We are approaching August and so time to thing about how to spruce up fall neutral outfits. We choose 3 makeup trends for the daring and as always, tag us in your instagram #tfgmkup if you try these looks and get featured on our page.


Okay, this look goes beyond just adding shimmering eyeshadow to lids. Invest in fine glitter if you are of darker skin tone and more thicker if you are lighter. Crystals also count!

via WWD


This look was so drastic we had to include it. Pat McGrath did this look for Yohji Yamamoto. To do this at home, think different eyeshadows, colored mascara on 1 eye or 1 colored eyebrow. The sky is the limit but it is sure to be a icebreaker.

via Harper Bazaar (pinterest)


We love this look because the color choices are are sent by you. The point is to choose a lighter or contrasting color in the middle and a darker hue on the outer edges.

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Wearing white after Labor Day is no longer a fashion no no but wearing the color past fall into winter is like wearing camouflage in the snow. So here are some tips to rock a trend that may be on its was to becoming a wardrobe staple.

Tip # 1

Never wear All White

As we said, snow camouflage is not a thing. Break up that white outfit with cream hues and add some texture with a sweater.

Tip #2

Add a pop of color

Your bag and other accessory should pop. The statement of a bright bag during the darker hues of fall stand out while a white bag gets lost.

Tip #3

Play with Silhouettes

Pairing billowing styles with clean lines, adds dimension to your outfit. Stick to a neutral palette so the white is still the focus of the outfit. Introduce outerwear like caplets to your closet for extra glam appeal.

Tip #4

Pastels are neutral when wearing white

If color is not your thing (you live in black), try light pastel hues of darker colors like lavender or pink. Yes, get out of your comfort zone but not a shocking as a red bag.

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Yvette 💋

By now, we all aware of the various instagram driven photo fun houses popping up nationwide. Some have mostly been a disappointment but we have gotten a sneak peak of this one and it could be the best one to hit the east coast.

Candytopia is an outrageously interactive candy wonderland

It first debuted in May in Santa Monica, CA and bills itself has a dream world of sweets. Think Willy Wonka themed fun. Candytopia features more than one dozen unique rooms and larger-than-life interactive art installations inspired by pure, sugary bliss.

Guests are treated to candy samples throughout the entire experience including sours and gummies, chocolate treats, nostalgic favorites, and many sweet surprises.
Candytopia’s first location in Santa Monica drew sold-out crowds during its limited run and amassed a huge following among locals of all ages and A-list celebrities alike including Drew Barrymore, Gwyneth Paltrow, Josh Duhamel, Christina Aguilera, James Corden, Wiz Khalifa, Hilary Duff, Alessandra Ambrosio, and more.

The fun launches here on August 15 at Penn Plaza (145 W 32nd St.) and tickets are on sale tomorrow and are $34 for adults.

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I know it is summer but also it is time for the end of season sale at most retailers. We like to think this is the best time to update our fall wardrobes. So here are few trends from fall you can get on the sales racks now…


Kmart, the patriot of plaid, is also closing some stores so guys and girls stock up on plaid for 60% off! Check online for stores closing in your area.

If not, check Hot Topic for their sale in store and online.


Flowers have staying power all the way to fall this year so hit up Zara’s end of season sale for the best floral tops in town.


Take a trip to Aldo’s end of season sale where you can find a collection of mules 50% off!!

Check DSW next month for the dot rotation where seasonal shoes go up to 60% off. Do not hesitate to buy the summer boot trend.

Happy shopping ( monday)

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We love runway shows but this presentation was amazing. It wasn’t just the mulitude of sponsors but also the graphics provided by the artists, Sharon Lee and designers Kirk Nelson & Jeffrey Sebelia.

About A.I.R.

The brand collaborates with various artists to fuse fashion and art. This season the prints are created by Sharon Lee who is mostly known for home decor. Her lovely floral prints and animal designs are seen throughout the collection.

The brainchildren behind A.I.R. is filmaker turned designer Kirk Woodward Nelson and Season 3 project runway alum, Jeffery Sebelia.

The show opens like a standard presentation on the rooftop of 7th house. The city provided a lovely backdrop to the collection that focused on street wear styles.

The wild prints were the hallmark of this filmmaker and artist turned fashion designer with flowers and comic strip notations creating a whimsy feeling.

