Summer sure went by fast!! It is time to head to the beach in the next 2 weeks beforw you miss your chance. Here are some great swimsuit trends everyone is obsessed with right now plus with the wrap up of Miami Swim Week, we will take a peek of 2 swim suits hot next year. 


1. Cut-out one pieces have been in style for a while now but addition of ruffles and more strategically placed cut outs changes the game.

2. Back and center straps were so hot this year.


KEEP: Side cut outs are back for 2018 so if you are shopping those clearance racks for next year… Side cuts!!

TRY:  Tankinis and strappy accents

TOSS: Ruffles and bathing suits that are low in the back.

Happy Friday!!


With all the talk of gender fluency, it seems strange there are not alot of unisex trends out there. I mean there is a lot of still your boyfriend’s clothes looks for women but at the other end of the spectrum, men sure must want more? So we compiled 3 looks you can share with each other! ( unless your girlfriend is a size 2 then you are out of luck).

Bulky Outer wear

Boxy clothes have always had a unisex feel but now the menswear companies are embracing it. 

Winter White

Both sexes can enjoy the return of white during winter!!

Punk goes West

Cow print and plaid? Yes, please and both sexes have it down packed with fringe detail!


Yvette ๐Ÿ’‹

We see these local trends and think, is everyone doing this one? Here are some microtrends that wr think are worth keeping, tossing and trying.

HAIR: Tiger Eye 


Recently, we saw a fave mag of ours point to Tiger Eye as a color trend and we loved it. I know seeing we are lovers of colors but not all of have our own jobs.

TOSS: The dip ends in color is dead. Please stop.

TRY: Color highlights!! I am trying this trend just in time for fashion week!!

HOME: Pineapple everything 


Pineapples? Seriously? These fruits showed up everywhere; from “be a pineapple” slogans to clothes but most notably, lackluster home goods. Please go away…

KEEP: Throw pillows with sayings.

TRY: NOT going with trends, your home should be about you.

CLOTHES: Single sleeve


I just can’t…I already dislike the cold shoulder and this takes it one step further.

TRY: Statement sleeves and for guys, Mesh!

KEEP: statement tees will still be in next year!!!

Every year during the mid year sale season, we pull trends that we see for the ladies in hope to save them some money. This is our first guy installment and it is easier because NYFW men just wrapped up and everyone is already at the London shows.

So here are the trends you should be buying during the summer sales for next summer (these are not predictions):



We loved our uniforms. I guess it really a part of daily life and what woman does not love a man in uniform. On the runway was matching pants and jackets with white or black shirts.


Pajamas stripes have arrived so head over to Gap and pick up some pants. The uniform idea is present here as well but you can see wearing it as a statement piece is also acceptable.

EASY ADDS: Sport wear with khakis.


So far we are seeing 2 colors: pink and white. These are the colors of the season next year.  I don’t think American men are gender fluent enough to pull this one off on a daily basis.

Happy Wednesday,

Yvette ๐Ÿ’‹

We are all on a clothing budget and with all the summer sales (Xmas in July) coming up, it may be time to leap forward and start thinking, what is the trends for next year?

Okay, we know Spring 2018 shows start in September but we do have several predictions for what may be in next year and here are what the experts are saying so snap up these forecasted trends and save some money.

The pattern: patchwork

According to the pattern curator, patchwork will be in for ss 2018. A little odd since this pattern is usually used in the winter. I wonder how designers will use this pattern in September.

THE THEME: Mermaid

Blues in every form and texture will be the working theme. I would think the ocean would be a basic theme for summer but this is actually a throwback from early 2000s and resurfacing because of the rise of mermaid culture.

For the guys:

Pink and white are the colors for spring and Summer 2018. The theme is 80s and 90s with a focus on tailored looks.

We love the resurgence of pinstripes.

