Okay, rain boots are not expensive but they sure can be uncomfortable and ugly. Not only are some of the most looking ones weighted but others can be sculpted to fit your foot and that could be annoying. So what is a girl who wants to look stylish on a rainy day to do?

Pull out your winter  boots! Not the ones with the fur that can withstand arctic temperatures but the fashion ones you pile on three layers of socks to wear.

Here are some tips to pulling it off:

1. Don’t wear leather in the rain especially suede, instead reach for a vegan leather variety.

2. If there are insoles, remove them. If water does get in, it will make it really hars to dry the shoe inside.

3. If it’s cold and rainy, you can add a pair of socks.

We hate the rain but that doesn’t mean we should not weather the storm in style. On our blog we try to focus on American brands while not defaulting to the Trifecta of thrift shopping (Zara, H&M, Forever21). So we have unwrapped raincoats that a budget friendly and will give you the chic look on the rainest of days.


Price: $189

For the price, an embroidered floral trench coat is perfect for romance and vintage dressers or just someone who wants to be reminded why it’s raining in the first place, May flowers. Trench coat is water resistant. Bebe is about to be online only so snag what you can now before they close all stores. It will take a year to relaunch!!

Michael Kors

Price: $159

Extra marks for having sizes go up to XL, this zipper pocketed jacket gives tough love to rain. We love the silver snaps and the belt with the large silver buckle for extra style and waist definition. 


Price: $99

We love the peacoat and zipper hybrid of this rain coat and for the price it does come in Black. The belt is super waist defining and sheen makes it look super luxe.

If you are tired of your wardrobe or just want to add something new, these new looks may be just what you need.

We know some were strange like boxy shoulders and wearing a bra on top of your shirt but we did pick a few worth trying if you feel like you are in a fashion runt.

Marni, Isabel Marant and Jil Sander

The capelet dress

This simple but dramatic dresses were seen at Celine and Balenciaga. They look simple to wear and easy to maintain. We loved the high neck, soft drape from shoulder that wraps around your arms and falls to your waist and of course loose fit underneath all the draping. We deem this worthy of a dramaqueen but for more timid fashionistas, accessorize with sneakers or boots, or a crossbody. No backpacks.

From left to right: Lanvin, Dior, Alexander McQueen

Unexpected sheer cutouts

Alexander McQueen spins a new web around dark romance with lace cut outs strategically places. Lavin and Dior joined the party with fresh takes. This look is very goth but find it light colors and it can be a new staple.

From left to right: CΓ©line, Balenciaga, Valentino

Rounded shoulders

The 80’s brought us box; the 90’s gave us puffy sleeves; 00’s gave the cold shoulder but now 2010 has its own signature shoulder and it’s round. We loved the steep slope of these sleeves and love that the length varies from draping past hands to stopping just above the elbow. 

If you try any of these looks, drop us a line and we will post your picture on instagram.

Happy Hump Day

Yvette πŸ’‹

With fashion finally acknowledging leggings can replace pants, (under a dress) we have suddenly more options for bottoms. 

Of course, new silhouettes have cropped up this spring. The paper bag waist as returned, cropped pants are in but the best news are tappered joggers.

Yeah, these comfy pants just may replace your jeans. It is like the velvet tracksuit of Juicy Couture whereas it is soft and can be dressy. I know it’s not hard to dress up jeans but really expensive jeans need to be broken in. 

We have compiled several outfits to try with tapered joggers so check out our Instagram for some ideas.

Happy Monday,

Yvette πŸ’‹

We all know about the boring white walls of the flagship store on Madison Ave if you live in NY but that no longer fits into this all American brand now embracing NY cool.

We wanted something more fun that would showcase our new direction. [Via sales associate]

Enter Coach House, a 3 story leather and steel facade with the feel of old leather artistry combined with new wave technology. The conveyor belt rotating handbags in the window welcomed party goers to last night’s event as well as a 6 ft dinosaur made from repurposed bags and scrap leather. In fact, we fell in love with the repurposed Monkeys made by one of the Artisans.

The main reason the store paired with Harper’s bazaar  was to tote the exclusive products offered including:

  • The only place in the world to get the runway sensation 1941 collection. 

  • Totally customizable bags starting from 795 includes over 30 choices of skins, choice of handle and a monogram.

