Who doesn’t love shoes? And this fall we have so much styles to choose from but not all are as feet friendly as this shoes. Flat knee high boots are really versatile and comfortable. I bought my first pair early this year because I am what you call a fashion psychic. Yep, I can see into the fashion future. So here we go…

Rock style

it is very hard to find stud accents on these boots so trade studs for buckles. Buckles are considered a punk stable a guide of first cousin to the rocker style. I picked this version from sears from 35.99.

knee high flat boot

I also liked this version for 35.00 which features studs and buckles from Sears.

Studded Knee high boots

Romance and Vintage

Look for floral and lace details for these shoes to fit right into your style. I saw these boots at Sears for 39.99 and fell in love with the dusty gray and floral accents.

Brio floral knee high boots


The rider style of these boots are a great style for you to embrace since they have a classic feel. I prefer camel for a classic look but this black Gianni Bini give a wink to the style.

Parker flat knee high boots


Try the varieties that combine sweater with the knee high boot style. These lace up Big Buddha flat knee high boots have a sweater accent and lace up for a sneaker and socks look.

Big Buddha - 89 dollars!!


Fur accents are the best accessory for the fall and knee high boots that feature this detail are just right. These Aldo boots are on sale at 6pm.com and are a perfect fit.


This bag is roomy and great for work or play. The front pockets give it a great utilitarian look.

I chose this bag from Love Culture because the texture and hardware give it a rocker feel. It’s a nice satchel shape and very roomy. All for $38.90!

Love Culture satchel bag $38.90 www.loveculture.com

The cross-body bag is in until Spring next year! This bag from Charlotte Russe has it all! Neutral color and two pockets on a cross-body are great and gives you more room to carry your extra stuff. The bag only costs $19.99!

Charlotte Russe Cross-body Bag $19.99 www.charlotterusse.com

I love this bag by Nine West! It’s sleek and classic with a pop of color! It’s on sale at piperlime for $46.99! Original price is $79! Grab it quick it will be your “IT” bag all the way till next Summer!

Nine West Innovation bag $46.99 www.piperlime.com

Versatile, functional, and stylish, these bags can hold everything just in time for the holidays. So here are the best bags for your style (don’t know what it is then take our quiz).

Rocker style

If you want this bag type to fit into your style; try one that is basic black and features studs on the pocket or strap. A black and white version can be edgy as well like the Chanel bag below.

Chanel Front Pocket

To get a deal for less in this style, tune into our get it for less handbag edition.

Classic style

For a classic version of this style, go for the satchel shape in the ultra basic brown. Pronounced stitching, and simple locks make the below bag perfect for the classic chic.

classic style bag


For this style, my own, I would look for quilting and pastel colors. Quilting has a vintage feel while color’s like purple and pink add a touch of romance.

Quilted front pocket


Look for details like gold or silver colors or stitching to fit into your style. Also, try a paired down rocker style bag like the one below.

glam bag

This look is not for sporty types but a backpack with two pockets will do the trick!

These casual boots are perfect for all your leisure activities! They are comfy, cozy and super sexy! You can wear these skinny jeans or leggings, a slouchy loose tee or chunky sweater and a long necklace for a cute boho look.

I have chosen 2 boots from my favorite store, Charlotte Russe! I chose the black slouchy flat boots for their rocker edge and the brown suede heeled slouchy boot for its boho chic. Not only are these boots $40 but right now if you buy one at regular price you get any other pair of boots for $15.50!

Charolette Russe Slouch Flat Boots $40 www.charlotterusse.com

Charlotte Russe Suede Slouchy Boots $40 www.charlotterusse.com

These boots from Ami club wear are so unique and have the hottest print for fall, leopard! With all the detail they are a steal at $29.99

Leopard Knit Slouchy Boots $29.99 www.amiclubwear.com

Commonly, we all file into with seat numbers defining our status to watch a show becoming less about the art of redesigned cloth and more about celebrity and fanfare. The true nature of fashion is restored by Farah Angsana who redefines the fashion show with an installation similar to an art gallery. The clothing is the artwork and the models are reduced to mere frames. Each piece of artwork features bright and bold colors, hand beading, fringe and embroidery. The models sit in various stages around the room; standing as still as mannequin. Hundreds of people filled in and took picture and we were no exception.


The designer gave a stage bit about loving Florida style since we embrace bright colors and she also binked her Bel Harbor store.

The designer was interviewed by various TV and web media. And we could not help but take a video of the entire installation so stay tuned.

Everything seems to have a designer and hence a trend today. Makeup is no exception with designer choices running off the runway and into stores so what makeup trend is right for your style? My twin sister (rock/punk girl extreme) and I (incurable romantic) weigh in.

