Oh does not own a jean jacket and now the darling of Americana fashion has been launched into other locations. Even men in London fashion week dorned the iconic piece. This year, the most unisex jacket got a make-under with distressed features such as paint splatter, and the usual features you see on the pant variety. FOR GUYS Look for military elements such belts, buckles and buttons as well as lighter colors and even longer lengths. In some cases, the jacket has become a full coat as seen in the above picture from White Mountain. FOR WOMEN Look for exaggerated details like full sleeves, cropped cuts and darker washes this season. We can also see the coat variety for women as well with the only difference being it is not as sport inspired and slightly longer. So another couple outfit from TFG. Yvette Estime

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I have seen so many trends dieing and coming back ( looking at you 90s everything) and that’s cool but what about alternative clothing trends? I have noticed that new Faşhion trends always pop up( mostly starting in Japan) but these trends have staying power ( Lolita and fairy kei are examples). So I was pleasantly surprised when recently Pixie Locks ( Jillian) came up with Partykei; in which she combined glitter, faux fur and party wear and it’s been gaining momentum ( per her facebook group page Party kei that has over 2500 members) so I thought to myself what does everyone already own that I can make a trend out of that would have staying power?.Pajamas or Lounge wear?! So I combined Kei ( system or style in Japanese) with Pajama..Pajama kei

Pajama Kei wardrobe can be cute; think fuzzy onesies, velour sweatshirts and sweatpants. Or sexy; think negligees that aren’t too see through, frilly night gowns, slip dresses and silk or satin pj sets. All accessories for Pajama Kei should include sleep masks worn ascew on the head like a headband, slippers with rubber soles ( so you can wear them outside), fluffy or feathery scrunchies, jewelry & handbags, stuffed animal backpacks and purses held in your arms like your going to sleep. The best part about my trend is there is no set color palette! You don’t have to worry about colors cuz you can find pajamas in any color palette you like; you can stick to pastels, black or go crazy rainbow neon.the sky’s the limit! Let me know if you would try this trend and I have included some outfit examples..



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This past men’s fashion week we saw trousers with racing stripes going down the leg. I love this juxtaposition of athletics and biz casual! This is a great trend as you can look laid back while being put together and anything can go with these pants. I have put together some outfits featuring these pants to give you an idea of how to style them. I chose bold colors and simple sneakers as they are also a big trend this year!. Let me know in the comments what you think!



I know it is hard to think about spring with today’s icy forecast and if you are here in NYC, the misty rain, but fashion always shoulders foward.

So today we focus on too looks that were once not day time wear but all as changed as this Spring is all about rule breaking. We are talking about sequin and sheer clothing.

I always loved sheers and the new play on ruffles and light colors makes it easy for you to add it to your wardrobe. Here are some tips on utilizing the trend based on comfort level:

Level 1: Shy – Throw a shirt over and leggings underneath to just have enough sheer peek through.

Level 2: Lady – Okay, you want to show some stuff but leave a little to imagination. Wear a dress slightly shorter underneath and leave legs bare.

Level 3: Confident and Cautious – A simple slip underneath that is slightly sheer itself would make it more adventurous.

Level 4: Feminist – i.e. yes I am almost naked and you have no right steer. I love the idea of a lace bodysuit under sheers or a fancy bra and panty set. In the picture above, the model wears a bodysuit.

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After a social media meltdown and celebrities like The Weekend severing ties with the retailer over the controversial image of a black boy wearing a hoodie with the words “coolest monkey in the jungle”, H&M released this statement:

Too little, too late? Are we over sensitive now with all the racist events happening in America?

Comment your thoughts below and read more from H&M here

Okay, guys, we know there are certain things that make you look cool that you will just not give up just because the weather dips but here we list 5 things to ditch this winter so can stay warm.


Okay, the biggest myth in winter is that leather (or its plastic look a like) will keep you warm. This is a big false. Hell, my leather rabbit fur trimmed gloves are adorable but do nothing for my fingers.


These cotton based articles will not keep you warm simply because cotton actually absorbs water (reason why jeans are so hard to dry) and hence remain cold longer then wool or polyester pants. Sorry, no skinny jeans.


Time to wear underwear if you are not use to wearing it. Your lower extremities will thank you. Try polyester boxers for extra warmth.


We love how clean they look but they will not keep your feet warm. Switch these up for crew socks in wool or polyester blends.


Once it snows, time to put the sneakers in the back of the closet! I was amazed how many people wore sneakers during the great blizzard of 2018. It is right up there with women wearing stiletto booties. Cherish your life, no points for dieing for fashion.

We all heard the white pants suit resurfacing as the go to outfit for easy effortless boss bitch but alot more adventurous items have made it into 2018. Yep, we are talking about the 3 patterns of this year and how to wear them.


Artistic vibes inspired patterns are all the range this year with adverse colors thrown together in a somewhat advant garde way. Think pink and orange, green and blue as well as yellow and purple just to name a few.

OUTFIT TIP: A full on dress or jacket (for men) will really make you stand out but for a more subtle look try a bottom in the print and pair with a bright color or netural hued top.


This 70’s print is back in full force and we love the neural colors mixed with brights colors, making it the easiest pattern to add to your wardrobe.

OUTFIT TIP: This print is best worn long, think maxi skirts and dresses.


Two neutral colors in one pattern means effortless glam! The way these colors are intertwined thos year goes beyond stripes and polka dots for a more emersive pattern as seen in ss 2018 Balmain collection (above).

OUTFIT TIPS: Go beyond stripes and dots for advanr garde, pop culture or newsprint themed prints. Pair with Vegan Leather accents for a tough girl look!!

Happy Fri-yay!!


With the deep purple called Ultra Violet ( known for mystery) being the color of the year, this 2018 will be the year of color.

Yellow is the new black of the season with both men and women rocking the color and that is just for winter!!

Spring sees fruit-like colors from cherry to lime and everything in between. Some of the hues even give an hint of summer colors to come.

We are seeing orange hues for summer like Persimmon and Coral and of course, millenial pink is still on trend.

I hope you add some color to your wardrobe this year because this will be the best year to do it.

Me, my favorite color is purple,

Happy 2018,

Yvette ??

It is time to ditch the heels this new years for something more comfortable and we have just the the right look, glitter sneakers. If you are looking for alot of color options and do not mind an 85 dollar price tag, Keds has paired with Kate Spade for these cute slip ons. There are 9 different colors making these sneakers great for pairing with sequins and more casual alternatives. The gold version is already sold out in these Chuck Taylor Converse edition for just $40. Finally, we go to rainbow with a variety of platform glitter sneakers and these rainbow glitter beauties for just $11.99 on sale online. These sneakers are still in stock so head over there before they are gone.

See you in 2018,

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This moment is the best time to try something new so put down the sequin (insert garment here) and try these unusual but fun alternatives.

Wear color

Swap the gold, silver and black for orange, pinks and purples for a more daring look for New Years Eve.

Go casual

Wear skinny jeans, sweater and skirt combos and even leather leggings. Go against the crowd and stand out! Plus be super relax as the ball drops.

Play with proportions

Crop tops and long skirts to long sweaters over dresses, playing with proportions is a fun way to experiment with new looks. Who knows, you may catch someone’s eye for that NYE kiss.

Happy Hump Day,

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