California has been hit with a series of instagram pop ups that have created drool worthy instagram photos from Happy Place to Candytopia and NYC has its own share. Here are few to check out this summer:


Open in April, this instagram fueling pop up focuses solely on eggs. We hope to get am invite for a detailed photo shoot soon.


This traveling pop up spent time in LA and now is in Chicago till August 6th. Go to to see if they are coming to your area. We hope NYC is a stop on the tour.


This soho pop up opened this past saturday and we were able to get a press pass. If you are a fashion blogger and able to climb up and down 2 fleets of stairs then this photo exhibit is for you. If not, head over to the Egg House.

We will be posting pics from our photoshoot so you can be the judge. (43 Wooster street).

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Okay, guys have some really interesting choices besides swim trunks these days and we uncovered (no pun intended) these three alternatives to swim trunks or perhaps a way to spice it all up.

Activewear as swimwear

Those shorts and pull up you run with in the am could be your next beach staple! If not interested in getting your sport shorts, pair with a knee length swim shorts for a great casual look!

The cover up

You can buy matching sets of shirts and trunks! Bahama Breeze has a great variety and yes we love a man that coordinates..

Bold Prints

Skip out on basic neutrals and try that ever popular jungle and floral prints.

Let’s go swimming!

Happy friyay!

yvette đź’‹

Hello readers!

Finally the weather is thawing out and we can finally enjoy the sun; but with warm weather comes the humidity and mugginess of Summer..So why not carry everything in a light weight and stylish bag that goes with any of your Summer wardrobe? I first saw transparent handbags when I looked at Korean bloggers’ posts as well as in Japanese magazines such as Mini magazine’s May 2018 issue and couldn’t help but noticed they were more chic and just as structured as regular handbags! I loved how they wore baseball caps, sundresses and either sneakers or sandals for a perfect, fun and stylish warm weather look. It was a little tougher finding these kind of bags in the us online  for reasonable prices but I found several styles all under $40! I hope you find one from our picks and let us know in the comments!

Clear bags are featured in the May 2018 issue of Mini

Espadrilles, flip flops, sandals oh my! Let us take a step back from the traditional footwear of summer (no crocs please) and use our imaginations ( or the runway) to switch it up! Here are three shoe ideas from the runway to spice up your summer wardrobe.

Wear Heels

Heeled mules are the ultimate sexy summer look and if you stash them in your beach bag, you can pair them with your coverup for a chic night out!


Go for shoes with cool accents like these sheer paneled pearl accented beauties. I dislike my toes out so this is a great alternative to sandals.

Wear boots

Chanel paraded a pair of ventilated white leather knee high boots down the runway for Spring and summer. It convinced us that boots can be worn all year around!! Look for peep toe, airy fabrics and the cute ventilated number like Chanel!!

So ditch those flip flops and show us how you rock these shoe trends! #tfgss to all your shoegasm pics and you could be featured on our instagram and facebook pages!!

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Okay, it is finally hot outside and we have waited all year for this heat. However, the long winter has made us over buy sweaters and we feel have to default our summer outfits. Tees, Tanks, Shorts and the dreaded flip flop. Never fear, we are here to give 3 tips to look chic in out weather!

A coverup is not just for the beach

Tip #1 means using that coverup to chic up that tank and short combination. Use a long duster ovee jeans and a t-shirt for a elongated long that adds height.

Wear lace

This tip looks best with skirts but you can add lace to any tank top to add chic to your outfit. You can even pair it with shorts and leather sandals!

Ditch the jeans

Okay, this could be the most drastic tip ever cuz well what else do we have in our closets? Soft fabric pants breath easier and keep you cooler plus with prints, colors and so many patterns. Scared? Try a lighter denim colored pants first!

Happy Hump Day..

Yvette đź’‹

Two free custom stations, a change to taste over 40 new recently launched flavors and a load of merch starting at .99 cents are just a few reasons to check out this limited time pop up. Last day is today.

Three Types of custom stations including free embroidery, pay per patch and hand painting created a unique and personal touch.

Selfie stations to share the experience and social media.

Plenty of merchandise ranging from .99 cents (pens, lip balm) to $149.99 (duffel bags).

And if you can not make it to New York, check the website for select merchandise that can be shipped to you,

43 Crosby Street ny, NY closing at 8pm.

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Hello readers,

Romance is in the air and tomorrow marks the historical day when Meghan Markle becomes the first American and bi racial beauty to entire the royal family when she weds the handsome Prince Harry! Their love and happiness have placed a smile on everyone’s face and we are all so excited to finally be interested in royal news lol! Why not celebrate by donning a beautiful tiara? We chose ones that don’t look tacky or cheap without spending over $20! Tiaras are always in thanks to Courtney Love so here’s a chance to add one to your wardrobe without even scratching your bank account..

Hello My Guy Readers!

We are almost mid way through 2018 and the eighties trends are still alive and kicking; and now that Spring has arrived (Winter is still kinda butting in most places) pastel colors have been springing (hee  hee  couldn’t resist) up on streetwear and celebs such as Kanye West and Jared Leto. I know everyone has seen candy colored hoodies everywhere so I didn’t want to go with that staple. The windbreaker was huge in the eighties and now it’s made a comeback.Who can resist a lightweight jacket that’s water resistant, looks cool on most anyone and is super durable? How about adding some pastel to this? You can pair it with darker colors or go full on Easter egg; the styling is endless..Here are my picks below!

Hello my lovely curvy readers,

I was flipping through the pages of another glossy magazine when I came across a new trend for Spring; wear rainbow stripes with a candy colored twist. I loved all the beautiful pops of delicious colors that reminded me of those rainbow mints you would see in your grand mother’s candy bowl or a doctors offices back in the nineties when you were a kid.. What I didn’t see was any suggestions for plus sized or curvy women and that bothered me a lot! We can rock stripes just as well as any straight sized woman! There is a huge myth going around that curvy girls can’t wear stripes as it makes us look bigger..I wear stripes all the time and I’m a size 16 and I don’t look any bigger..So get out your wallets take our guide and go get some yummy rainbow stripes! I have chosen everything under $40!

Hello Readers!

If your like me I really don’t really pay attention to trends; I used to spend hours glancing through glossy magazines trying my best to copy very trend I saw and in the end I was a Faşhion nightmare lol..So as I have grown I now am so comfortable with my style ( Kawaii, Candy coated, pastel, unicorn, horror movie, goth punk doll) I don’t really need trends as much as I used too. I will try something every now and then but my best “trends” have come from ME! I have stumbled across some new styles by just not having anything to wear like with the trend I am about to introduce you too..Wearing mini dresses over maxi dresses!

I couldn’t find any of my beloved leggings one day when the weather went crazy and went from 95 degrees to 57!( this is Nyc people!!) and I wanted to wear this black flows mini dress..I got so frustrated I yanked it off and put on a black flowy maxi dress on and put the mini back on over it..bam! Not only was I super comfy but It looked cool too! This I realized can work with any two dresses as long they are in the same silhouette ( think flowing dresses and body con dresses together) It especially looks good if u pair a sleeveless mini over a long sleeved maxi and just think in Summer with all those annoying strappy maxis you can throw a mini dress over that is sleeveless so you don’t have to worry what bra to wear! Below I have styled some looks for you and let me know what u think!