Nylon magazine features burton

Snowboarding stores are a niche market that has recently seen a resurgence in popularity despite other sporting goods going bankrupt (sports authority). 

Nylon spread

Nylon  makes it even fresher with a full spread in thier November issue with covergirl above sporting Burton gear that ranges from hats to of course snowboards. 

Some of the snowboards have unique Nylon graphics which showed that magazine had a relationship with the brand. 

Nylon + Burton shopping event

The party included a female DJ, a choice between wine or beer and super sweet cupcakes that surprisingly no one was eating. The gift bags ended the party with Nylon totes.

Prices start at 30 (for hats) and if you are looking for gear as well as snowboards, this is the place.

Happy Hump Day 

Yvette ?

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