Hey rockers embrace those various colored smoky eyes and deep colored lip trends. The mystery and the seductress vibe is right up your alley but don’t mix the two trends. Use multicolored smoky eye hues with nude or light lips.

smoky eye

Get the look: http://www.smashbox.com/get-the-look/Multicolored-Smoky-Eye

For our casual and classic ladies, the nude makeup trend is great because it calls for neutral tones and the natural look you love. Neutral eyeshadow shade, mascara to make your eyes pop, a bit of blush applied to the apples of your cheekbones for more vivid look and nude lip-gloss or lipstick color to complete the look.

nude makeup

For glam goddess embrace the gold hues and orange eye makeup. It really jumps out makes you get noticed. It’s bright and bold and if you happen be a darker skin tone go with a bronze or gold version.

orange eye makeup

For the romantics, thick eyebrows and the double eyeliner are the best trends. The thick eyebrows are also great for vintage as well as the orange smoky eye. Vintage beauties can pair the two looks for a 70’s feel. For romantics, stick with the double eyeliner and thick brows.

winged eye liner

The rocker trend refuses to die and i can’t be happier. So it’s no surprise that the rocker girl’s shoe staple is once again in for fall, the flat ankle boot. This time around instead of just studded details the boots now have edgy details like straps, buckles and hardware. The finish of the boot is now more worn and the flat heel more chunky. I own a pair of ankle boots given to me by Steve Madden’s buyer and I love them so much a barely wear them, they are distressed with chains and crystals. I’m definitely taking them out this fall! So I will choose a pair that can fit with ever style and tell you what they go with in your closet!

The Rocker/Punk

Pair these boots with your fav skinny jeans and distressed leather jacket. Can also be done with mini skirt, leggings and fav vintage or current concert tee.

I chose these awesome boots from Joie because they have a dusty look as if you just came off the back of a Harley and the criss-cross strap details are edgy but not the typical studs that have been over done.

Joie “Rolling Stone” Boots $285 www.bloomingdales.com


Pair these boots with long flowy dresses and dark floral patterns and throw on your denim jacket. You can also pair these with a nice lace top and vintage jeans.

I chose these stunning boots from Cole Haan because they have that Victorian look but are made modern with the gunmetal buckles.

Air Alexis Short Flat Boot $278 www.colehaan.com


Even a laid back girl can appreciate a good boot. You can pair them with your fav tee and jeans or you can waer them with a maxie tshirt dress and fedora.

I chose these Aqua Boots because they have a nice distressed finish but are clean and simple with the perfect strap detail that can be worn with just about anything!

Aqua “Roper” Moto Boots $169 www.bloomingdales.com

When I first saw this gorgeous blue-eyed Adonis in the movie “Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants 2” I had to know more about him. Jessie Williams is bi- ethnic ( his mother is german and his father is african american) and started out as a n English high school teacher! He wasn’t quite happy with his profession and soon started modeling before landing the role as Leo in the above movie. He has co-starred in many movies including “Brooklyn’s Finest” but his most notable role to date is his permanent spot on the hit tv show “Grey’s Anatomy” in which he plays Dr. Jackson Avery. He also starred in Rhianna’s “Russian Roulette” music video.

I love the fact that Jessie is such a down to earth guy. You won’t see him making it rain at a strip club or cruising around town with a bunch of bimbos. He is still engaged to his childhood sweet heart, and she is plus size which means ladies he loves real women!!! What is there not to love about this actor!

See him in next year’s movie “The Cabin In The Woods” and of course “Grey’s Anatomy”

Jessie Willaims

Jessie Williams

Since we are covering fall trends in shoes i have decided with every new shoe trend post there will be a get-it-for-less
equivalent so you can be on trend and not break the bank in this recession. I have scoured the internet to bring you the most unique and expensive looking wedge boots i could find.

Ok So I chose two pairs from one of my favorite sites for amazingly affordable and comfy shoes, Ami Club Wear. Don’t let the name make you think of clear stripper heels! They have some really nice shoes from all brands.

the first one a chose is an ankle boot that has a peep toe cut out and laces up for a casual but edgy booties. And the price is a shocking $19.99! Check out the other shoes on this site because some start at just $7.99!

The next one I chose has multiple trends all on one bootie, nude color, feathers and suede! This shoe is so amazing plus it also comes in more fall trend shades (scarlet and dark brown). Once again I chose a peep toe bootie because its a lot less warm since this is fall but i promise my next pick will be closed toe for my northern fashionistas.

And the last one comes from Amazon where you can find just about anything! These booties are in the hottest print for the fall…leopard. These Bamboo brand boots from seller “make me chic” look luxe and the leopard pattern doesn’t look cheap or tawdry. so for those who don’t like leopard on their clothing will love these shoes as the perfect accent! These boots usually retail at $43 but right now they are only….$25!!

Lace up Peep Toe Booties $19.99 www.amiclubwear.com

Bamboo Ceasar01 Leopard Ankle Boots $25 www.amazon.com

This is your guide for all your shoes you will ever need this fall in every style. Today’s focus is the ankle wedge where comfort meets edgy. This trend may seem for rockers but I think all styles can empress this style. Most of the trend magazines are focusing on the shape in boring suede styles (lucky if we get a print). This post is to feature a suede shoe you would love in your own style so here we go..

Causal and Atheltic

So you think you would never find boots as great looking or comfortable has sneakers, think again. We love these sneaker boot ankle wedges from Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Marc by Marc Jacob wedge boots


The suede wedge boots that grace the pages of lucky are right for you. If you want something different then these Robert Clergerie at Saks Fifth Avenue are right for you.

Robert Clergerie

These boots have the lovely points and straps which adds an edge to a classical pointed boot in camel.

Rocker and punk

I think you would love these boots since they are classic gray with slight studs. They also lace up.

Gianni Binni

For those who love glam try studs and crystal –

studded boots

If find these boots for the romantic or vintage crowd, let me know so I can buy a pair!