It sounds like a color but it is actually a print that started in home goods. Here is the pattern defined by Wikipedia:

Paisley or Paisley pattern is a term in English for a design using the buta or boteh, a droplet-shaped vegetable motif of Persian origin.

So actually, it is decorated gourds in various motifs. Even though, paisley has Persian origins, it was actually was named from a town in Western Scotland, where it was printed. The pattern first made the leap from home goods to fashion in the 1970s, and then returned briefly in the 1990s. So, it seems to reclaim the spotlight every 20 years, making its return this year right on schedule. How does one wear a pattern that sounds like a color in daily life? Should you add it to your wardrobe?

I would like to say paisley is a easy pattern but it has strong roots in the bohemian scene and hence for people who have a fondness for bohemian style. If you are like me and just love patterns then buy away. I have a orange paisley in my closet already.  However, if you want to add paisley for a limited time, I suggest you stick to accessories instead of clothing.

  • For punks and rockers add a paisley scarf in dark or neutral colors. 
  • For classic, a bag featuring the print in a thick fabric can add depth to your outfit.
  • For casual, there are slip on shoes with the pattern that could perk up your outfit.

Other styles like Vintage and Glam can wear dresses with the print. 

As always share your paisley outfits on instagram with #paisleypower and you could be featured.

Happy Monday,

Yvette ๐Ÿ’‹

I was browsing through Vogue March issue and came across a Fendi ad featuring GiGi and Bella Hadid dressed like dolls in front of these amazing Fendi pastel embellished handbags that look like they were made by angel hands and delivered by unicorn!! The bags retail from $2600-6700 ; So here’s some purse porn for you all and hopefully I can live through one of you! Comment and share pics if you get one! Meanwhile a girl can just dream of Fendi…Le..sigh..

The brand that created the Jelly bag and added fun prints on leather in the now classic metropolis shoulder bag has such celebrated 90 years last night at thier NY flagship on 51st and 5th ave. The store opened 3 years ago and has since been a fixture on 5th ave.

Furla may be one of few fashion brands still family owned (3 generations) and still makes thier bags in Italy, where the brand calls home. 

At the event, Furla unveiled the 9 bag flaps reminiscent of fashion trends in each decade. The flaps are interchangeable with metropolis bags created with a snap feature. The flaps are limited edition as with every bag created by furla. The interchange metropolis bags are 278 while flaps are 198.

The roaring 20’s is said to be popular

To commemorate their anniversary, Furla gave headphones to pary goers and a link to a personalized spotify playlist.

Food and drink were served. 

We know the weather is seeming to peek in the 60’s here in nyc but we can not ignore our fans in warmer climates nor can we blog about swimsuits and not even cover, well, cover-ups. Like the swimsuits we covered last friday, cover-ups are becoming more versatile and living up to the beach to brunch and beyond ideal that was cleverly concocted by marketers.

Today’s cover-ups are less colorful, less likely to share the same print as the swimsuit, and most importantly, less sheer. The past idea that everyone should know you went to the beach and then to dinner now misses the mark. Here are some of the best cover-ups of this summer:


Alot of designers are creating bottoms that match their swimsuit tops which is a great idea. Imagine the ability to turn your swimsuit to an outfit. Even if the swimsuit you purchase does not have an offer of matching pants, a simple white or black will do. 

Hint: wear with the new off the shoulder bikini trend for a really relaxed look.

Knit Dresses

Secondly, we have a not so sheer alternative to the poncho coverups, the mesh, lace  or knit dress. Extremely versatile, this look transforms your look. It also allows for various sheer levels and the ability to show off your swimsuit!!

Happy Monday!!

Yvette ๐Ÿ’‹

Even though the temperature in NYC has not passed 60 degrees, I am ready to hit the beach. It even is a regular topic among friends and co workers just as much as the swimsuit to buy. So what are the top trends to invest in this summer? Okay, you may be thinking that there is not much design in swim wear and the bikini you wore last year will do but trust me, these 3 looks will have you running to the nearest department store.


We love this update on the bikini because it enhances the bust and is reminiscent of the cold shoulder trend that is fizzing out in clothes. Another plus is no razor straps but an elastic band which makes this style perfect for tanning outdoors.

Body hint: wear if small busted to look bigger on top.


The sleeper trend of the swimsuit world; it was not seen on any runway but this belly friendly silhouette is a must have for the body conscious beach goer. We love the minimal bikini bottom cut with high placed sides and full in the back. The full brief feature rounds and lifts the butt.

