This girl is well known in the celebrity circle, she has been friends with Rumor Willis for a long time and is always sitting front row at hot exclusive fashion events. But what you may not know is that she is the daughter of ex Cosby Show Kid Lisa Bonet and super star rocker Lenny Kravitz. Her style is very layed back with a mixture of her mom’s Indie boho chic and her dad’s rocker style. Not only does she sing in a Indie band but she also models and acts. She was and is the face of Vera Wang’s Rock and Preppy Princess perfumes. She also is an accomplish actress appearing in several films but most recently had a roll in “Its Kind Of A Funny Story” and she is featured as part of the main cast of “X men-First Class”. She also had some hot boyfriends! She dated actor Ben Foster and is rumored to be dating her ex co star of Xmen First class Michael Fassbender.

Zoe Kravitz

Zoe Kravitz and ex Ben Foster

Zoe Kravitz in 2011 Vera Wang Preppy Princess Ad Campaign

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Denim is a big hit this season and even acid wash jeans are showing up on some runways but don’t be afraid; if its done right you won’t look like you’ve been transplanted to the 1980’s! Update your denim by adding edgy denim accessories with studs and chain detail. Denim looks great on everyone! New cuts for 2011 are wider legged and more tailored. Gone are the days of skinny jeans being the only Belle of the ball; thank god for that. No one seemed to remember plus size girls when they made skinny jeans the new trend for the past 3 years! Also washes are more darker and embellishments are much more edgy. But a good pair of jeans can start at $70 and go up from there! So I have searched high and low for affordable jeans that can update your wardrobe without breaking your bank!

I chose these jeans from Charlotte Russe because they are tailored and slightly flare out. They are also in a modern dark wash and go up to a size 18! They are normally $34.50 but right now you can get them for $10!!! That is insane!

These jeans from Forever21 are so cute! They are in an inky black wash, boot cut, have a slight stretch to them and can be dressed up or down; all for an amazing $10.50! Crazy right!

Last are these very cool jeans from Jcpennys. They are high-wasted, wide leg and have the perfect stretch to them.
They were originally $50 but now are $30.80 so get them fast!

Vintage Dark jeans $10

Fab Boot cut Jeans $10.50

Bisou Bisou Wide Leg Jeans $30.80


We haven’t posted because we are not happy with the direction this blog is going which is the same direction of every other fashion blog in the blogsphere. We want to move away from trends and more to your specific style. What do you want to see in your closet? What is your style and how can you incorporate it into new trends? How can you avoid becoming a walking trend?

No one wants to be that girl in those ads wearing a tutu and tights. So we are working on a little quiz so you can determine your style and our posts will be tailored to each style on a weekly basis. My sister and I will provide tutorials on hair and makeup as well as trends specific to each style weekly.

Subscribers will get a free e-book on fashion with every subscription to start them off on their journey to unique and individual style. Subscribers can also win FUSCHA products in the latest trend specific to their style as well.

I don’t know about you but I really miss the Rihanna of the “Music Of The Sun” days! Gone is the sweet west-indian girl with the cool voice and layed back island vibe. She was fun, care-free and most important..sweet! When I first heard “Pon de Replay” I died and went to heaven! Here was someone who’s style and values finally represented west-indian girls of all types! But gone is that sweet Island girl.

As the years went on Ri-ri got more and more darker and less and less sweet. Now I’m a punk chick who can appreciate darker, edgier music but it just seemed off and wrong coming from someone as sweet and layed back as Rhianna was. “Disturbia’s” lyrics seemed like she was haunted and the accompanying video had her looking as if she were possessed and even i supported that was like “yeah go Ri-ri!! but then it just kept getting darker and darker and with “Rockstar”, “Russian roulette” and finally “Love The Way You Lie” and “S&M” huh?! I mean Rihanna spent months of her life talking about how she was traumatized by Chris Brown’s violent attack on her but now glorifies abuse and pain?! I mean some of her lyrics on “S&M”are “Now the pain is my pleasure ’cause nothing could measure” and “Sticks and stones may break my bones but whips and chains excite me”! What?! So now a horrible experience that should have been a lesson to girls to be strong and pay attention to signs of an abusive boyfriend; will now make some clueless people go “Oh that’s why she got her ass beat, she likes it!” and “Love The Way You Lie” justifies spousal abuse by the music video showing a dude smack around his girlfriend and then lovingly caressing her face before he tries to knock down a door to choke her! Eminem even raps about tieing his ladylove to a bed and setting the house on fire if she leaves him!! I don’t understand what happened in Rihanna’s life to make her so angry and dark. I mean she keeps saying she’s “good at being bad”.

I want the old Rihanna to meet the new Rihanna and for her to find a happy medium between the two. I like her edgier sound but can she keep it lighter and more fun and leave physical abuse and mental anguish out? What happened to “Umbrella” it was a grown up sound but not dark. I know Rhianna doesn’t want to be a role model but that isn’t stopping tweens everywhere from copying her style and hanging off her every word so she really needs to take that into consideration.

Rihanna back in the good ole days

Rihanna 2011

Ok I know this is a little left field for most but i had to blog about this cool new trend taking new York and LA by storm! It is the art of putting Shedd snake skin onto fingernails and toes! Started by manicurist Traci Silacci in Los Angeles when her children brung home a Python snake-skin that was completely in tact from a nearby neighbor; this trend spread like wild-fire. The process is as follows: nails are prepped and a base coat is applied, naturally shed snake skin is cut and fitted to nails and coated with a coat of Bio Sculpture Clear to protect nail bed, then the snake skin is applied over a base nail color, lastly the snake skin pattern is highlighted with various nail hues. It is a daunting process that can take up to 2 hours to apply! So you know these aren’t cheap. the price can range from $200 and can go up to $550!

