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Next in our look-a-like series Red edition; I chose the beautiful and chic Christian Louboutin So Kate pumps! These beauties are sky high, patent leather and will add a sleek pop of color to any outfit you can think of to pu together! The price tag for these lovelies is a not too bad ( as Louboutins can go for way more)$675. The similar styles we found surprisingly had similar shapes and heel length..Let us know in the comments if you think we chose wisely and what other designer look-a-likes you would like featured next month!

Hello Readers!

Back by popular demand; our designer look-a-like series! We started this series almost 8 years ago when designer dupes weren’t even a thing. We saw so many girls drooling over high end designs but couldn’t afford the real thing just yet.( we don’t condone designer knock offs EVER) We a,ways looked for something similar to the style and color of the designer Brand. Now more then ever you can shop the designer sales, stalk sample sales or wait for the real thing to show up on Poshmark, the real real..etc.. OR if you still don’t have or want to spend the money on said piece you can use our cheat sheets and get the similar look once again! We decided since valentine’s Day is right around the corner why not start with a pop of red which never goes out of style!

First up is the look-a-Like for the yummy Gucci Disco bag; this pebble leather bag is just the right size with a cute tassel; but with a $1190 price tag and the 100% leather material that might turn some off we came up with some similar styles we hope you like..let us know in the comments which ones you want or which look-a-like we should do next!

Pier 17 at south street Seaport was all a buzz as designers collaborate with Epson’s fabric printers.

Every year they pair thier printer technology with designers all over the world and to see what it can add to the design process. We picked 3 designers that stood out as best in show.

Lina Cantillo (Columbia)

The inspiration was obviously insects with a cool nod to the butterfly. We love the print treatment to the men suit and pant combo as well.

Emilio Mata (Mexico)

If sugar skulls were any hint that there was a gothic romance vein in Mexico, this designer proves that blood runs through that vein. Pair floral motifs with patchworks of darker hues makes this print treatment truly inspiring.

Candice Cuoco (USA)

Menswear gets an up-beat twist with galaxy prints paired with patterns like checker board and fabric treatments like acid wash.

Standard silhouettes are used but the surprise comes using suits instead of casual wear for the prints.

Check out our instagram page for more images (@tfgnyc).

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“I started my company in 1999…”

Usually, most people do not admit it took 18 years to be an “overnight success” but Maria Hatzistefanis, CEO of Rodial, admits it in her UK best seller “How to be an overnight success”.

To celebrate the US launch of the book, she sat down for a Q&A session with Alexa Chung at the Crosby Hotel last night.

Our favorite question? What does it take to be an overnight success?

To find out read the book and watch the interview snippets on our instagram page. The full video will be on our Youtube this week!

Favorite quote from the book so far …

Overnight success really means overnight exposure.

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Every fashion week we look through several prediction sights and try to gleam the newest most innovative trend in fashion this fall. Of course, trends like active themed sportswear (driven by Fenty, Adidas,etc) and typical embroidered fabrics and patches will remain, but what do designers have up thier sleeves for something new?


Sleeves have been a way to update garments especially with the ruffle trend in sweaters last fall. This fall look for wide and long sleeves on cropped sweaters for a cool juxtaposition.


Holographic hues get a redo with darker colors rather than the greens and reds usually associates with it.


Pleats are back but with thicker fabrics and wider folds. Look for woven material for an extra luxe look and altered lengths.


This is largely a guess because dresses are a signature garment for most designers. So ruffles around the waist of a dress with a long silhouette may or may not be a thing…we shall see next week!


It is men Monday so we have some trends for you as well, the oil slick pattern is unisex and seen on both men and women. Another pattern for the guys – Burberry plaid.

Here are some more possible trends:

  • Quilting…jackets, pants
  • Baggy pants…move over skinny jeans
  • Floral prints for fall?
  • Wide brimmed hats

Plastic clothes, shoes and handbags? These once thought of as cheap vinyl fair gets a glam redo by top designers and we are in love ?.

And the styles range from the clear to the metallic and some with a cheeky pattern like those seen at Kenzo (above). All the vinyl clothes seems a final nod to the seventies; a decade fashion seems to be stuck in but still the unusual fabric is bond to add a little flair to your wardrobe and if you are a goth or alternative person, they are already in your closet (lucky).

Here are some tips for adding this trend to your closet:

  • Do not pair together; what works on the runway does not always work in real life.
  • Pair it with basics, a vinyl skirt with a wordy tee goes a long way.
  • For a safer look, stick to vinyl accessories like shoes and bags.

Have a fun friday,

Yvette ?

It seems everytime we are unsure of our furture, we look to the stars. Fashion follows suite with astrological themes no longer just jewelry fair.

Zodiac Trend Spring 2011

This Spring look for galaxy and zodiac prints as well as constellations on dresses, pants and skirts. Have we seen it before? Of course, the trend came in 2011 and 2016 both periods of uncertainty.

Zodiac trend Fall 2016

This time around we see easy silouettes unlike the velvet and embriodery looks of 2016 (Fall) or the super sheer of 2011 (Spring) We are seeing effortless long dresses and sensible prints easy to add as a permanent staple.

So check your zodiac sign and wear it on your sleeve this spring.

Happy Hump Day

Yvette Estime

Hello Readers,

As Valentine’s Day draws near to us it’s the perfect time to look for heart shaped  or heart pattern accessories! I love heart shapes as they are romantic, whimsical and fun to wear. I love how anything with hearts immediately adds a sweet and quirky touch to your wardrobe without being over the top (like my giant stuffed Bunny back pack from Wego Japan and artist Esther Kim lol)I decided to put together a cute collage of heart accessories that don’t scream Valentines Dayas well as being very affordable! These can be worn all year around. Enjoy and let us know in the comments if you bought anything or what’s your fave.

1. Red Fashion Wild Heart Shaped Rivets Bag $17 gamiss.com

2. Betsey Johnson  Heart Appliqué Mini Backpack $50 nordstromrack.com

3. LC Love by Lauren Conrad Heart Crossbody $29 Kohls.com

4. Forever 21 Girl Power Earrings $4.90 forever21.com

5. Echo I Heart You Silk Scarf $49 Macys.com

6. Betsey Johnson Gold Tone Angel Heart & Rose Cluster Studs $28 Belk.com

Hello readers,

I cant believe how fast January is leaving us; right around the corner is the sweetest holiday ever; Valentines Day! If your like me (a big ole sap who wears her heart on her sleeve) then you look forward to this day! Although I love watching my annual romantic movie fest (Original Sin is my all time fave); I  mostly look forward to scouring the web and stores for heart themed clothing and accessories to add to my vast clothing collection Because hearts can be worn everyday! You can choose in your face bold prints or more subtle hearts in a pattern that has a more abstract look; you can mix prints or wear a solid with it.. I have put together some outfit inspiration and in my next post I will cover accessories to go with these looks! Enjoy!

Move over Millenial Pink, we have a new generation to focus on! So what is behind the generational color scheme?

Remeber, like Millenial Pink, Gen Z Yellow does not refer to a specific color but the preference the generation has for color in general. In turn, yellow represents energy, joy, intellect and presents a warm feeling. It also is associated with food which may be the reason this generation thinks of themselves as foodies and the rise of food themed clothing in fashion

We expect this color to continue to dominate fashion again this fashion week as we saw unisex looks of the color in the past.

At least it seems the next 2 generations are more hopeful then Gen X Beige which means dependable, conservative and flexible (the exact opposite of a generation formerly called “lost” and “slackers”).

Happy Monday,

Yvette ?