Body hint: Wear if you have a belly but toned legs. Also rounds butt.


This large bust but flat belly bikini is not flattering on everyone but with so many styles, it can be paired with a coverup for the easiest beach to brunch look. The top mimics a combo of a tank top and crop top so even adding a pair of jeans is perfect.

Body hint: Wear if large busted but have a flat belly; versatility is a necessity.

It’s raining this weekend so my dreams of the beach will have to wait.

Happy Friday,

Yvette ๐Ÿ’‹

We covered sliders as your basic shoe but what about those soiree invites and the beach weddings? Okay, maybe more like the time you meet your boyfriend’s parents in flip flops and forgot to get a pedi. In any case, unscale occassions call for upscale shoes and flat forms have the height of a heel and the comfort of a sandal.

How to wear

I know new shoe trends are sometimes hard to pinpoint an outfit combo that would make them double awesome. So we have created a guide just for you.


  • Long skirts – nothing on the calf, stick to below the knee or shorter
  • Treat them like sandals, they are more like ankle boots.
  • Wear with socks
  • Wear with pencil skirts


    • wear ankle length pants or full leggings
    • Wear mini skirts or shorts
    • Pair with prints

    Finally, always keep your personal style in mind. For casual dressing, try flat form sneakers, there are studded versions like the one from 3.1 Phillip Lim and even striped ones for punks and glittery ones for glam.

    Happy Hump Day

    Yvette ๐Ÿ’‹

    Sliders once believed to be the “poor girl’s attempt at being chic” is now becoming a staple. As we like to say here at TFGB, 3 years in a row means transcending from trend to must have. There are several sliders out there and now it seems every brand has thier own. Here are 3 reasons to replace your flip flop with sliders:

    1. They are more ergonomic.

    Sliders have been now made to mold to your feet, giving you more support than flip flops. We recently fell hard for Jeffery Campbell fur sliders that come in pink and black for just 40 dollars! The soles are molded to fit your feet and the height gives extra comfort.

    2. Versatility 

    From chic fur to the lounging pairs found at Victoria Secret’s Pink or the decked out pearl and fur combination at Forever21, sliders have more personality than the basic flip flop. Where flip flops  (the cheap kind) mostly relay on the color of the sole that no one sees once you put your foot into them; sliders are decorated across the foot. There is also the added bonus of it now being a typical “summer shoe” so they can transcend the season.

    3. Longevity 

    While, most basic flip flops only last 2 summers, sliders can last for years. Also, the varieties like Pink and Micheal Kors with plastic materials can be taken to the beach.

    So ditch your flip flops for sliders, your feet will thank you!!

    Here in NYC, we default to Hunter boots for the rainy season but there are plenty of choices and if you are ready to ditch those winter boots, this is the blog to read.

    There are pros about investing in rain boot as they can double as snow boots later and keep your pedicure pristine. Although, the rainy season isn’t as long here as FL or WA (Seattle), the snow season is stretching in spring and those puddles!!

    So here are some great investment rain boots for you to spend that cash and we promise, none of them or over $100!


    Price: $79

    We love these quilted hybrid boots with rubber and rain resistant fabric. It has a classic Equestrian feel. Plus it comes on 2 other colors.


    PRICE: $69 (on sale at Macy’s for 48.50)

    These punk style boots come in red, blue and black. The lace up feature reminds me of Doc Martens and the extra thick sole.

    J. CREW

    Price: $65

    These boots look like Chelsea boots and are great for classic dressers and for jeans. We love the fact that these are ankle boots and come in brown and black.

    We all remeber either tying plastic bags over our heads as teens or buying a cheap rain bonnet at CVS as our go to hat for rainy days but fashion has finally realized the importance of looking good in every kind of weather. From Eric Javits to Nine West these are the rain hats we are obsessing over.

    Eric Javits’ 200 dollar bucket hat is so cool for rainy days!! It is actually treated leather in a cool crocodile texture.

    Nine West retails for 18.95 and is reversible if you want a more understated look. It also comes in 4 colors including khaki and red. 

    We heart August Hat for its nylon baseball cap that comes out in 4 colors,  red, blue, tan and black as well as a leopard print for 28 dollars.

    So let’s be more fashionable this rainy season. Check local department stores for more options and Eric Javits can be found at Nordstrom.

    Happy Friday,

    Yvette ๐Ÿ’‹