This amazing African American and Korean model blew onto the scene a couple of years ago and is on her way to bringing the Supermodel back! Not only has she walked the runway for the world’s top designers such as Versace, Yves Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, John Galliano, Givenchy, etc… She also managed to become an Angel for Victoria’s Secrets without being busty or voluptuous! All that and she just turned 20! No wonder her name is Chanel! Her mom must have known she was destined fro the catwalk!

Since we pretty much covered trends for spring how about helping you put all those trends to good use with the style you already have! I’m going to list a couple of types of styles and then give them each their own blog entry and how you can mix in trends. These are the types: 1. Rocker, 2. Bohemian, 3.Romantic, 4. Sophisticated

We will start with ROCKER

The rocker has a collection of vintage band tees, wears a lot of faded and distressed jeans, owns a leather jacket or two, pairs everything with boots. Corsets and converse sneakers are also seen on rockers. And if your like me studs, studs and more studs! oh and bling it up!

So trends you can add to your wardrobe are: The neutral studded boot, updated motorcycle jacket, studded bag

Yep, in the fashion world, Spring as already arrived and it brought some unexpected trends with it! Contradicting trends like tough motorcycle co-exist with floral print. We loved that Laced stayed in and finally, after 10 years said so long to military. But best of all kittens heels have survived and are making a comeback for Spring! Here are some highlights for spring that we are sure to love!!

1. Biker Chic

We love the tough motorcycle jacket remodeled for high fashion. With embellishments like zippers and buckles on sleeves.  Balmain’s chain shoulder and buckled waist gives the motorcycle jacket an interesting vibe.

motorcycle jacket

The best part about this trend is that you can wear it two ways: Try it with skinny jeans or slim fitting pants for an edgy look or pair it with a flowy dress or skirt for an everyday look!

2. Metallics are back

Silver is the newest neutral to hit the fashion circuit! A high voltage gray, silver adds an unexpected glam to the tailors look of spring.  Even more surprising, silver is used in a paired down version with ruffles, pleats and trim showing up in this unexpected color!

motorcycle jacket

Stay tuned for more spring fashion has we run with open arms into 2011! Remember chic not cheap!

Some of us with a psychic fashion sense may have saw this coming and have a motorcycle experienced jacket stashed in the back of thier closets (;) like moi). For those deprived of a fashion sixth sense, here are some alternatives to the pricey models on the Market!

1. JCPenny’s and thier anti-trend vibe have already began to clearance off thier motorcycle jackets. A 72 to 105 dollar jacket is priced right now from 34.99!

motorcycle jacket

This worthington Jacket is on sale right now for 34.99

2.Macy’s is also onto sales mode with the motorcycle jacket with clearance starting at 26.99.

3. Forget Forever 21 and H&M for this trend. Forever 21 is still in cold weather mode and is offering wool versions of the motorcycle jacket. H&M’s motorcycle is priced at 84.00 and its lace counterpart is 59.00!

Here the department stores have won the day! So run out now and get those clearance jackets; you will need them this spring!

Georgia May Jagger has become an IT girl in her own right and now, with her gap tooth smile, has graced many a runway even Chanel. It was no surprise she recieved the award for model of the year at the British Fashion Awards!

motorcycle jacket

Of course, she has stirred up some contraversity with racy jean ads and a banded mascara ad which is probably why we love her so. A elegant punk with a rocker edge. Ok, the mascara contraversy was the fault of Rimmel but her model skills still make her a model of today and an accurate vision of young adults today. Even Karl lagerfield was qouted as saying exactly that! And who could blame him right?

Never before has animal skin been more trendy!! Its been seen in all levels of accessories this fall: handbags, shoes, belts, and even clothing!! No its no surprise that we are all searching stores for this slick print and it could get pricey!! No worries though because I have trended through the shops for you to bring the best priced leopard accessories from shoes, handbags and even scarfs.


With kitten heels in for the fall, we can look at a wide range of shoe types for the every look.

Giuseppe Zanotti Design shoes

We love these leather shoes but we are only looking for the print and not the fact it is leather. Instead of paying for materials like leather, opt for a cotton fabrics like this Target pair.


Target - Merona Leopard Maudie Flat - 24.99


If you want a little heel, go for Sam and Libby!! They have them at Sears which I know is not know for their shoes but recently they cleared out their shoe section for more trendy designs (although, i did snag a pair of shiny oxfords for 4.99).


