It’s not about skinny jeans anymore but it may be hard to style the looks. We break it down for you.

By Yvette E

The skinny jean has ruled our closets for seasons but this season opens up with so much more options and subsequently more body types.


These jeans are not butt friendly or stomach for that matter but if you do spend all that time in the gym then why not?

Pair with crop tops and cool sandals.


These at waist jeans are not for those with short legs but great for those with robust thighs.

Pair with a tee or blouse and ankle boots for a cool girl vibe.


These wide leg ankle length jeans land at the waist and show off the ankle.

The silhouette makes it easy to pair with long sleeve looks and ballet flats.


Finally mom jeans have been de-throned with this versatile body fitting look.

Best paired with flats and crop tops but still hides the tummy and accents the butt.


Embroidery, stripes and hem designs are making jeans more dressy and more acceptable to wear at work and nights out.

Tell us how you rock your jeans with #tfgjeans and you could be featured on our page.

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Wearing cycling shorts causally is the latest trend but creating outfits can be tricky. We styled 3 outfits to pull off the trend without having to buy a bike.

By Yvette E

The cycling short has gone the way of causal sportswear and was seen all over the runway last year. We finally have a chance to rock the look IRL. We picked these 3 looks for guys to try that seemed street friendly right off the runway.

This look makes the shorts the vocal point of the outfit so pick a color that you are comfortable with wearing like red. Then match everything to it.

This was a fall look so remove the heavy jacket for something lighter but still hits at the waist.

We already coveted this blazer and cycle shorts look but we updated it with a logo, graphic or brightly colored tee to break up all the neutrals.

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Just a couple of blocks from their SoHo location, Dermalogica open an instagram mecca to appeal to Millennials.

By Yvette E

Dermalogica was always to me a GenX brand that was on top of the beauty industry in paraben free and using science in skincare before any one else. Their lack of advertising though and little social media have them behind in the game.

Flash forward to their 2 day pop up which offers their new sunblock, free facials and a two Instagram booths, the brand may finally be reaching the next generation.

The product of the moment was the new Prism Spf30, a light-activated multitasking moisturizer provides broad spectrum defense while preventing future signs of skin damage.

We were unable to get down the stairs to fully appreciate the instagram pods but they were apologetic about it.

The price of the prism is $19 for the .4 oz and $65 for the 1.4 oz. A little goes along way.

Stop by the actual store to see more products in different sizes making the budget friendly.

Store: 110 Grand St #B, NY, NY 10013

They also offer facials with their products.

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Companies trust their CEOs too much, having access to every point of the business but when is it too much?

The retail and fashion industry have been in shambles since 2000 reared its head and millenials became the most dominant shoppers.

To be fair, the problems are not with the changing consumer, its with the companies themselves.

Roberto Cavalli and Charolette Russe both closed this weekend but Roberto Cavalli was the biggest surprise because it was unexpected.

Roberto Cavalli’s rash decision to close all US stores and give only a week’s paycheck to his 93 employees says he knew little about what was happening in his own company and in fact relied on another to pull profit where he was just the face and designer (did he or was the clothes manufactured?).

And the corporate branch knew March 22 while employees were taken by surprise and escorted out by security!!

This is problem facing the fashion industry, too many collections based on too many trends…Do you need those 7 collections a year..or just 1 collection that spands all 2 seasons (basically cold and hot).

So why did he fail? Why is Gucci and Fendi the only Italian brands not fazed?

Cavalli only owns 10% of his namesake brand meaning he had little say in its direction. In 2015, he sold 90% to a private equity firm a mistake we see often…Toys R Us, Radio Shack and so many companies are using them as investors but as soon as the profit sinks, they are quick to file for bankruptcy.

Secondly, Cavalli was no longer designing…he resigned 4 years ago…and Peter Dunas took over for 19 months and then Paul Surridge…who resigned a week before the brand collapsed.

How could you sell your namesake brand and then someone else design for it? No wonder the pieces became so gaudy and unoriginal.