  • Add 2 free “tea rose” flowers to 6 base bag choices until April 3rd.

So stop by for a custom bag or 2 free tea roses on a bag (starts at $195) and support an American brand.

RIP BCBG, BeBe, The Limited, Wet Seal, Aeropostle (the old).

Forever changed – Betsey Johnson, Vince Camuto, Donna Karan.

Happy Friday,

Yvette πŸ’‹

Spring has finally arrived and we all have 1 thing in our minds, revamping our wardrobe. The question is do we have to throw out our staples and go-tos to embrace the new silhouettes of the season? 

No really here are some trends to keep:

1. Florals – The flowers are bolder but still this trend is here to stay. Also wearing them head to toe is so now!!

2. Colors – Pink and blue are to keep but toss orange and neon hues.

3. Colored stockings are not just for winter anymore nor knee high socks!

Now it is time for the alterations:

1. Statement sleeves are in!! That means the cold shoulder is getting a redux. You can cut holes in the shoulders of a loose blouse and use hem tape to smooth edges.

2. Paper bag waist is back!! You can recreate the look with a wide belt and pulling the waist above said belt.

Wildflower & co patches shown

3. Final alteration, patches on everything! Shop local fabric stores for cheap patches and iron away!

Happy Hump Day,

Yvette πŸ’‹

The new hemline so far has been added to jeans but the new trend sees this technique added to skirts, dresses and even tops and jackets this Spring. 

The best part about this trend is that it’s easy to replicate with a good pair of scissors and an idea. Plus it adds a dishelved look to an over-polished outfit. 

Now in above image, skirt three is a little over done but it has a rugid charm. So get those scissors and get cutting.
Happy Monday

Yvette πŸ’‹

There comes a time when stocking up on a trend is a bad idea and I have ro admit the cols shoulder trend had a long run albeit in different forms.  This week kicks off our Spring Cleaning addition on our blog. We usually do a keep, toss and buy section but this time we are getting more specific. This week we will focus on trends that had their run and when it’s time to stop trending and start personal styling.

Okay, so you have alot of cold shoulder tops and if it is apart of your personal style then hit the clearance rack! If not, keep reading to see the trend replacing it.

Statement Sleeves

These bold sleeves have replaced the cold shoulder for the Summer go to trend. It has a romantic charm about it. It is also more versatile than the cold shoulder blouse which only looked good with jeans.

These sleeves are long with a set of even longer ruffles at the end. They are the most versatile and have been created in multiple price points.

This sleeve is morw upscale but the pufd on top of the sleeve can be found in short and long sleeves. We predict the short variety will be on every department store rack.

Hope it is Spring where you are, cuz it’s freezing here.
Happy Monday,

Yvette πŸ’‹

(Fr left to right) Romance/Vintage, Casual, Glam, Classic, Punk

Feminine colors like pink, lime green and yellow are having a moment. Perhaps, it is the fight for perserve hard won rights we all took for granted or the nod to the importance of women in today’s society.

In any case, yellow is a hard color for some so we created this tonal chart so you can help put yellow into the darkest wardrobe. 

Light or pastel yellow

At the front of the spectrum, this color is a romance or pastel goth dream. It can be paired with white or blue and is easy to incorporate to a more lace and feminine clothing collection.


Casual dressings can take standard yellow and wear with jeans or leggings and layer it to bring down the shine.


Glam Rock and other glam dressers already added this yellow to their wardrobe but try new matte pieces instead of mettallic ones.


This color returned from the 80’s and we couldn’t be happier. Classic dressers rejoice and get this color in cool blazers for a upbeat suiting look.

Dirty Yellow

I don’t know what you would call this yellow but punks and rockers as well as goth can add this relatively dark mustard color without looking cheery. Traditionally, Black was a morning color and gothic clothing was just darker colors of acceptable colors of the day. So keep that in mind when adding deep tones to your wardrobe.

The trifecta of fast fashion rules the US but other countries have their own kooky cool vibe clothes on the cheap. We fell in love with Spain brand, Kling at a sample sale on Lexington Ave that I happened across while picking up dinner after work.

The brand features unique prints, soft silhouettes and affordable pricing that even in Euros is still 20 to 35 US dollars. There is a cool 70’s vibe that is odd for a Spanish company. 

So check out kling.es and fall in love too.