For a get-it for-less look try Broadway nails’ snake skin nail wrap pattern for $5.49 at Walgreens stores!
Also try nail Rock’s pink snake-skin nail wraps for $10.34!

This real Snake Skin Pedicure can cost up to $550!

Pink Snake Skin Nail Wrap $10.34

Broadway Metallic Snake Skin Nail Wraps $5.49

Shorts are all the rage this Season. Shorts are great for work and play. For a more sophisticated look pair tailored shorts with blazers. Always use volume on top so you don’t look like your going to a nightclub. all these new trends can be daunting so I’m going to try to keep the price down to $20 and under for my picks. I’ll also show you how to wear them. Here they are:

These adorable shorts from Old navy are tailored, come with a tie belt and several different colors. They are normally $24.94 but right now online they are on sale for $15.99! So stock up!

These Trapunto Stitched Poplin shorts from Charlotte Russe are cute with cuff bottoms and button details; and go up to size 14! They are normally $19.99 but right now online they are on sale for $10!! So get em while they last!

And as how to wear these shorts, Jcrew does it right!

Tie Belt Shorts $15.99

Trapunto Shorts $10

J Crew Shorts look done right

I have been a fan of Heavy metal and alternative music ever since i was 8 years old and my brother would blast Metallica and Guns n Roses from his boom box. This genre of music may have screaming lead singers and loud electric Guitar riffs but underneath it all is the most amazingly deep, emotional and beautiful lyrics you will ever hear! Metal and Alternative bands sing about death, lost loves and emotional scars. but there is a lot of turmoil behind these bands.

Evanescence was my all time favorite band with the combination of lead singer Amy Lee’s hauntingly beautiful soprano and writer/lyrist ben Moody’s amazing song writing; it was a match made in heaven. but soon Amy and ben began to quarrel over who wrote what and soon the band was ripped a part leaving Amy lee with no founding members but herself! Now Ben has formed a new band with the other founding members of Evanescence called “We Are The Fallen”. Their new lead singer (American Idol Contestant(Huh?!!) Carly Smithson) pales in comparison. I really tried to support Ben but his new group just sounds like he is really trying to recreate a new Evanescence!

Paramore has been giving us fun punk music since the 90’s until two of their founding members (Josh and Zac Farro) decided that lead singer Hayley Williams was getting too much attention! really? And left the band! Come on!!

Now Slipknot who’s member donned beautiful creepy masks had some of the deepest lyrics you will ever hear broke up after the death of their band mate.

What happened to it being all about the music? And where does that leave all these adoring fans who have supported these bands when they were just passing around mixed tapes and trying to make it! No one has thought about us. All these break ups are for such superficial reasons! (except Slipknot). Can’t Ben Moody and Amy Lee just kiss and make up? Couldn’t the Farro brothers who left Paramore squelch their pride and hash it out with Hayley? Does no one care about the music? Now we are all left with this empty void and I don’t see any new bands good enough to fill these old bands’ shoes.

Download “Hello” and “Bring Me To Life” by Evanescence
“Pulse of The Maggots” and “Before I Forget” by Slipknot
“All We Know” and “Only Exception” by Paramore

Original members of Evanescence

Original members of Paramore

original members of Slipknot

I know I was supposed to end my Summer essentials blog series last week because it now is officially summer but I can’t end without adding the hottest Summer essential for footwear: Espadrilles! I adore espadrilles for their versatility and comfort and they go with anything you choose to wear this Summer. 2011 versions are patterned, flat, wedge and platform! So there is a style for anyone! I chose ones with flowers because that is also a hot trend this Summer and fall. So here are my picks:

I Love these Espadrilles from Old Navy because they come in a cute floral pattern and lace up the leg! They also have them in solid colors but they cost a bit more. These shoe normally retail at $29.90 but Old Navy’s online store has them for $14.99! Sold color will run you $20.99. Now that is a great deal!

Next up is Chadwick’s sweet bright-colored Espadrilles with a very intricate detailed flower. Normally they retail for $39.99 but they are on sale right now for $24.99!

These are my favorites from Gabriella Rocha and on my favorite site for discount shoes…6pm! These are faux patent leather and have a rosette detail at the toe. They are also in a hot color..Blush! All for only $23.99!

Wedge Espadrilles $14.99

Flower Espadrilles $24.99

Gabriella Rocha Espadrilles $23.99

Recently, with all these trends in vogue, designers have been adding smaller accents to stand out. Fashion has become so full of trends that how does one stay original?

Microtrends are the answer! Print trends is the form these small trends take on. In February, we say library books on dresses and last month we saw fruit. And it’s just not the US that feature this small ways to stand out in a trend saturated market.

Milan has several microtrends all around the trend of color which is not as typical in that region: orange, blue, and pinks.

Milan in  orange juice

In london, stripes became the micro-trend of the season paired with navy stockings. A sort of refined nautical.

London stripes microtrend

I haven’t seen anyone in a bookshelf or fruit covered dress but maybe I need to get out more.

There seems to be a microtrend in every form of accessory and clothing so stay tuned for microtrends in jewelry…stay tuned!