There are more then just one type of plaid so we compiled a list of the right plaid for every style. So flip through this guide and see what is the perfect plaid to add to your closet.
Plaid Versace Fall 2018
GLAM SQUAD If you love to stand out then a brighter color background is just right. Layer it all together for an even bigger impact. FYI Plaids with a bright background are called Tartan.
CLASSIC Glen plaid has the gray background with the thin lines of color. This pattern is perfect for classic dressing since it will not overpower your entire outfit.
ROMANCE Large squared plaids like Window and gingham give off a school girl vibe and look great with those fuzzy sweaters.
VINTAGE Houndstooth is plaid? Yep and you most likely have it in your closet already. Dust it off and wear it all!
PUNK/ROCK If you do not have a checker plaid shirt in your closet then your alt license is revoked! Wear it has a jacket and your on trend. Happy Hump day!!

Sometimes the easiest way to incorporate new trends into your wardrobe is to embrace an of-the-moment accessory. This week we take 5 fall Accessories and tell you how to add them to your wardrobe.

By Yvette E

To incorporate the corset belt into your wardrobe, consider three things:

  1. Your personal style – if you do not feel comfy and cool in anything skip the trend.
  2. Material – These belts come in various shapes and sizes. It is best to consider the material because it will be the most important feature.
  3. Appearance – Of course, too many metal features will appear gothic or rocker but if you want a metal feature without the rock star vibe, try one with buckle accents.


For classic dressers, this single belt buckle feature and unusual shape is a great addition to any wardrobe. The main points here are minimal design features, attention to shapes and material. To glam up the look, go for caramel hues or suede materials while sticking to minimal features.


Softer fabrics will be the best fit for you because it doesn’t look stiff and contrived. There are several fabric choices but since you live in denim, this corset belt is best for you. The takeaway is to choose softer materials with minimal accents when choosing a corset belt.


An obi corset belt is like wearing a bow around your waist! The takeaway is to look for belts with girly accents like ruffle trim, lace or curvy shapes.


Sparkle is a must-have for you so a strappy number in metallic makes the statement look even better. The takeaway is too look for bold colors and spaces between layers so your outfit is still the star of the show.


This trend is for you and anything goes. Try the actual corset look with grommet detail but if you want to go beyond what is expected, try ones with zipper or stud accents as well. The takeaway is the sky’s the limit!

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FIT answers this question with a forum that speaks about the troubles Caribbean designers have getting stores and how there are still no manufacturing options.

The biggest problem is misconceptions about the area, culture and people. The word for the region could be the biggest problem since it may be causing a synonym effect, i.e. similar cultures and beliefs. The Caribbean in fact is made up of several islands which all have different languages and cultures.

Secondly, the assumption of island life being carefree and subjective to Carnival holidays. This concept makes people think of Caribbean designers as costume makers and not actually designers.

Finally, the region itself is segmented and each island hard to travel to and from. This fact makes a singular fashion difficult.

Check out our YouTube channel for the video content and…

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New York Fashion Week has be stretched and perverted by smaller venues competing for the same press as the big boys but if the designers they show are not serious nor the show’s promoter then what’s the point.

By Yvette E

Shows like Style Fashion Week and Art Heart have used the designers they show complete with the right venue and press to become shows worthy of being alternative fashion venues.

Others have not followed such a recipe. Here are three misconceptions that ran rabid this season and possibly hurting New York’s fashion capital status:

Fashion week is not 1 day

Shows like Style Fashion week not only occur after official fashion week ends but are only 1 day and 1 location. That’s not fashion week which spans Thursday to next Thursday.

3 looks is not a collection

I suppose they think we must be stupid after paying for seats at these shows that we won’t notice that you are presenting the same looks in different colors and patterns.

GD swimwear at Street Style fashion week (1 night only) did just that and even colluding their show with things they did not make to create more looks which was just confusing.

Temiti Sportswear at Above Time also pulled the same stunt with just 3 looks in 6 colors and patterns.

[declaimer: I was contacted by the owner and it being a small family owned business. Apparently they only manufacture products their customers love. It’s a great strategy and they really did not need a fashion week].

You’re venue is important

I am sure every show planner knows how many tickets are sold versus how much the venue can hold but Street Style Fashion week seemed clueless selling 5,000 seats to a 3,000 seat venue. I know eventbrite allows you to cap ticket numbers so this was definitely pure greed.

Once more tickets were sold then anticipated, they had 2 options: Divide the show into 2 days and create a program for both days and let people RSVP for day 1 or 2 or move the venue. Instead, they lied about the show being over not only denying the designers press but also leaving people outside.

Conclusively, all these small venues do is destroy the entire fashion week magic and is probably why fewer designers are showing here.

Wake up CFDA, NY is loosing its fashion capital status.

Happy Mundane ๐Ÿ’‹

Three Italian designers closed Art Heart fashion week and we felt like we went to Miami, D&G’s atelier and a bird’s nest.

By Yvette E

Mochi Joe Creme

This designer took us to Miami with swimwear that seemed made in Brazil then in Italy. The use of Fuchsia and gold seemed to cliche and the sequin applique screamed Mardi Gras.

The best part was the coverups that seem to expand from the body and engulf the stage.

Le Plancenti

Dolce Gabbana meets The Caribbean with this designers use of lace and color choices.

There was an abundance of ruffles from tiers to just edging that pulled the collection together but not seamlessly. The colors did not complement each other. The patterns remained in the same color family but clashed with the muted color scheme.

