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In honor of the day meant for lovers and loved ones as well we decided to have some fun and find lovely heart themed pieces you can wear all year around; because who wants to wear hearts just one day and then throw it in the back of your closet? Hearts are a nice playful shape and done in the right pattern they can add a little whimsy and fun to any look! So we have scoured the internet to bring you our faves..please donโ€™t hesitate to comment your thoughts!


Eva (your fashion goddess)

The suit gets a do over for both sexes this summer and we are loving it.

By Yvette E

Shorts with blazers are the newest trend to hit both sexes at the time with minimal differences. While women are wearing bike shorts, men have decided on burmudas (on sale now at Zara).

In any case, the length is key to the look where shorts have to be just above the knee with longer blazers and mid thigh with shorter ones. So keep in mind the ratio.

Keep the shorts patternless and play with bold colors. The look is suppose to be grownup but fun at the same time.

Also, this is streetwear, you cannot wear shorts to work. Although, with the summer heat to come, we all wish we could.

Have fun and happy friyay!๐Ÿ’‹

No longer are just backpacks and messenger bags allowed. Today we explore some new murse choices popping up this summer!

By Yvette E

Above, Louis Vuitton debuts what could be the most unisex bags this summer. The satchel, once a working women stable, has gone butch.

The satchel is just on shape men will be rocking this summer. Here are a few more:


Hermes showcased these knit tote bags that we loved but other materials like straw…not so much.


These gym staples got a remake at Dior and we love the printed canvas that makes it more versatile somehow.

The fanny pack and backpack still make the list with Fendi and other brands adding cool logos.

Would you wear any of these murses?

If you do, #tfgmurse and you could be featured on our blog.

Happy ๐Ÿช day..๐Ÿ’‹

Straw bags get a rockstar makeover in 2019! Here are 3 ways to wear them!

By Yvette E

Fringe for days

We love the wildness of these bags with the raffia playfully attached to the sides! Interestingly, the base of the bag isn’t always raffia so make sure your not spending money on burlap which is lose weaved and can fall apart easily.


The new scarf print trend is the best way to dress up the bag and pairing simple sandals. The bag becomes the statement.

This look is best for classic dressing.


Drawstring tapered pants are so right now and they can easily be paired with a bralette or tank for an easily look.

This look can be alternative or casual based on the top chosen.


Lace in all colors are in style this spring and they will look lovely with these bags. To make it more beach, add a bright bikini under a lace mini dress.

Happy second sunday! ๐Ÿ’‹

What really closed Henri Bendel, the once iconic brand?

by Yvette E

The rise of the internet, poor sales and a withering hashtag (#bendelgirl) are all the reasons some given for the demise of the brand but after shopping the brand in the last few weeks, we saw all the signs of a dead brand. So here were the signs…

Overpriced & Manufactured

Over the years, Henri Bendel went from curating brands to carry in store to a manufactured brand but retained the price points. In today’s market like Wish, Alibaba and other companies, consumers now have a direct line to manufacturers. Also, who is buying $200 charm bracelets that are not gold plated?

Even at 60% off, the products were still too expensive to purchase.

No Social Media Presence

#Bendelgirl sported 8,900 shares which has just reached 28.5K shares today after it closed yesterday. Of course, we will hear how everyone all of a sudden is or was #bendelgirl today.

Too Busy

The LF brand that owned at one time The Limited (closed); Amcrombie & Fitch (bought itself out in 2011) and Lane & Bryant (was sold) is also the owner of Victoria Secret which probably takes up the company’s time as it makes it the most money.

As a sidenote, no fixtures were sold on closing day and the “see ya soon” message smells of rebranding.

Lets cross our fingers!

Happy Friyay!!๐Ÿ’‹

Zara, H&M, and other clothing sales are winding down their end of season sale! This week snap up Spring trends right now and get a 2 month head start.

By Yvette E

For the first time, stores are not just offering sweatshirts and sweaters at their semi annual sale.


I found a collection of graphic tees at Zara at just $5.99 and the scarf trend that is so hot for spring was on sale as well in skirts and pants.

2019 Trends to snag now: Scarf print trend, sayings on tees


At H&M, 730 items are to available in tops alone online. Skip all the long sleeve tees and look for lace accents and off the shoulder tops that will surely look great in warmer weather.

2019 trends to buy now: Lace, Off the shoulder tops


Okay, not really known for clothes but thier shoes are always on trend and right now it’s up to 60% off.

Last year hiking boot trend is now on sale if you are an alternative dresser.

For spring, snatch up laced up heels. It’s better to go into stores because what is sold out online will likely be in stock.

