Selena Gomez's orange crush

Selena Gomez rocks her favorite orange lipstick.

Okay Ladies, orange has erupted in men fashion as seen in Monday’s post! Today it’s the color on our lips! Celebrities have already caught onto summers newest lip color and it’s time you did as well. Okay, I know orange is one color to pull off but you’re in luck because it happens to be my fav go-to color to accent my complexion.

First, think is to find the right hue, too bright and you will look brass, too dark and you will look swallow and finally too light and you could risk making to wrong statement. Risky right? Here are some lipsticks to try out with the appropriate skin shade right underneath:

Stay clear of pinky orange colors

These are the best hues for orange lips.

As you can see the colors you can use do overlap and for those who think the YSL and the Nars are the same color- wrong! The Nars has a red tint to it while the YSL is the more classic hue. The points are each side are don’ts. So please if the  lipstick has more yellow than red, don’t buy it and the same goes with too much pink. The idea is to make a subtle statement.

Now these brands are not written in stone therefore the idea is to pay attention to the hues. Tarte has lightest orange (let’s say cantaloupe) and is best on pale skin.  On darker skin, the pink will show more than the orange and we get don’t number two. Selena Gomez is rocking the cantaloupe but should be rocking tangerine. On fair skin, we had more red to the hue in the Mac (let’s call this tangerine), on pale skin it will look red and on darker skin to bright. So for darker skin look for red orange ( calling this flame ladies) and you won’t be disappointed.

So guys rock that orange and ladies match them with those lips. Next up Frugal Fridays, what look are we going to get for less?

Happy Hump Day!!


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