This fall is all about the dark romance and we are going to see a lot of black lace going down the runways! So I thought i save you the trouble of fighting every girl when September comes for the perfect black lace dress. I have included an expensive version so you can see where I’m going. I chose Marc Jacob’s sexy Rose Vine lace Dress. It is amazing but retails at a whopping $4,300! Ahh a girl can dream! So since we are not Victoria Beckham I’ve included some inexpensive versions we can all afford and love.

This cute dress from Forever 21 is young and cute and only $22! So you can try a new trend without buyers remorse.

And this sexy lace dress from online store Venus has it all! It’s chic and sexy and will look good on all ages! At $49 its a steal!

Marc Jacobs Rose Vine dress $4300

Fitted lace Dress Forever21 $22.80

Black and Nude Lace dress $49

This Fall 2011 is getting very dark and i couldn’t be happier! The same patterns that were bright and bubbly for Summer and Spring have now taken on a darker shade and deeper patterns. Lace which was creamy and light for Spring and Summer is now deep and rich. Black is the color to wear in lace now. Same with floral patterns. Spring and Summer saw it bright and small have given way to bolder florals in darker inkier colors. You’ll feel like you just stepped out of an old gothic painting! I look forward to seeing what designers have to show us this fall so sadly I have no new pictures as the collections for Fall 2011-2012 won’t debut until after NY fashion week which falls September 8-16. I will include a picture from Marc Jacobs Spring Collection which shows a sneak peek of whats to come.

Marc Jacobs Spring 2011/12 Collection

As a Vogue influencers’ Network member I received the Clarisonic Cleansing system plus for face and body to try out and make a product review! I was super excited to tell you about it!

About Clarisonic:
Used and recommended by spas and dermatologists, Clarisonic Sonic Skin Cleansing Systems use a patented sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per second to gently, yet thoroughly remove 6X more makeup and 2X more dirt and oil than cleansing with your hands alone.

Their systems come with a hand-held device, brush and skin care samples. They retail at $149-$225.

My system was the Clarisonic Plus and it retails at $225. It came with 4 cleansers, including one for the body, and 2 brush heads (one for face and one for body). I have been using it for a week and already notice a difference My face is cleaner, smoother and brighter! It only needs to be charged about every 90 days! So great for the environment! It also beeps to let you know when you should switch to another part of your face then it turns itself off! It has three speeds as well! all you need to use it for is 1 minute a day and your skin will thank you for it.

I am truly amazed at this product! I think it’s a great investment as the extra heads and facial cleansers run about $25 a piece!

Clarisonic Plus Sonic Cleansing System $225

Mercedes Benz Swim

Fashion week comes once a year in the hot and overbearing Miami heat. It usually runs into town on the heels of hurricane season; we all have little time to prepare and its always a surprise to see the aftermath. This year was different. Most mainstream shows were held by boutiques, more exclusive shows were held in private and it was extremely hard to get that coveted seat at Mercedes Benz Swim. The fact that it was so exclusive is leading to its failure. The fact that the Hispanic charged February fashion event ran by Beth Sobol may be the only fashion scene soon in Miami is quite disappointing. Enough with the disappointment; here is the lowdown.

Several events were held at the same time; making it hard not to devote yourself to one production: Mod Media, Funkshion and Mercedes Benz Swim held shows at the same time but not on time so you couldn’t catch another show if you wanted to. The Mod Media shows were quick; however featured some interesting designs from local boutiques in the area. For recent fashion, we headed over to Funkshion for a lingerie fashion show that was held up for over an hour. The same event had another event at the same time. That’s right, Funkshion had two shows run into each other. When we decided to head back to the other show, it was already over and the lingerie show was scheduled to start at 11:00pm!

The highlights were diesel and Beach bunny at Mercedes Benz which required a press pass to get in and was so exclusive only a small amount of seats were filled for the less known swimsuit designers. We hated the fact that some manufacturers also showed up on the runway but I am guessing it was hard to get designers back again after pouring rain ruined a lot of shows.

The locals came back at the last minute with Red Carter and Luli Fama joining on a week before the show. There show was packed and as usually worth seeing. The stunners went to the newbies and lesser knowns like Lisa Blue that pulled out all the stops with her apocalyptic designs.

Next year, I am still braving fashion week even those this year it was full of disappointment but trust me, there is always next year.

Lisa Blue

FUSCHA has really on fire! Not only did we have a necklace featured in “Hustle Hard” with ACE Hood and Lil Wayne but Grammy award winner Mya has put us rotation has one of her favorite jewelry designers! We also picked up 2 new stores. The cool California online store Erynz ( and the high end online retail store Global Fashion Brands ( Right our designs are being sold at Nolcha’s pop up boutique located at 218 and Clematis Street in West Palm Beach until July 31, 2011!

