetti straps)

maxi dress

If you are large busted and also have a tummy than try a romper and do not add a belt to your waist which will make your stomach stand out.


A ruched top like the one above hides the belly. If you don’t feel comfortable showing your legs than trade the romper for a jumpsuit.


Ok So now that I’ve covered swimsuits and straw fedoras the next important Summer staple is of course…The Straw tote. This bag will be your best friend this Summer! You will take it to the beach, mall, dinner and on Vacation. So lets look at some fun and inexpensive versions!

First up is This unique and colorful tote by Vans. It has braided detail and a nice wooden handle. It comes in Onyx and natural and is only $34!

This next handbag is one of my favs! It’s from Forever 21 and is a black sequined bag. The glitz of the sequins makes this bag a more dressier version and the basket weave design is so St. Tropez! All for get this…$14.80 AND EVEN BETTER…ON SALE RIGHT NOW FOR…$11.84! So snatch this up quick!! You know we all love a sale!

Last bag I chose is from Calypso St. Barth for Target Line. This tote is stunning! Bright silver sequin trim for that luxe look and a turn key closure! All for $24! You can’t go wrong with this!

next week the maxi dress.

Van's Bungalo Bag $34.95 www.dogfunk.com

Forever21 Sequined Basket weave tote $11.84 www.forever21.com

Calypso St. Barth for Target Sequined Straw Tote $24.95 www.target.com

Okay, so you stock vintage stores and have never been inside the mall. This doesn’t mean you can’t be in trend because you prefer individualism instead of commercialism. With decades in style and long ago trends, you know there is nothing new in fashion and since it’s been done before – you most likely have the original inspiration right in your closet. Shop your closet now and see what trends you can embrace based on these staples in your closet!!

1. Tailored pants including wide leg, bell bottoms and straight legs
2. Dress – Flairs, Sheaths, and prints
3. Soft airy blouses, A-line shirts and form fitting sweetheart cuts
4. Tassels, beading and color
5. Cameos, flowers and headbands
6. Kitten heels, flats, booties

Okay so what trends can you pull out of your closet? These three trends are going to be up your alley with the items I just listed – 60’s fashion, color block and bell bottoms.

60’s fashion

You most likely already have this silhouette in your wardrobe: a dress that fits at the bodice and flairs out at the waist. You already have a sheath dress. Sweet heart cuts fall into this category as well. All you need is to pair it with your kitten heels and you’re done.

60's style

Color Blocking

Pair those funky colors together to get right into an easily adaptable trend. Try those bright pant (reds, deep blues and greens) with a contrasting a-line top (slightly boxy and short sleeved). Pair it with those bright colored flats and you are on trend.


Bell bottoms

This trend depends on rather you go for the 70’s vintage style and if you have pastel bell bottoms great, if not any flared pant will have the same effect. Pair these with those a-line tops for an upscale look, or add an airy blouse. Remember since the pants are the stars, tuck in the shirt and pair with a thin belt.

You love to accessorize and you may be happy to know that tassels and flowers are in! Add a flower to your hair and keep tassels to belts, and bags.

Now, explore your closet and send us some pictures of how you embraced these trends straight from your closet. See the post next week for another trend tailored to your style.

Okay so studs and chains are considered an accessory in your wardrobe so what trends can you possibly empress when everything is so tailored and feminine. Well not everything… There is a trend for you! Shop your closet now and see what trends you can embrace based on these staples in your closet!!

  1. A tee-shirt (yep – concert, wordy and unusual prints)
  2. Jeans (skinny, wide leg or designed)
  3. A-line skirt
  4. Studs, leather, and jackets
  5. Bustier
  6. Boots, studded flats, strapped ankle sandals and heels

Okay so what trends can you pull out of your closet? These three trends are going to be up your alley with the items I just listed – punk fashion, biker chic and wide pant.

Punk fashion


This style is so up your alley. All you really need is to pull out those many tee shirts and pair it with your paint splatter, or Clorox stained jeans. Add one of those studded jean or leather jackets and you have gone punk!! For a upscale look, try using one of you’re a-line skirts with your unusual print tees (face print anyone?) and add that studded jacket or add safety pins to the shoulder seems of a non-decorated leather (or leather-like) jacket and you have just taken punk upscale. Studded flats finish the look.

Biker Chic

biker chic

I know this trend is so close to the rocker in you! You probably already have a buckle designed jacket and all you need is a plain tee in neutral colors and skinny or form fitting jeans. So simple.

