Tis the season for pop-ups and we will be covering a few this season. First, up the tech pop up by Google..

By Yvette E

If you prefer Google home over Alexa then hit up this pop up open now til December 8th. They are also offering events as well as check out g.co to RSVP.

The Products

Pixel 2

The phone said to me the next rival of Apple is on display here as well as a chance to play with it.

Google home

Google has created an interactive experience for you to try out thier Google home commands. Check out the Kawaii Kitchen for a snack.

Other perks

A large “tree house” structure complete with swings seems out of place in a tech mecca but we can dig it.

Customize your own giftwrap

If this is a gift for a friend, head down stairs to create your own gift wrap! Simply, use 1 of 2 laptops provided and send your creation to print!

who: Google Hardware Store

what: Tech by Google

Where: 131 Greene Street

When: already open til 12/2 fr 11am to 7pm

As always, if you do go #tfgoogle and you could be featured on our Instagram page.

Happy Shopping πŸ’‹

It’s finally sweater weather but not time to dust off those ones you wore last year. We run thru 3 sweaters trends anyone would want to store for the next winter.

By Yvette E

Knitwear is still on the forefront of fashion and the love of comfort is sure to keep it there. We checked what’s in style right now and here are the trends we think you will love:

Say it with a sweater

Words on sweaters are now as popular as graphic tees for both men and women. The only difference is a women has a phrase while men only have a single word. Still, it’s a trend that spans both sexes.

Graphic Sweaters

Corner or all over prints have become a staple for both sexes with men sweaters more of a combination of neutral hues while women have a taste of the rainbow.

Textured Sweaters

Fringe details and 3d effects are making sweaters more interesting for both sexes. Ikat and braiding motifs seem fresh with a more haphazard placement then in previous years.

Happy Friyay πŸ’‹

Formerly wind breakers, windcheaters are having a moment in men’s fashion this fall but instead of reaching for a company that will only sell it one season, buy from a company that always sold it and get it for less.

By Yvette E

When it comes to fashion trends, couture fashion houses will always create a piece for one season and then never again. However there are brands that always created the look that is now a trend and they will offer it for less so instead of buying a windcheater from Gucci, here are three sportswear companies that already make them at a fraction of the cost.

We look at New Balance (on sale at bluefly.com) which has a bright color neon and this more causal gray starting at 80 dollars.

Adidas wind jackets are regularly $60 but are half off right now on their site.

Dresslily.com $36 windcheater

Finally, we went to dresslily.com and were suprised they had a men section and for 36 dollars this one is going fast!!

Happy Monday..πŸ’‹

The motorcycle jacket has become a wardrobe staple but how to incorporate it into your personal style has still been a mystery. Till now..

by Yvette E


The moto jacket has been synonymous with alternative cultures in the US and its recent entry into fashion. It started in 1928 when Irving Schott added a zipper (a novelty at the time) to a leather jacket and sold it in partnership through Harley Davidson. The company, Schott Bros NYC still exits today and has seen a resurgence of sales.

In any rate, the moto jacket started out and is still a rebel accessory so how does one add it to their wardrobe seamlessly? Your choice of fabric is key. This is a unisex post and alternative fashion will be excluded.


Who loves sweatpants more than you and wearing tracksuits? Take the moto jacket style and pick a denim moto jacket. It will be easy to pair with jeans and still have that edgy feel.


You perfer pants to jeans and will not be caught in sweatpants but also you don’t have a rebel bone in your body, so why wear a moto jacket? There still is a bad ass element to not following the crowd and here is the solution. Look for the style in knits and softer fabrics.

Another option for men is a Military jacket that comes in different fabrics. I have yet to find a soft fabric moto jacket for men.


Whether sequin is your first love or you look like your in a boardroom even on the weekends, a moto can add a relax look.

For men, look for quilted, fringe or zipper details to give your jacket a glam feel. (men’s jacket in pic from Eastbay)

For women, embroidery and sequin accents make the jacket luxe. (jacket from Loveculture).

Happy Friyay πŸ’‹

Heads up my lovely readers!

Killstar a brand known for alternative streetwear is doing an extra 20% off site wide including clearance! Hurry there is only 12 hours left and by shopping in the clearance section I was able to score 3 sweaters, a sweatshirt and a bag for my fall and winter needs for $101!Β 

Quick tip for plus size or tall girls, you can shop in the men’s section as everything is a bit oversized and longer length and they are unisex. I have included a snapshot of what I got below!

Women have been wearing track suits in velour since they were invented by Juicy Couture. This season, men are getting thier chance to rock the look.

By Yvette E

The tracksuit is most likely the answer to the comfort wear millenial women have embraced. It has just started its popularity in runway fair in 2017 after evolving over the last 6 years as matching jackets with streamlined pants back in 2011.