Shop laced up heels for Spring 2019.

Happy Hump Day!! ๐Ÿ’‹

Suit weather usually is that time in fall when the weather dips into the 60s but brands like Dior and John Lawerence Sullivan is reimagining for the summer. Here are 3 tips to wear this trend.

By Yvette E

Shirtless men in blazers? Well, we can’t say we don’t like the idea but if you don’t feel comfortable shirtless then you have come to the right blog.

So we are going to go with low, mid and high comfort outfits for this challenge of taking a runway trend and using it in real life.


Sheer tops for men are all over the runway for Spring and is great way to give an illusion of nudity without being naked. If a sheer button down is out of your budget, then try a sheer sports tank instead. Loose fitting pants can complete the look but if you do want to show some legs opt for burmuda shorts instead.


Okay, so your a little comfortable with your shirtless body but have a tummy? Go shirtless and use those two buttons on a long blazer to hid the tummy and add a necklace to draw attention to your neckline. Add a belt on a pair of pants for added style.


Copy the runway but remember to focus on your style. If you like casual then pair with denim shorts and if you like to be more formal add burmuda shorts or a sporty person can add biking shorts.

Happy Monday! ๐Ÿ’‹

Is America ready for the first unisex collection collaboration available in a mainstream store?

By Yvette E
The Eytys x H&M line will feature genderless shoes, clothing and accessories for adults and a selection for kids, designed in collaboration with the H&M in-house team.

The Swedish unisex clothing line is known for its footwear (starting at 180) more than its clothes that feature t-shirt and jean ethos. The brand’s website seems void of human images as well.

Ad campaigns seem to focus on the brands baggy roomy jeans and we are sure that will be part of the H&M collaboration that hits stores January 24.


In 2014, Jonathan Hirschfeld and Max Schiller managed to turn their fledgling Swedish sneaker brand, Eytys (pronounced ’80s’ and spelled with Ys in reference to Generation Y) to a cult following revenue of $2 million in just one year. A big surprise since they only produced 1 product, chunky soled sneakers called “mother”.

There is no story on when the brand began making clothes but at just 6 years old, it could not been very long.

If you do buy anything from this collection, run to the sneakers which start at $380 normally.

There is no information on the price points but here is the only image we have of possible looks

Happy Friyay!!


The runway isn’t just about the clothes anymore. We picked 3 runway makeup looks you can wear IRL.

by Yvette E

Next season’s makeup range from accenting a single feature to just plain minimalist that Meghan Markle made so famous.

The focus on past shows has been the lips but this season we are dressing our eyes. Here are the three runway makeup looks you should be trying right now!!

Line Minimal: Casual/classic

A soft eyeshadow with a black liner really defines the eyes and a naked lip makes it seem fresh and bold at the same time.

It is also great for classic and casual attire.

Pop of color: Romance/Vintage

At Siriano, we loved the subtle swipe of color eyeliner around the lid area only allowing the eyebrows a seat at the table. Mascara is also applied liberally.

I can image lighter tones for days and more sparkle at night. Use deep pinks and bright greens if you have darker skin and remember this is eyeliner so it will not be chalky.

Gray Smoky Eye: Alternative

My fellow blogger has just started rimming the bottom of her eyes and in Japan color on those eye bags is a now trending.

The key to notice is the color fades towards the brows.

Happy Friyay!!๐Ÿ’‹

We are obsessed with the first drug store makeup brand to curve out a spot in the most iconic place in the world but was the risk worth it?By Yvette E(all images courtesy of Google Maps)Covergirl has made a name for itself with celebrity embassadors like Zendaya and ground breaking decisions like naming the first male ambassador, James Charles in 2016. Since then, Covergirl has been on the radar as the go to drugstore makeup brand for last minute needs.The brand obviously wanted more. The flagship store is the first step into the mainstream makeup market dominated by European brands and Sephora. The risk is large but here are some thing that brand is doing right at its flagship store on the corner of 48th street on 7th ave.


Me at the selfie station

A rotating experience on the second floor allows for a selfie station and a video booth. Yeah, its me having someone else take a pic.The video station takes 3 short videos and combines them into a .gif sharable image.Finally you can try on shades digitally with a try on station that askes you to choose from a list of product and the takes a selfie of you. The makeup appears as a light wash over the image.


Finally, you can design either a makeup case or a lipstick at a station on the second floor. The design is sent to the register where you can edit the color (or at least we did) and purchase the lipstick or case. The item is printed downstairs.So with all the interactive sets and the fact its open to 11pm, the store may just make it and you know what they say..If you can make it here..Happy Hump day & 2019!Yvette E