Pair this trend with those wicked chain ankle boots or heels. Add a chain necklace and keep your bag simple. Don’t over accessorize.

Wide pants

You love wide pants because they are so roomy and you have several in your closet!  Pair with the bustier for an upscale look or a half tucked in t-shirt for a causal one. Remember that this look is effortless so don’t try too hard.

Now, explore your closet and send us some pictures of how you embraced these trends straight from your closet.  See the post next week for another trend tailored to your style.

Ok so now that we covered where to get your straw fedora we will now talk about the most important summer staple and where to get awesome deals on it: The bikini! This year the two piece swimwear is being beaded out and available in stunning bright colors. But with so many options and with the economy still not picking up everyone can use a better priced bikini. I will also provide where to get swimsuits because not everyone can or wants to wear a bikini. So here we go!

I’ve chosen this cute bikini from Forever21 because it’s in the hottest shade of the season, cobalt blue, it’s a halter style and…for both pieces it will cost you $9.00!!!!! That’s right each piece is only $4.50! So stock up and get em now! They also have other colors and styles for $9.00!!!! You can not go wrong with a $9.00 bikini!

Next is a bikini from one of my favorite stores, H&M! This sexy bikini has an amazing body loving cut and comes in black and turquoise and is priced at $4.97 each piece! That’s a total of $9.94 for a complete bikini!

And YES! I have found a one piece swimsuit for an amazing price! H&M has done it again, this suit is stunning! Lace up details and it is strapless in figure flattering black for the unbelievable price of….$14.95!!!!! That’s insane right! I couldn’t believe it myself! And it comes in sizes 4- 14 so us plus size chicks can rock it too! So run don’t walk to get this swimsuit before its gone!

So now you have it. Prices so unbelievable everyone can look hot this summer!

Forever 21 Halter Bikini $9.00 www.forever21.com

Black Bikini $9.97 available only at H&M stores

Black swimsuit $14.95 only available at H&M stores

No, this is not yet another celebrity death hoax, its figurative… she kills herself with her lack of originality. Her new album “Born this way” is a tawdry journey down yesterday’s music tunnel: a little mold gathers on the walls and it’s dark from misuse. Where new younger bands are sampling beats, GaGa has taken to sampling people and everyone is finally noticing. The title track of the album sounds like Madonna’s “Respect yourself” and even employs the same message. A message already overdone with Katy Perry’s “Fireworks” and Pink’s “Perfect”.

The music critics have even been hard on this album stating “if Lady GaGa put as much effort into this album as she does her daily fashion adventures…” the music would have been more relevant. Lady GaGa is survived by her fans as Little Monsters flock to get her album sold for .99 cents yesterday on Amazon.com. The album is priced 11.99 which is shockingly low for someone on their sophomore album (and had won so many awards for the first album “Fame Monster”).

You can’t count on fans forever as you are always guaranteed to lose more with ever bitter disappointment. Treat them well, GaGa because you may soon have your last meal (or minutes) of fame.

Since Summer is just around the corner I’ve decided to make my next blog entries about how to get those awesome 2011 Summer essentials for less! So you’ll find out where to get cute and sexy bikinis, straw handbags perfect for the beach and everywhere else, shell jewelry, flip flops, sunglasses and etc, all for amazing prices!

So for my first Summer Essential I have chosen the straw fedora. This hat looks so chic and adorable on just about everyone! You can pair it with maxi dresses (also an important summer must have) or a long broom skirt and tank top.
Plus a hat is great protection against the harsh Summer sun and great for bad hair days as well ( which will be prevalent thanks to all the sweating we will all be doing!)

I’ve chosen for you three versions.

An adorable chic fedora from Gap that features a dark tan (they call it “cinnamon”” straw fedora with a cobalt blue band. It also comes in Natural. At $29 it may be a little steep for a hat for most.

Next is an girly and dainty version from Charlotte Russe. It as a black ribbon band that in the back has a three tiered bow! And at $9.50 its a steal!

Last is one on sale ladies! American Eagle makes a sleek straw fedora in..black! It usually retails for $15.50 but is priced at just $11.95 right this minute so get on sale while you can! Black will be perfect for those warm summer nights out.

Straw Fedora Hat $29.50 www.gap.com

Straw Fedora $9.50 www.charlotterusse.com

American Eagle Black Straw Fedora $11.95 www.ae.com