Sharon Lee

The artist mostly known for wallpaper and other home goods lends her brush strokes to this white dress and various t-shirts.

Watches were provided by Klasse14 provided unique watches that looked like a sundial with beautiful finishes.

The verdict…great concept to pair with artists every season but ditch the t shirts and stick to the button downs and cargo pants. The women clothes were not memorable besides the dress with the classic Sharon Lee print. Check out our Instagram channel tfgnyc for the video of the event and more images.

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We love that the somewhat flashy colors of gold, copper and silver have raided spring and summer trends in the UK but how to incorporate the style in America without looking…well…festive is another story. Here are three tips on rocking the trend without looking holiday.

1. Pair with Neutral colors

In all cases, metallics have a cousin neutral, silver and gray, gold and tan, and even bronze with brown. The metallic part of your outfit is slightly muted but still the focal point.

2. Jackets are great

For the guy a little less adventurous, a full metallic jacket or a jacket with metallic features are an easy way to incorporated the trend while having the option to remove it later on.

3. No hot pants

Metallic hotpants may fly in London but not here. Stick to wide leg styles and even shorts if you can find them. You can then leave your shirt untucked.

Men’s fashion week in NY starts tomorrow so check out our first instagram video @ TFGnyc

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Hello Guys!

Summer is Here and bows the time to break out and dress for hotter temps. I know you guys wear tees all year around but Summer calls for lighter colors so why not try pastel colors? Pastels are a fresh take on the old black and grey tees most guys are stuck on and they can go with those colors anyway.. I will put together three looks that show how pastel graphic tees can be worn..



Men’s Pastel Graphic Tee Outfits



So many websites and blogs have finely started to cover plus size swim wear but I haven’t seen any that cover how to choose the perfect one to hide problem areas and accentuate your best assets so you can feel comfortable and sexy..So we decided to pick three problem areas and the swim suits styles that hide them so you can not only feel confident but sexy and beach ready!!

Small breast but large Tummy

So you have a C cup or smaller but still have a tummy? The best swim suit for your figure is (🥁) the bandeau swim suit. This high waisted bottom with a peek a boo middle and a bandeau top leaving nice cleavage and sexy shoulders visible is perfect.

Large Breast and Tummy

Put the “girls” in a swimsuit with support and focus on the art of the cutout. Think Tankinis with larger coverage instead of a figure hiding full bathing suit.

Short legs and thick thighs

Thick thighs save lives! But when you carry most of your weight on the bottom of your body swimsuits can sometimes be tough to find to high light those curves so try skirted bottoms. It is a great way to accent your hips!

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Hello my fellow curvy readers,

Its that time again for temperatures to reach sweltering and to reach for any icy glass of anything..lol It’s Summer and with it the call of beach days, parties and festivals. What better way to ring in another Summer then with new swimwear? Every year we see straight size girls get all the new colors, cuts and added frills to their swimsuits, but what about the us? We need options too right? That’s why when I came across a sexy one piece swimsuit with unique cut outs I decided I had to share this cool new cut!

I love that these cut outs are done tastefully so that it doesn’t look tawdry or tacky and in very flattering places on the body. I was very happy to see it wasn’t only done in just black swimsuits but various colors and patterns as well. This one piece is perfect with a pair of cut off shorts thrown over or with a billowy kimono shawl; the looks are undress and all will give you just the right amount of sexy..I chose four of my faves and all are under $100 because swimwear shouldn’t be so expensive you can’t have fun and experiment with different styles like other article of clothing. Let us know what you think of this one piece! I know I’ll be getting one! Enjoy!

One piece swimsuits with cut outs

Hello guys

Summer is finally upon us and as I was walking around New York City one day I noticed more and more men carrying tote bags instead of messenger bags; and I thought it was such a cool idea as us ladies have been carrying tote bags for so long.  Tote bags are a great way to help the planet by not needing to carry plastic bags; but also because they are light weight, can carry anything and can be thrown in the wash! Tote bags don’t have to be the free ones with logos thrown on the front but can be structured, zippered, come in nice fabrics and can look really chill slung over a shoulder. You can find them to suit any style. Below I have scoured the internet to find cool totes that won’t break the bank but look more expensive so you can leave the messenger bag at home..and Totes are great all year round..so enjoy!

Men’s tote bags