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We end this style look book with the final style and that is sporty or street wear as I like to call it. I love how you can play more with this style as well as pick comfy but cool pieces..I’m going to pair the pieces we covered with Spring trends Americana and the cargo pant…enjoy and hopefully you will get some styling inspirations from all these looks..

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Last post we covered how to wear the new Spring 2019 Trends with a classic style. This post I will Style punk. These trends were made for punk style as I can go bolder as well as use heavier studded pieces..I will pair the denim vest and other trends we covered with Spring trend animal print, neon yellow and biker shorts as well..

Your fashion goddess Eva

Hello readers,

Last week we covered Spring trends; studded shoes, denim vest and bags with grommets. This week I will put together some looks with the pieces to show you how you can make it work for you..I will put together a look for Classic, punk and street wear styles along with other Spring trends like yellow, animal print and Americana. Classic style is known to be much more paired down and chic so I chose a bold color, less studs and a plain vest so you can still try out trends but not have to feel like your going too over the top and out if your comfort zone..

Your fashion goddess, Eva

579, Wet Seal, The Limited and now Charlotte Russe…in the age of fast fashion, why are the orginators failing..TFG investigations.

By Yvette Estime

The closure of NY Charlotte Russe that just opened last year was the nail in the mall fast fashion so why in the era of fast fashion are the originators failing? Here is our opinion.

Never left the Mall

Mall visitors have steadily declined since the rise of the internet and gaming. People went to mall as something to do in the 80’s and 90’s but with the rise of other forms of entertainment, people just don’t need the mall anymore.

With fewer traffic, there isn’t enough people to sustain the cost of a mall mortgage.

Solution: Rainbow was never a mall brand and now is the biggest fast fashion provider in the US. Charolette Russe left the mall too late.

Customer needs changed but they never changed thier marketing strategy

The mall customer included moms who went shopping for their kids and wanted to pick out something for themselves. Not only are 60% of people now single but most stores have a kid section built right in. So, these customers no longer exist which also effected Gymboree which closed all their stores and now will be selling clothes at retailers instead.

I can now go to Zara and pick up clothes for me, my significant other and any kids in one spot.

Solution: In next 10 years, brands have to push kids clothes or make kids clothes while changing the look and feel of products that seem to cater to youth and not to working set. More women are entering the workforce with 53% of women working today but clothes are still focusing on teens and college students.

Products remained the same

The products of mall clothes remained the same and looking at the fact that Charolette Russe can’t offload their shoes is an example of product development failures. Who is wearing stilettos anymore in 6+inches?

If you sell boots regularly…then why aren’t you making more of them?

Resistance to change is the biggest issue facing American companies and they rather merge than look for new ways to attract customers or push the same tired products.

So if you want sell to gen X and millenials, vary your products, make leisure friendly items and adopt a principle.

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Hello again readers,

We end our Spring trend with one of my fave grunge staples; the denim vest. This piece is surprisingly more versatile then you think as it can be paired with skirts, dresses and joggers as well as can be distressed, studded or worn plain. It can be worn with any type of footwear! Next week we will explore how to dress these trends in your personal style but here’s our picks this week all under $50!

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Hello readers,

Punk has taken a bag seat in trends since the resurgence of the nineties but I am to see it make a resurrection this Spring with accessories once again getting the stud, rivet and nailhead treatments! Darker colors are also in this Spring which is a nice edgier change..I love when punk is in trend because I get to add better quality and cheaper pieces to my wardrobe without having to scour the net..I decided to choose Grommets on bags because this detail is usually reserved for protecting added holes to garments; so it gives a light weight but cool detail when used as decoration.. Below are our faves under $50!

Your fashion goddess Eva

It is still snowing but your snow boots have croaked and it’s 2 weeks to Spring! We got the perfect shoes..sneaker boots.

By Yvette E

Sneakers hybridized with hiking boots are still on sale online like DSW, Nordstrom rack and off saks.

We are loving these North face $105 sneaker boots. They can take us well into the summer with a festival vibe.

Then we headed to Zappos for these $51 Vans that come in a host of colors and are unisex! Shoe comes in both men and women sizes.

Lastly, we wanted a really inexpensive option like these fur lined canvas boots from Noracora for less than $30!! No socks required. These will need to be stored but for the price it’s worth it.

Happy Friyay!!💋

Tired of florals and lace as spring staples? We collected 3 under the radar trends to shake things up.

By Yvette E


It’s not just for fall anymore and with cooler temperatures until May, it may be just the thing we need with longer cool days.

Styling tips:

Pair it with lace to play up hard and soft or throw on a tee shirt and a moto jacket to go full on tough chick.


This paisley and plaid mashup print is back in style for a gypsy vibe this spring.

Styling tips:

Add a sheer top to dress it up or pair with wide leg pants. For a more playful look, go full gypsy with a peasant top.

Structured Activewear

Activewear and sportswear have been blending together for a few years and now you can find motorcross looks in this spring.

Styling tips:

An athletic zip up looks great with a pair of boyfriend jeans in dark colors. Dress it up with an asymmetrical skirt.Happy Hump Day!💋