We see more of sequin treatment here and now its paired with embroidery, not improving anything..just there.

Nicola D’ereico

Despite the ample use of feathers, this designer stole the show with the most unusual collection of wedding dresses.

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Taoray Wang, famous for her monochromatic tailored looks, adds hues of pink and yellow to her S/S 2019 collection.

By Yvette E

The lastest collection by Wang Tao is inspired by the duality of resilience and beauty say the paper that most people sat on (al la seat cushion) as they waited 48 minutes for a Trump kin to be seated and 2 front row guest had to give up their seats to her secret service. This scenario left the pit photographers so peeved that they began to heckle the audience so they can get the perfect shot with minimal editing.

By the time the show started, everyone was in a salty mood and others lost interest. I could see people taking front row selfies as models began to parade down the runway.

But at last I am a fashion writer so her is a rundown of the collection.

Pop of color

Millennial pink popped up this year which is a surprise since it has been focasted that Fuchsia is replacing it as Millennials hit their 30s.

Yellow was also added to to grey assembles including suit jackets and skirts.


Stripes have made a resurgence this year in thick mutli-color hues, but Wang kept them classic with thin lines and neutral hues.


The designer is famous for making white look interesting and this collection is no exception. The collection feautures cold shoulder looks, dramatic sleeves and bustier silhouettes.

Accessories stole the show

I have to admit that the clothes were not earth shattering but the accessories ruled the show. From super thin and long pink studded belts to the large bow bags, they seem to fit more into the collections theme then the clothes (resilient beauty).

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Raphael Mazzucco, a fashion photographer for brands like Victoria’s Secret and Guess, cements his career as an artist with new book, The Never-ending Summer.

By Yvette E

At first glance, it seems the photos are encased in glass which is then painted but in reality, it’s a three step process and a labor of Love. The curator said “each piece is a collage meant to tell a story”, from the forest of Vietnam to the beaches of The Bahamas.

It all starts with a photo usually in black and white, then a bright color is laid on top in either spots or streaks and finally resin is poured on to the canvas which the artist traps more items usually organic. The results are intimate portraits which give a glimpse into the art of the subject and the mind of the artist.

From these murals (some large enough to cover half of a wall) comes the book the “The Neverending Summer”, a coffee table tome featuring the artist’s work in colorful prints. Despite the lost of the work’s 3D elements, the book is the perfect gift for art lovers at $250. A low price since the actually murals are priced in the tens of thousands.

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A season know for dark fashion hues gets a redox with autumn leaves as an inspiration

by Yvette E

Half fall and half spring, this fall’s color palette made it simple to layer our Spring wardrobe with fall staples.

Here are 3 outfits that will combine both seasons flawlessly:

Floral dress w/ folk theme

Who doesn’t have a long sheer floral dress in their closet or at least snagged one from Zara’s last sale. Pair it with a folk themed sweater in November and a coat in mid September.

Pop culture prints with bright fall hues

A lips skirt with a red sweater is so fashionable so don’t drop the pop for a subdued wardrobe this fall.

Graphic patterns with muted fall colors

Stripes, polka dots and gingham all made it into our spring wardrobe. Keep those summer boots but add a touch of fall with:

Early August- Try a thick tee shirt with bright hue stocking and a blanket coat or light trench..for pants looks, a neutral sweater and a short heel.

Early September sees it with neutral faux fur and booties left over for summer.

So looking to mix it up this fall,

Happy Hump Day…๐Ÿ’‹

Hello Readers,

We Get this all the time; everyone asking us to show our personal style and introduce ourselves. Hello my name is Eva and I am a curvy West Indian girl who loves Japanese streetwear and American alternative clothing. I always either dye my hair crazy colors or wear alternative hair.. I love fashion so much and think itโ€™s such a fun way to express yourself! I Love designer things but my personal style is just as important so I tend to mix high and low end pieces..stay tuned for my writing partner Yvette and this will be my last post until after New York fashion week so I will be away from my jewel encrusted iPad until Sept 15 in the meantime please read the archives..

Your Fashion Goddess



Putting veils on fedoras, beanies and fascinators are a huge trend but unknown to designers is the veil instantly changes how the hat is worn. Here are 3 tips on making the most of veiled hats!

by Yvette E

Putting veils on fedoras, beanies and aviator fascinators are a huge trend but unknown to designers is the veil instantly changes how the hat is worn. A common mistake is to style it the same way you would without the veil but the veil itself is now the focal point. Here are 3 tips to make the most of these hats this fall.


There has been alot of focus on face shape these days and hat fit. Since I have an oval shaped face, alot of hats look good on me. If you are unsure what hat fits you stick to the veiled beanie. If it more important to fit your style:

  • Punk/Goth – beanie
  • Classic – Fedora
  • Romance/Vintage – Fascinators
  • Super Chic – Shoot for the moon


In the opening picture, there isn’t much focus on hair style but in actuality, each hat calls for something different.

For veiled fedoras, a bang and bun combination would suit the hat better while a side braid will fit veiled beanie. A wide curved brim calls for alot of side volume like the hat in the opening picture by John Galliano.

If you have short hair, play with extensions to enhance the hat and pull focus to the face. Also, wearing drop earrings are a great way to add volume to a close fitting hat.


So what about makeup? As seen, keep eye makeup to a minimum since the veil can smear it.

Try to add color to your cheeks to define your jawline.

You notice that all the hats have a neutral lip but that is not a necessary. Your lipstick should be your signature and it’s okay to wear an all day wear of a bright color.

Happy Friyay and the longgggg weekend!