If you have any more info on this saga, comment below…

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Hello my lovely curvy readers,

Spring is finally around us and I feel head over heels in love with the new trend of combining neon yellow and green! Itโ€™s such a juicy fresh take and absolutely perfect on curvier bodies as a nice way to stand out! I have included dresses and shoe combos and all are under $60!

1.Belair Babes Dress $24.98 fashion
2.Cape Robbin Birthday Suit Ankle Booties $44.97
3. Plus size One Shoulder Mini Dress $38
4.Plus Size Crossback Cami Dress $8.99
5.Asos design Ankle Strap Pebble Heels $48
6.Flourescent Pumps $59.90

Hello again readers,

We end this style look book with the final style and that is sporty or street wear as I like to call it. I love how you can play more with this style as well as pick comfy but cool pieces..Iโ€™m going to pair the pieces we covered with Spring trends Americana and the cargo pant…enjoy and hopefully you will get some styling inspirations from all these looks..

Your fashion goddess Eva

Hello readers,

Last post we covered how to wear the new Spring 2019 Trends with a classic style. This post I will Style punk. These trends were made for punk style as I can go bolder as well as use heavier studded pieces..I will pair the denim vest and other trends we covered with Spring trend animal print, neon yellow and biker shorts as well..

Your fashion goddess Eva

Hello readers,

Last week we covered Spring trends; studded shoes, denim vest and bags with grommets. This week I will put together some looks with the pieces to show you how you can make it work for you..I will put together a look for Classic, punk and street wear styles along with other Spring trends like yellow, animal print and Americana. Classic style is known to be much more paired down and chic so I chose a bold color, less studs and a plain vest so you can still try out trends but not have to feel like your going too over the top and out if your comfort zone..

Your fashion goddess, Eva

579, Wet Seal, The Limited and now Charlotte Russe…in the age of fast fashion, why are the orginators failing..TFG investigations.

By Yvette Estime

The closure of NY Charlotte Russe that just opened last year was the nail in the mall fast fashion so why in the era of fast fashion are the originators failing? Here is our opinion.

Never left the Mall

Mall visitors have steadily declined since the rise of the internet and gaming. People went to mall as something to do in the 80’s and 90’s but with the rise of other forms of entertainment, people just don’t need the mall anymore.

With fewer traffic, there isn’t enough people to sustain the cost of a mall mortgage.

Solution: Rainbow was never a mall brand and now is the biggest fast fashion provider in the US. Charolette Russe left the mall too late.

Customer needs changed but they never changed thier marketing strategy

The mall customer included moms who went shopping for their kids and wanted to pick out something for themselves. Not only are 60% of people now single but most stores have a kid section built right in. So, these customers no longer exist which also effected Gymboree which closed all their stores and now will be selling clothes at retailers instead.

I can now go to Zara and pick up clothes for me, my significant other and any kids in one spot.

Solution: In next 10 years, brands have to push kids clothes or make kids clothes while changing the look and feel of products that seem to cater to youth and not to working set. More women are entering the workforce with 53% of women working today but clothes are still focusing on teens and college students.

Products remained the same

The products of mall clothes remained the same and looking at the fact that Charolette Russe can’t offload their shoes is an example of product development failures. Who is wearing stilettos anymore in 6+inches?

If you sell boots regularly…then why aren’t you making more of them?

Resistance to change is the biggest issue facing American companies and they rather merge than look for new ways to attract customers or push the same tired products.

So if you want sell to gen X and millenials, vary your products, make leisure friendly items and adopt a principle.

Happy Wednesday, ๐Ÿ’‹


Hello again readers,

We end our Spring trend with one of my fave grunge staples; the denim vest. This piece is surprisingly more versatile then you think as it can be paired with skirts, dresses and joggers as well as can be distressed, studded or worn plain. It can be worn with any type of footwear! Next week we will explore how to dress these trends in your personal style but hereโ€™s our picks this week all under $50!

Your fashion goddess, Eva