This season look for more matching styles, baggier silhouettes and monochromatic color palettes.

Are you rocking a tracksuit this fall? #tfgts to be featured on our Instagram page!

Happy MondayπŸ’‹

If you ran to party city last night for a costume and couldn’t brave the extra long line nor that only the pricey costumes are left. Here are 5 costume ideas that you can do at home.

By Yvette E

The Dolls

From Annabelle to the bride of chucky, creepy dolls are having a moment.

You can create your own creepy doll look with a frilly dress and a wig.

Homicidal killers

From the Purge to The Killers, everyday people transforming to mass murders is now trending. So get a cheap mask and plastic knife and live your best killer life.

Tim Burton Obssession

Tim Burton has made some memorable characters that embraced darkness without looking ominous. A couple of years ago, I went to a TB rave dressed as Letitia Deeds.

Mean Girls

There have been a collection of movies about them and so they really make great costumes.

We love the soronity girls of Scream Queens as well as the original mean girls so rather your a mouse (duh) or wearing the candy colors of Scream Queens, celebrate your inner bitch.

Go has your fav celebrity

Jokingly, there seems to interest in political and public figures who behave badly as halloween costumes this year from Lindsey Lohan’s drunk dancing to the legendary fight between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj.

In any rate, be creative and save some money. As always #TFGDIY if you made a memorable costume from what you had at home and be featured on our Instagram.

Happy Friyay πŸ’‹

Fenty by Puma was the first brand that attempted to bring sexy to sportswear. Other brands are attempting to do the same. But can they replicate the results?

by Yvette E

We are the most single generation in American history and though several factors play a role (return of male egotism, the 5th wave of feminism and social inequality) our clothes could be playing the biggest one.

It’s not about sex appeal

The rise of loungewear wasn’t about removing sex appeal but being comfortable in your own skin and hence extruding confidence. Of course, we care about our bodies but more about health and less about how our butt looks like in a pair of jeans.

We still want to attract the right guy, just for the right reasons.

The struggle is real

So how are brands honing in on the simple new attraction? The attraction of interest and commonality are what girls want now. They want thier clothes to show that interest and their values. This fall brands took a “through everything at wall and see what sticks” approach with too many trends to count and missed the mark but one brand may be on its way to solving the age old question: Can loungewear be attractive?

Victoria’s Secret

We walked into VS the other day and fell in love with their Fall collection. It is yet to make it online other than the velour pieces but it’s promising.

As always comnent below if you have any information about other brands in this market

Happy Wednesday πŸ’‹

Jeans, sweats and tees are not work attire but it doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable at the office and with your wardrobe.

by Yvette E

If you find yourself with 2 separate wardrobes for work and play your not alone. I just took a look at my closet and was like “this isn’t gothic romo…why is it in my closet?” The take away was too much work clothes and not enough me.

So how does one get comfortable in the office when thier attire is mostly lounge wear. Here are 3 tips to help you get started taking back your personal style.

Sweats are not the only comfortable pants

I know that you find tapered pants and skinny jeans really constricting so try wide leg pants. They mimick the wide legs of sweatpants but with work friendly fabrics.

Trade your bulky sneakers

Instead of the latest bulky sneakers, try slip on sneakers. They comes in so many alternative fabrics from leather to satin and can look like ballet flats.

Finally, you can still wear tees

Tee shirt sheer and stretch hybrids and tees in general have really become more versatile. Combination tees from French Connection and simple non print varieties from H&M can easily be dresed up for work

Happy Monday πŸ’‹

Most of us have an outfit for work and one for play but it’s a straint on your closet and your budget. This is the first in a 3 part series showing you how to alter your play clothes for work.

by Yvette E

I have seen the working goth blogs and are amazed at the souless black outfits..no studs? no symbol of hatred fir humanity? Besides casual fridays, there are ways to bring alternative clothes to the office and here’s how.


Okay, I know where else are you going to get torn shirts, witchy prints and Gryffindor gear? The hunt is on. The fact is that most stores now carry alternative looks that are so paired down they are more appropriate for work. We went to H&M online and typed in studs and we got several looks. We picked the one below.

Add a pleather skirt and a cool black denim or leather jacket and your work ready.


Yeah, we love our short skirts and pencils skirts but the length could be the difference between work and play. The trick get a skirt the falls just above the knee. Pair it with a long skirt so it appears shorter for play and tuck in your shirt for work so it appears longer. Notice the long boots on both looks.


I know this sounds odd but I am not talking incorporating trends in your wardrobe but to look for trends within your aesthetic. For example, hiking boots are big this fall meaning that low end stores will carry some version of the trend. This would be a great time to stock up. Another trend is leatherlike skirts.

Happy Friyay πŸ’‹