If you love comfy cute clothing that is size inclusive is your thing; then you will love British clothing company Lazy Oaf!

Started in London in 2001 by Illustrator and designer Gemma Shiel in her fathers garage; Lazy Oaf has spread like wild fire over all over the world due to Gemma’s kitschy prints, oversized fit and child like designs that cross all generations, shapes and sizes!

 She also is known to collaborate and is currently working with Japanese labels Little Sunny Bites with their new Looney Tunes line and popular Esther Loves You line by illustrator Esther Kim..Prices are low to moderate with pieces starting at $23 and going up to $200 so there is something for everyone! Also there’s a men’s collection too! So Check the brand out at their UK based site that ships world wide ( www.lazyoaf.com).

Sometimes microtrends are great way to be different and sometimes, they are just weird. We lined up 3 micro trends this summer that may be a hit for you and a miss for others.

Decorated Crocs

Yep, adults are rocking this trend on a micro level this spring! Crocs have come out with sequin sliders and paired with designers in order to come more relevant with adult consumers. We were surprised to see the shoes at Prada this past fashion week and yeah, it may be a trend worth trying out.

Mesh Mashup

We have seen the low key mesh shirts in Urban Outfitter and Forever21 but this trend is asking us to bare more! We super wide holes, maybe it is time for a trip to LaPerla for some super chic unmentionables.


This super bright color is not easy to wear but is certainly worth trying if you can actually find it. If all over yellow is not your thing try separates.

Happy Friday  (finally😧)


The summer is the worst time for makeup; the constant stream of sweat has us reapplying every 5 minutes but these makeup trends may be worth the effort.

3 Eye popping shadow trends

There is no surprise that three of the 5 trends has to do with eyeshadow. The eyes have been the vocal point of makeup for some time perhaps because the eyes are “the window to our souls”. In any case, these were the three most pratical runway looks for you to steal this summer and have fun reapplying:

  • Three shades of color

In this look, we are adding 3 shades to the eyelid in contrasting warm and cool shades. The red and blue with gold overtones the model wears above gives her skintone a slight glow while accenting a cool undertone. I feel this look works best with primary colors but if you do play with orange, purple or green add thier primary cool friends (pair orange and green with yellow) around edges then follow with a cool color strip from brow to lid near corner of eye (try blue, orange and yellow).

  • Lower lid eyeshadow

Adding a shimmery eyeshadow to your bottom lid while your top lids remain natural seems so fresh. We would love to see gold on darker skin tones and bronze for those with a red undertone. We admit that silver seems a hard color to pull off but the model above has it down packed.

  • Inside the lines

Using eyeliner in unusual ways is back in a big way from tribal looks to cat eye. This time, eyeliner is not just for corners but it is also used in that narrow corner between the eye and the nose. For a even more drastic look, use color eyeliner. 

The blush

This trend has us all looking intially flushed. The idea is to add blush on a U shape from the cheek and up to the brow. The looks above are subtle enough that anyone can pull it off. For darker skin tones, use a bronzer with pink highlights to get a similar effect.

The shine

The trick here is to be completely nude in eyeshadow and lips then adding a shine stick to illuminate cheeks. I think this look will be the easiest to maintain through out the summer.

Happy Hump Day

Yvette 💋

For the past several years people have been looking for small pieces to go with the exaggerated features of clothing  (most recently, sleeves were added to this list) but with the return of simple styles like a new cold shoulder and loose blouse styles; big is having a moment.

So here is a rundown of the jewelry trends we are all be rocking this summer, on the beach and in the office:


Givenchy Spring 2017

Givenchy chose a Quartz Slice for his statement piece.

These new updated looks are more subdued then past styles relaying on bulk chains and oversized pendants as focal points. There are also more likely to feature stones than the metal counterparts in the 90s.

How to wear:

  • Keep the top simple and stay away from exaggerated features  (like those statement sleeves)
  • Keep neckline high, too low and clevage will fight for attention. Why bother wear a necklace?
  • Stay away from layering, too much clothes ruins the look.


We love statement earrings because they are the easiest trend to wear. This time, earrings are less about sparkle and more about color, shape and form. The idea is to make an artistic expression.

How to wear:

  • No hair accessories 
  • Try to keep hair away from face with a sleek pony or a bun. Braids work as well for a more adventurous look.
  • Finally, be cautious about weight and size. If you have small lobes, stick to plexiglass varieties because they are lighter.