Sam and Libby from Sears - 32.99 (on sale now)



Finally we get to the best or the radiest (is that a word) fashion trends just in time to end the year. So here there are and in no particular order:

1. The end to tight and short

Yes!  We say goodbye to short and tight. All of fashion seem to make a round-about turn towards flowing shirts (and long too), tailored suits, and delightfully fits the figure without constriction. With a thoughtful turn towards tailor looks and a more refined style we hope and pray that this trend stays with us next season.
Long Flowy skirt

2. The return of dramatic makeup

We loved the dramatic eye shadows, red lips, and thick eyebrows that graced the runways. The makeup was bold possibly to accent the paired down fashions that were the staples of fall. We saw an embrace of bright colors from deep purples and pinks to bright red lips.

dramatic eyes

3. The return to hair decor

The headband, hats and barrettes came back in a big way! With exotic twists on hats like turbans, it was a great break from just twisted contortions of hair and even flatted those of us who don’t have long tresses. Headbands were unusually thick, bolder and worn in so many ways. Feathers, flowers and buttons were some of the ornaments used and we are glad to say its coming back for Spring!

So that’s it. I can say I loved the concepts of Fall styles and trends. I loved the neutral colors paired with bright makeup and the simple tailoring with sweet designs.

The fur vest has graced every runway this fall and we loved the fact that it quickly trickled down to the lower end stores. It is amazing that I thought this trend had peaked at two years ago when I found a molted brown version at the lower end boutique at Sawgrass mall. Here it is back in full force in a range of prices.

1. The high end fur vest

fur vest

Alice + Olivia added metallic charm with fur and priced it at $396.00. Chanel, Prada and Nordstrom offered prices in this range and higher.

2. The mid-priced fur vest

fur vest

Steve Madden did it right and well with the use of luxe fur and bright bold colors. O-Fur Multi Vest, $78 (Steve Madden)

We find alot of fur vest in the 65 to 98 dollars. Stores like Macy’s, Dillard’s and even Sears offered a variety of styles and brands.

3. The low-end fur vest

fur vest

Charlotte Russe has this feathery vest for 39.50 (above). Kmart has a Jacquelyn Smith brand for 35. Forever 21 has fur vest starting at $22.50(below).

fur vest

The usual part of this list is that faux fur quality doesn’t shift much from the extremely expensive to the low end. In fact the main difference is just how much fur they use and the delightful play on texture and color seen in the higher end furs. Still, our lower end prices are a lot easier.

Here are some of the things that happened to FUSCHA this year:

1.Four press releases including Miami Sun-sentinel, New Times and an online magazine

Press shot

Press shot from Sun-sentinel – 7/14/2010


Mercedes-Benz Swim held a lot of surprises and our debut on the runway was one of them.

Quiss Quiss

3. A photo shoot with a magazine – Cigar Style

4. A video with T-pain

Who knows what 2011 will bring but we are ready!

Okay so the holidays put me a little behind on my post. It been a long time since I looked at fall trends. Everyone seems to be looking ahead to Spring trends which I will highlight in the coming weeks. For now here are the trends that made the radar but were the not the best in trends! So they made our good list!

The good part of hair trends:

The good part of hair trends is that included styles for short hair types. Some of the styles were not so original like the bob (in style since 1994) and the sleek back that probably debuted in the 80’s. Okay, this is supposed to be the good part:

1. The return of hair accessories

A little more pricey but well adorned makes the return of headbands, clips and pins worth trying out. Of course the down side is that now that hair accessories have gone designer you can expect to pay more. Stay away from department stores and low end stores like Aldo and bebe if you don’t want the trend to effect your wallet. Keep it simple for everyday use! Studded, sequins and crystals are for party wear.

2. the shag gets an asymmetrical look

A nice change from the salad bowl, this cut gives body to short hair and still makes a statement! Still, keep in mind that this style needs to kept up with trimming since it can easily become narly and unkept.



The good part Fall Clothing Trends

We loved the return of animal print, and faux fur. The prices were kinda over priced for faux fur since designers seem to be using cheaper products and charging the same amount of money. The good part is that department stores and low-end supergiant like H&M, forever 21 and Dots all gave affordable alternatives sometimes using the same basic fur colors: Black, brown and molted.

The good part Fall accessories

We love that accessories had a lot of sparkle added to it this fall. An explosion of sequins on everything from handbags to shoes adorned everything! We love sequins but be careful since this material is high maintenance! It is prone to fading, scratches and a loss shine over time. Get one and do not wear it often!

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