Hats seem to be having a moment from the trademark beanie of every hipster to the wide brim hats of brooklyn bloggers, we seem them more as an addition to our identity, a homage to where we are going. So no surprise that the “it” hat as surfaced. Yep, each season has a hat we all covet (men and women) beyond the basball cap. This season, enter the beret. We saw it in both men and women fashion shows (and some unisex ones) and were thrilled about its resurgence.

Okay, for women, we saw them arrive about 2 years ago but recently men have started to spot them.

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So how do men make this hat look less feminine? Don’t wear it to the side which is how women commonly wear them. For men, a beret should be worn front to back, away from the forehead and resting on the neck.

Another excuse to rad your significant other’s closet.

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Three brands shared a singular launch party at Rothmans, recently a shop focused on tailored suits. We showed up for psychobunny, a leisure brand focused on polo shirts and hoodies.

Free food and drinks flowed but the biggest suprise was just how much Rothman’s was trying to varsify its clientele. T-shirts in the back plus cool skinny jeans in bright hues and various treatments, made the store less stuffy then its Gramacy location insinuated.

As for Psychobunny, prices ranged from 65 to 219 dollars and the small collection at the pop up ( just 1 table) means we still all have to hike to Nordstrom to shop the full collection.

It was a nice preview for Spring 2018 with a slight deviation from typical male neutrals ( we did see a navy blue shirt however) but with such a small showing, it is just too early to tell what Psychobunny has up its sleeve.

So guys, is Rothmans worth the hike from Union Square? Sure for great jeans and tees but not even your a fan of Psychobunny.

Happy friyay

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A vacation staple thrown into the back of your closet no longer describes this once kitschy souvenir of long gone beach days. The trick is that it has come into the foreground not as a shirt but as a jacket.

Stella McCartney, Mui Mui and other designers have turned the tropical print into studded and even crystallized versions of its former self and we are loving it! Plus the look is unisex!

The best part is that low prices markets like Forever21 have already picked up the trend. The jacket above is 24.99 at forever21.

Happy Hump Day

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It is men Monday on our blog and the rain here is making think of ways to look your best even when the weather is the worst. So here are three necessities to keep your swag even in wet weather.

A water proof trench

Belted or not, a trench coat that keeps water at bay is instantly chic. Plus it doubles as a got on those cool spring and fall days.

Modern Galoshes

We love these water shoes but high boots are no longer in style. Slip on these shoe-like hybrids for a more polished look.

Lastly, an umbrella with cool details always is in style.

Stay Dry,

Yvette ?

At the NY launch party, we shopped the collection in advance.

Okay, so you were not invited to either launch party in LA and NY but still want to shop the collection? Well, this article may disappoint you. With limited availability and a super strict return policy, Erdem x H&M may be the hardest collection to get in the history of the collaborations. So here are the rules and somethings worth getting if you make it in.


Yep, the entire new york state and the city will only have 8 stores carrying the collection and, possibly not all will carry every of the 87 pieces in the collection so choose your location widely. The stores with the most of collection will likely be the flagship on 5th and 51st or the herald square location. Lexington Ave is the furthest to track and gets nods for probably having less traffic. 


If you do make it inside, you only have 10 minutes to shop so choose wisely.  Our picks include the logo sweatshirt which is the first time  Erdem logo has been printed on anything. Also, this collection marks the launch of his menswear so guys run to this one. Finally,  he has never done jewelry or handbags or leisure wear ( those t-shirts are worth it).

Oh, and only 1 style per person so you will not be getting like 3 different colors in the t-shirt.


If you are a chronic returner, skipthis collection for you only have 7 days to return anything and after 2 weeks, this collection will no longer be available. So get while you can because you will be lucky to get anything.

The launch party to end (or educated) all future launch parties, H&M threw a fete like no other to celebrate the collaboration with relatively new fashion line, Erdem. 

Erdem, a relatively obsure UK label state side, features floral and lace motives in such tailored detail that, as stated by Boz Luhrmann ” can be worn right off the rack” and ” fit like a glove”. A feat that most designers today can not claim.

Wine, speciality cocktails and other libations flowed all night. The designer of Erdem, Erdem Moralioglu, was there to snag a piece from his first collaboration.

Guest were then treated to the commercial length film released for the event by legendary director, Boz Luhrmann which featured all the clothes and accessories from the collection but also stunning visuals such as a house with a garden inside and a cascade of petals, all a nod to the designer’s love of old film themes.

A performance by Grimes, who sung the theme song in the film, followed. 

Finally, it was time to shop the collection and what a fight!! One hour later and we still are missing some pieces but we did get a good amount.

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We are changing mondays to male fashion and this is a trend we are seeing both sexes embrace. 

We love the sleeve treatment but mostly the focus is full front or back graphics.

To add this trend to your fall wardrobe combine with 2 trends that are hot right now:

1. The collar cardigan

2. A graphic Jacket 

Skinny jeans are still in style but break up the look with torn or bleached looks.

Happy Monday

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I am obsessed with faux fur coats and jackets! ( I have 10) I love them more then moto jackets because I feel they add a luxe rocker vibe when paired with leggings, tees and body con dresses! I also love being cozy and in the Fall faux fur is a life saver! ( I prefer genuine fur in the winter..sorry Peta but below zero temps require animal skins or you will freeze to death!)

Sadly when I started collecting faux fur coats (thanks Scream Queens) they were a lot cheaper and standard sizes came oversized so I was able to buy those and pay under $50 (2 yrs ago), fast forward and faux fur coats and jackets have shrunken and doubled in prices, so I had to make my choices under $115…



I ladies am plus sized and adore all things dark, punk and rocker. We don’t share much pics of ourselves because we like to focus more on bringing our readers Faşhion info and tips. We also feel there are enough style bloggers out there…that being said I (Eva) am a size 16 and average height..while my Blog partner (Yvette) is a size 4-6 and a little above average height. Just in case anyone was curious lol..

If your like me and love looking cool and badass then check out these Fall pieces I am putting together all under $50!

Lets start with the moto jacket! I love a good moto jacket as it instantly adds a badass cool vibe to anything you throw over it! You can’t go wrong with this staple in your closet.. The updated versions now come in pastel and other colors as well as have embroidery and studs.




This will be our last fashion week post since all major fashion week shows are now over. We hope you enjoyed the ride. Our last show is Torrid, the little  sister of Hot Topic catered to plus size 10-32.

The two women designers behind the brand relaunch;debuted a collection ranging from bohemian staples to rocker style jackets that made me even see a standard size girl wearing one as I exited the show.

The jackets were the star of the show as they presented moto and denim jackets with studs, embroidery and even hand painted bunnies! I don’t know how many will actually make it into production but I know I will be adding any they produce into my wardrobe!

There was also an artful play on bohemian with its over flowing volume that can make curvy girls look unflattering; but Torrid played with a sexier silhouette that featured slim fitted sleeves and cinched waist to really accent the figure instead of masking it. The flowy kimono dusters added a bohemian rocker aesthetic and I am here for that! Torrid also brung back it’s amazing corsets that we’re the reason why I started shopping there in the first place! They were sexy, vampy and so flattering!

We also liked the plus size model search winners walking the runway. We saw one bright star and we know we will be seeing her again. The gift bag was an icing on the cake which featured make up pallets from NYX cosmetics, skull bath bomb,torrid tee and perfume, make up bag and etc!

Check out the runway round up on our youtube page today and more pictures on our instagram page.

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