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Tired of the same boring sunglasses? I am too! Sunglasses will always be a staple no matter what season we are in as sunny days spread across all seasons; but they don’t get as much design attention as do handbags or hats so I was happy to see geometric shaped sunglasses all over the European runways recently and had to put together a collage of my fave shapes I think can work for any face shape and size! Hope you enjoy and take my guide with you on your next shopping excursion..Tell us what you picked!

I have to shed light on this most hated Summer staple when it comes to plus sizes; the cover up. I mean a cover up is supposed to keep you dry, cool and be able to dress up or down but all I have ever seen in plus size version are moo moos, trapeze styles and ugly ill fitting caftans! What’s a curvy girl to do? We have hot dates and Chic places to go after the beach too! 

So I scoured the internet to not only find flattering caftans but sexy and Chic cover up dresses and even a cute skirt! So go forth my curvy lovelies; wear that oversized straw hat, Jackie O sunglasses and meet your hot date after you have some fun at the beach ( hopefully rocking some of my choices!)

Hello my curvy beauties!

I know it’s been a while since we have written and as a fellow curvy girl trust me I could never forget about my sisters! Summer is quickly speeding towards us and I want all of you to be bold, sexy and beautiful in your swimwear this Summer! I found some really sexy suits that hug all your curves and support all the yummy giggly bits! These swimsuits are all under $50! 

I am shocked to see Forever 21 up their plus size swimwear game offering everything from monokinis to high wasted bikinis! Curvy girls come in a variety of shapes and sizes so it’s nice to see a company take that into consideration as well as understand that plus size swimwear is so expensive we often don’t get to buy multiple pieces..but all of the Forever 21 designs are under $30!! So now we can try out a variety of styles and not break the bank! I can’t wait to go swimsuit shopping!

It sounds like a color but it is actually a print that started in home goods. Here is the pattern defined by Wikipedia:

Paisley or Paisley pattern is a term in English for a design using the buta or boteh, a droplet-shaped vegetable motif of Persian origin.

So actually, it is decorated gourds in various motifs. Even though, paisley has Persian origins, it was actually was named from a town in Western Scotland, where it was printed. The pattern first made the leap from home goods to fashion in the 1970s, and then returned briefly in the 1990s. So, it seems to reclaim the spotlight every 20 years, making its return this year right on schedule. How does one wear a pattern that sounds like a color in daily life? Should you add it to your wardrobe?

I would like to say paisley is a easy pattern but it has strong roots in the bohemian scene and hence for people who have a fondness for bohemian style. If you are like me and just love patterns then buy away. I have a orange paisley in my closet already.  However, if you want to add paisley for a limited time, I suggest you stick to accessories instead of clothing.

  • For punks and rockers add a paisley scarf in dark or neutral colors. 
  • For classic, a bag featuring the print in a thick fabric can add depth to your outfit.
  • For casual, there are slip on shoes with the pattern that could perk up your outfit.

Other styles like Vintage and Glam can wear dresses with the print. 

As always share your paisley outfits on instagram with #paisleypower and you could be featured.

Happy Monday,

Yvette 💋

I was browsing through Vogue March issue and came across a Fendi ad featuring GiGi and Bella Hadid dressed like dolls in front of these amazing Fendi pastel embellished handbags that look like they were made by angel hands and delivered by unicorn!! The bags retail from $2600-6700 ; So here’s some purse porn for you all and hopefully I can live through one of you! Comment and share pics if you get one! Meanwhile a girl can just dream of Fendi…Le..sigh..

The brand that created the Jelly bag and added fun prints on leather in the now classic metropolis shoulder bag has such celebrated 90 years last night at thier NY flagship on 51st and 5th ave. The store opened 3 years ago and has since been a fixture on 5th ave.

Furla may be one of few fashion brands still family owned (3 generations) and still makes thier bags in Italy, where the brand calls home. 

At the event, Furla unveiled the 9 bag flaps reminiscent of fashion trends in each decade. The flaps are interchangeable with metropolis bags created with a snap feature. The flaps are limited edition as with every bag created by furla. The interchange metropolis bags are 278 while flaps are 198.

The roaring 20’s is said to be popular

To commemorate their anniversary, Furla gave headphones to pary goers and a link to a personalized spotify playlist.

Food and drink were served.