I was surprised to notice how much these two talented ladies looked alike. Both have had their hair go from blond to honey brown, both have greenish blue eyes, they share the same honey colored skin and they even love the same shade of pale pink lipstick! Leona Lewis is best known for winning Britain’s X Factor and releasing a string of chart topping hits like “Bleeding Love” and “Better In Time”. While Dominique is known for being a contestant on America’s Next Top Model and the face of Carol’s Daughter. You be the judge!

Catch Dominique on the current America’s Next top Model All Stars
Download Leona Lewis’ “Happy” and “Everybody Hurts”

Dominique Reighard

Leona Lewis

The Birthday massacre

The Birthday Massacre is a Canadian punk band that combine ethereal sounds with rhythmic beats. The band formed in 1999 under the name Imagica getting the title from Clive Barker’s popular novel of the same name. The band formed in London, Ontario when Rainbow met Chibi in college while studying Fine Arts and decided to start a band after dinner one night. i know its not the best story but it is the truth. The band collected members through unconventional ways including an ad (O.E. drums) and by attending the same university. The band members by name are Chibi, Rainbow, Falcore, Rhim, Owen, and Nate Manor.

The band has released eight albums including Pins and Needles which saw the launch of their website and an online comic book, disappearing monsters. The band has yet to go mainstream which makes their music honest, and extremely appealing with the commercial edge.

We love the bunny with the blood dripping from its mouth logo and we love the remixes of the Pin and needles album in their recent release Imaginary Monsters. The band is over ten years old and I look forward to their next full length album. The album can be heard in its entirety on their myspace page (yes its still big in Canada and Japan).

I know its very hard to find cute and chic costumes when you have more meat on your bones. Either costumes are too small and short or just unflattering and tacky. Luckily I’m here to tell you you have two options; you can either use my tips to make a costume out of what you already have in your closet or if you want something sexy you can go with www.torrid.com and I’ll also include pictures of my favorite costumes.


Take a long sleeve peasant top, long circle skirt and tie a bandanna around your head. Accessorize with large hoops, bangles and lots of necklaces.

gypsy costume idea

Diva:(Which is What I’m doing!)

Black sequined dress, feather boa, tiara, glittery heels. Accessorize with plenty of rhinestones.

Sequin Dress Forever 21 $24.80 www.forever21.com


I love this costume from torrid! Its sexy and fun without being cheap or tacky. It’s also on sale!!
But if you don’t want to pay for rush shiiping get the look by buying your own leopard kitty kit at Party city and pair it with a cute leopard flirty dress or solid black dress.

Kitty Costume $33.75 www.torrid.com

Isabel Toledo

Eva of fashion Goddess Blog and Isabel Toledo backstage at Funkshion

Funkshion is a fashion event that occurs three times a year in Miami showcasing fall, resort and spring fashions all with a rock edge. The idea of the event is to combine music with fashion and for spring, the Miami vibe of bright bold colors were present while only the patricians were dressed in form fitting attire. The fashion week started with a bang featuring the spring collection from Isabel Toledo. The event opened with a lifetime achievement award presented by Vanidides Magazine (a fashion magazine of South America).

Spring 2012 Collection

A sample of Toledo's Spring 2012 Collection

We hope to see more of Isabel Toledo who was made famous by the gorgeous brocade green coat and dress that Michelle Obama wore during the inauguration. Oddly, it took twenty years for Toledo to enter the public eye and after viewing this collection, I must say we definitely missed out. The spirit of Miami was present in bright colors, form hugging shapes and plunging necklines. Lace was printed in unusual patterns, bold colors and metallic.

The music was playful but not a fast beat allowing the models to flow across the runway and gave ample picture opportunities. The night was flaked with free drinks and hors d’ oeuvres as the event was sponsored by Cover girl and Pantene. Isabel Toledo had this to say about her collection on the next installment of Funkshion.

Ok so I know you’ve seen animal prints everywhere. They have been on every runway for the past 3 years. a lot of us chunky girls get scared of animals prints because we think it will make us look chunkier. Well i am here to tell you not to be afraid! When you wear an animal print (whether its zebra, leopard, cheetah or lizard) be sure to wear solids and make the animal print be a focal piece; for example a black pencil skirt with an animal print top or just the shoe or handbag. I have included some pics to show you animal print done right!

Leopard blazer $44.99 www.plussizefix.com

This blazer is fitted and not bulky so you will look tailored. Wear it with jeans and a fitted white tee!

tube top

strapless tiger and leopard top with bow $30.99 www.plussizefix.com

This top is super sexy yet chic! The bow around the waist gives this top the perfect accent. Pair it with a black pencil skirt and pumps or fitted jeans.

Hello everyone!