We have also expanded our collection to included mini fascinators, hats, crochet bags and women’s tshirts!
Look forward to our Fall 2011/2012 collection that will feature warrior metal statement pieces and dark gothic victorian designs! We are pulling out all the stops for this collection!

So keep an eye out for amazing things coming from FUSCHA!

Grammy Winner Mya wearing earrings and ring by FUSCHA

We love discovering new music and new people but we also love rediscovering new bands. Porcelain Black started in 2006 at 20 with the tag line porcelain but did not debut any albums until this year when she paired with Lil Wayne in her breakout song, “This is what rock and roll feels like”. The song features beats part Lady GaGa and part Ke$ha as well as rocking guitars and punk lyrics!

Lil Wayne’s brief cameo adds grit and sex appeal to an already fun song that sounds like a punk rebel anthem! It’s sad that it took this future punk princess so long to break out but it was worth the wait!

Porcelain black

Go the official site to view the video here

H&M and Versace

Listen up glamorous divas, this is a deal of the lifetime. Versace is creating a line for H & M scheduled to launch on November 17, 2011! The price range will be exceptionally low starting at just 20 dollars!! Plus the collection will also feature jewelry and handbags!

H&M and Versace jewelry

Jewelry will feature rhinestone cuffs, chunky chain and cocktail rings. Handbags will feature the single handle feature we all love. I may not be a glamor girl but the vintage romance in me loves the look of rhinestone jewelry. So Glam/Diva girls mark your calendars!!

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This collaboration is a punk chicks dream!! The queen of punk clothing, designer Vivienne Westwood has paired with jelly plastic shoe company Melissa to make the most amazing shoe collection that I have ever seen! I am in awe!! Not only are these shoes whimsical and pretty but a lot of detail and love were put into these shoes. The collection features, pumps, ballet flats, boots, platform wedges and sandals. They come in bright funky patterns and colors as well as feature details such as bows, wings, hearts, pom poms, and wax look a like seals. The collection starts at about $75 and goes to $200. I own several pairs of Melissa jelly shoes and they are super comfortable so i can imagine the Vivienne Westwood collection is going to be just as comfortable! Get them now while you can! They are selling out left and right!

I found out that one site has them for 50-60% off! sells the shoes for…under $80!

Vivienne Westwood For Melissa shoes $74.50

These are my fav!! Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Shoes $195

Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Shoes

Designer Vivienne Westwood

We finally did it! We created a quiz for our subscribers to help them develop their style. The quiz will determine if you fit into one of these categories:

Shades of Scarlett O’Hara: women who have a romantic fashion personality type can imagine themselves in a Victorian setting wearing long, ground-sweeping hoop skirts. Ruffles, frills, lace, and other feminine details are all on their radar screens. Because the romantic fashion personality takes her style influence from the past, she sometimes looks a bit out of place in the modern world, but on the plus side, hers is the most feminine way of dressing.

Comfy is the mantra of the woman with a casual fashion personality. She wants to live her life free of the restrictions of fashion, so she avoids high heels and shapewear like the plague and may not even own a dress. She may be a bit confused by style, but, on the other hand, she’ll never be at the mercy of fashion. Tottering around on six-inch stilettos is definitely not her idea of fun; flip-flops and sneakers are much more to her liking.

Think Audrey Hepburn wearing her little black dress in Breakfast at Tiffany’s–now that’s classic fashion. Women who have a classic fashion personality love timeless fashion designs–tailored trousers; single-breasted, semi-fitted jackets; sleek pumps. Because classic style stands the test of time well, the classic fashion personality type is often able to wear her clothing and fashion accessories for years.

If you like studs and spikes, have a collection of mary janes, and don’t think the rock trend should ever go out of style; then you’re a steadfast rock chick. Wear the pink Mohawk (or faux hawk) in bright colors or go subtle Lolita because this style has so many outlets: Gothic, harajuku, Lolita, steampunk, and so much more. Women of this style love diversity, and want to stand out in a crowd.

Sparkle, sparkle and more sparkle! If rhinestones are your best friend and every move you make must be accompanied by a glimmer – you are diva! You never dress down and you always have a something new in your closet. Your clothes are always embellished with sequin, rhinestones or metallic threading! You love heels and flats have to be heavy decorated before they adorn your feet! Every accessory is unusual, a work of art and usually rare since you want items no one else owns. You love attention but not for shock value but subtle admiring and gently placed complements.

The blog will hold giveaways based on each style (one for each style for every week) and post new fall fashion trends for you to update your closet.

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