Yvette ๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿค˜

Christopher Lowman, Vivid Eyewear, Citzen Watches

NY fashion week mens kicked off on Monday and one of the  first shows was Christopher Lowman’s which sought to mix preppy palos with punk themes. In the designer’s words about his inspiration:

I drew inspiration from the modern day college student battling the everyday chain of emotions such as financial instability and mental health issues that lead to the possibility of becoming a college dropout.  

In short, life happens. So the line is called Harvard Punk’d and a host of players help set the mood including:

  • 2 shoe brands – NEW BALANCE ATHLETICS and luxury shoe brand ANGELA MITCHELL
  • Currency NY – jewelry brand
  • Vivid Eyewear
  • Citizen watches

Angela Mitchell shoes, Currency NYC jewelry, Vivid Eyewear

We noticed the use of  neutral colors in the collection like creams, white and navy blues with red as the accent color in multiple looks.

Christopher Lowman, Currency NYC

On the down side, there was a use of common patterns  like plaids and cameo.  We did love the tailored shirt that made the cameo less sloppy. 

Currency NYC simple coin jewelry does not steal the show but it looks like dog tags on the shirt above.

Finally, New balance debuted new sneaker line, 574 Sport. The splash of color on the heel is a nice touch.

So that was one crowded room. Thanks to all the brands involved and a truly enjoyed installation.

Hipsters have brought back the beard from relative obscurity but fashion has taken curly face hair from unkept to adorned with this new trend. I don’t know anything about beards except that are not the same texture and sometimes not the same color as the hair on a guy’s head but this trend has got me thinking.

The trend is fading your hair into your bread. We are talking less bush and more streamline with the hair attached by sideburns. As always if you try this trend, post it on instagram with #tfgmen and could be featured on our instagram.

Happy Monday ๐Ÿ’‹

Everywhere I look, men seem to have alot of hair on top and faded sides. After looking around on websites, all I see are variations on this particular style from faux hawks to surgery ย (using electric razor to create designs?). Here are just some variations of the 20 or so styles we read up on:


This style is popular in New York. I see it everywhere. I suspect because of its ease and low maintenance. ย The trick is to part hair and comb over before doing the fade look.


Whether, the sides or tapered (left) or burst faded (right); the faux hawk gets a redox for summer 2017.


Here we have a variation in undercut styles from short pomp (top), long pomp (bottom left) and side pomp ย (bottom right).

All in all, short hair is back with short sides rather you prefer tapering, surgery, fading or skin fade.

Happy Friday!!

yvette ๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿค˜

We have not covered hair for some time and this summer is heavy on the decades references from the 70s to the 90s. So choose a decade that you love the most and let your locks do the talking.


source: rex/ shutterbug

The 70’s are back with long bob and fringe combos and if you are a flower child at heart like most hipsters, this is a style to try for the summer.

80’s BANGS

source: Getty

These long fringes (once called bangs) made their debut in the 80’s and have been in and out of style in various lengths ever since. This summer, they return to the original length; just above the eyebrow.


Married with Children, and Christina Applegate’s character made this style really big in the 90s. It is back with a two variations: full front flip (far left) or side part flip (middle, far right). The one in the middle is the most traditional but try different volume for a more updated look.

As always if you try any if these styles out #tfgbhair and you could be featured on our blog. 

Happy hump day!!

Yvette ๐Ÿ’‹

Military is definitely no longer a trend. It somehow is always in vogue in some shape or form. We can go back to the bomber jackets, and of course recently the embroidered selections that graced every store window from Macy’s to Rainbow.

The feminizing of military has stopped but actually excelerated. New choices this summer boast even more female touches making military style more appealing to everyone.


If you hated this army green colored military staple, now is the time to change your mind. The new embroidery features create a unique look along with a change in silhouette create a softer jacket. [name drop designers here].


Valentino (left), Moschino (top right), Doc Martens (bottom right).

The patron saint of combat boots, Doc Martens has added feminine prints and little touches like a peep toe to make combat boots more versatile. We also like the swanky materials at Vans, Velvet is so of the moment right now. Other designers who have revisioned combat boots  (at a hefter price) include Coach, Valentino and Moschino.