I have decided to add a new category to our blog! Yay us! We have decided that there is no love for the with um..more to love! I am one of them and should be ashamed (believe me I am) that I haven’t devoted blogging to how to be sexy when you are not a size 6. I used the word ‘curvy’ because I can’t stand the term “plus size”! voluptuous (though it describes me exactly) doesn’t describe every girl who isn’t a size 6. There are a lot of girls who have small busts but are still curvier. I chose the term curvy because a lot of us are shapely because of the extra fluff! So my Curvy Chic blog entries will be dedicated to sizes 12-20. I am a size 16 and I have a lot of curves so I want to show you how to use the trends that ‘skinny girls’ only get to wear.

Accessories take note and its top to find out what styles fit into your wardrobe. Like clothing styles, the styles for jewelry run a full gamine and of course it is difficult to decide which trends fit into your closet. So here is the breakdown:

Rockers and Punk


Big chunky cutouts are great for a subtle rocker feel but spike studs are also in and if you are wearing something causal then the studs are a great choice. For punk dressing, add a pop of neon chain and the woven knit styles that are seen everywhere. Chan Luu started the craze!

keep highly studded items including handbags and jewelry to causal dressing and use chunky cutouts for more special occasions. For Punker choose the neon chain for special occasions and use woven cord bracelets for casual wear.



Flowers and leaves jewelry can be incorporated into both fashions styles for Romance and vintage. Simple necklace charms on thin chain is great for causal looks and can be layered for evening wear.

To be continued next week with causal and glamor…

Album Cover

We waited years for this band to come out with a new album and everyone knows the story of founding member Ben Moody who left the group originally due to problems with drugs and alcohol but has gone on to write amazing songs for Pink, Kelly Clarkson and countless others as well as formed a new band, The Fallen which consists of all the other original members with him. Leaving the star of Evanescence, Amy Lee Hartzler to form a new band and reevaluate her sound. Amy Lee may have not written the songs that we loved off of the Fallen album but the ones she did write landed her on the American Top 40 such as “Call me when your sober”.

In this album, the beats are similar to Rev Theory, with long guitar rifts, drum solos and a strange absence of violins. The haunting voice and poetic verses still exist and these are the elements of Evanescence that we loved. The band is totally filled with new members but they are talented, among them Terry Balsamo who was the guitarist for the band Cold and Troy McLawhorn who was the guitarist for Seether and Dark New Day. The album comes in two formats, a hard cover featuring 12 songs and a paperback featuring a video (what you want) and 4 bonus tracks. One of the bonus tracks features a ballad which is not seen in the hard cover edition.

The cost is relatively low and this CD is worth the price. Evanescence returns to the open door album format but this is one door we should all walk through.

Album went on sale October 11, 2011.

We are all strapped for cash and these hard times call for strategy and psychic fashion powers. Lucky for you i am psychic enough for the both of us!! So you started shopping for fall accessories but you want to spend your money on an item you can use for at least two seasons. This week we feature a handbag that can accomplish this great feat: The bucket bag! This bag has earth tones for fall and bright colors for Spring! The bridge the gap between the two and allow for maxium use, try these styles!

Go for transition colors

lavender bucket

Instead of picking up a black or camel variety, go for a color that acts as a neutral in fall but can be bright enough for Spring. Pastels in purple, and pink can work well between seasons. White is also a great transition color since it is in for the fall and for the spring.

Go for texture


We all know that ethnic prints (animal anyone?) and textures are in for the fall so let’s use that to our advantage. Purchase woven looks now to embrace the ethnic trend that will run straight through to next fall.

Go for prints

printed bucket

Prints have seen a revival recently when it use to be rare. Printed bags can look ethic in the fall but have a new life in summer and spring months.

If all else fails, stick to your style. Classics stick to camel styles with minimal detail. Rockers and Punks try studded or edgy woven styles. Vintage and Romance go for ruffles and pastel features or leather cutout varieties. Sporty go for the prints. When its your own style, it never fails to be out of style.

As a short-haired goddess who refuses to wear fake hair, I am also secretly jealous of long locks since fashion always seems to pay tribute to it making it seem that long hair is trendy. Well, short hair can be trendy too! All you need is to embrace these simple tricks from the runway that can make even the cutest pixie cut in vogue.

Go Slick and Shiny

Allure picture for Slick and shine

The idea of this look is to give the appearance of polish and refinement. It is basically a classic blow out with the addition of finishing polish (lighter than oil and won’t weigh the hair down). The fact is a blow dryer will do for short locks but use a smaller brush since we are not going for body. For girls with medium length hair, use a flat iron on dry hair (don’t blow dry and flat iron since it will dry your locks and you will need to add more product). Brush your hair with a wide paddle brush and toss the comb! Add the slick and shine product (every brand makes one from Fruitis to John Frieda). Brush again to distribute.

Extreme Side Part


This one is simple. Part the hair 2 inches above the side part and you are done. Now only if fall hair trends were easy. Next week, fall hair trends for everyone.